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My level pack, Kart Mania, is back under the name Kart Mania Reborn. Initially, I was not very fond of Kart Mania's state from 2019 to 2021, but I finally decided to do something: Remake most of the tracks from scratch! While I did retain a few tracks from Kart Mania, there will be new tracks in place of the ones that were in the old Kart Mania.

With that out of the way, here are the tracks:

MAPI1: Water Temple Zone

Race your way through a watery cavern, jumping from one section to the other. Be careful not to fall behind, because the currents will push you where you don't want to go!

Laps: 3

MAPI2: Aqua Cave Zone (returning map)

Drive your way through a sunken shipwreck and out through a damp cave! Be careful though, as there are patches of grass that can (and will) slow you down!

Laps: 3
MAPI3: Floral Forest Zone

This peaceful forest has you running your way through smooth curves! However, do be on the lookout for apples coming from the crates, as one of them will stop you dead in your tracks!

Laps: 5

MAPI4: Mirage Monolith Zone

A drive through a sandy desert with plenty of trees and cacti! Be careful you don't get caught in the dead heat, as you'll be sent into a bottomless pit when you least expect it!

Laps: 5

MAPI5: Metal Corridor Zone (returning map)

Frantic things will occur in this short track! Try to stay on your toes, and please be careful not to get knocked into the acid. You'll lose time as your opponents will get ahead!

Laps: 8
"This is 8 laps?!" ~Eldog

MAPI6: Sunset Island Zone (returning map)

Race through this island at sundown while in the middle of a downpour! Stay on your feet, though, as there are plenty of turns guaranteed to test your reactions!

Laps: 3

MAPI7: Classic Southern Park (returning map)

One of my personal favorite tracks, this quiet park has races every day. The track itself has plenty of turns guaranteed to make you stay on guard, as a stray item can hit you when you least expect it!

Laps: 3

More to come!

MAPIB: Sunny Garden Zone (returning map)

Another one of my personal favorites, Sunny Garden has you driving through a sun-drenched garden in the middle of a hot summer day. While the track is relatively simple, it doesn't mean you shouldn't drop your guard. One stray item can cost you the race!

Laps: 2
Credit goes to FaytxStay for giving the level an uplift in visuals and for making the level layout a little easier to understand.

More to come!

MAPIL: Aerial Sanctuary Zone (returning map)

Based on the Mystic Realm zone Aerial Garden, which later appeared in vanilla SRB2 as an unlockable level, you race your way through a sky-high temple that puts your drifting skills to the test! Are you up to the challenge?

Laps: 3

More to come!

Version 1 (9/10/2021):
  • Initial release.
  • A majority of Kart Mania's maps were removed.
  • Sunset Island: The waterway now ends with slope instead of an invisible Spring Panel. The level has new music.

  • Water Temple Zone: "Break Silence" ~ Ristar
  • Aqua Cave Zone: "Fire and Ice (Fire) for Lost Levels Zone Act 3" ~ Sonic: Before the Sequel
  • Floral Forest Zone: "Greenhorn Forest" ~ Wario World
  • Mirage Monolith Zone: "Dry Dry Ruins (Panman14 remix)" ~ Mario Kart Wii
  • Metal Corridor Zone: "Under Pressure" ~ Pac-Man World
  • Sunset Island Zone: "Topical Tropical for Star Shores Zone Act 3" ~ Sonic: Before the Sequel
  • Classic Southern Park: "Pika Cup (Rounds 1-3)" ~ Pokémon Stadium
  • Sunny Garden Zone: "Daisy Hills" ~ Mario Kart 7
  • Aerial Sanctuary Zone: "Angel Island Zone Act 1 (Remin by Jonathan Barauch)" ~ Sonic Advance
  • ?????: "Dark City Zone Act 1 by Jarel Jones (Remastered by A.J. Freda)" ~ Sonic Robo Blast 2
  • ?????: "Special Stage" ~ Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II
  • ?????: "The Adventure Begins for Horizon Heights Zone Act 1" ~ Sonic: After the Sequel
  • ?????: "Forest Falls, Act 1"~ Sonic Rivals
  • ?????: "Aquatic Time" ~ Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
  • ?????: "Scuba Duba" ~ Pac-Man World 2
  • Cool!
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Latest reviews

Good improvements since i lasted played this pack, I always like to see people improving. Trail mostly hit the nail on the head with what should be improved on but One thing i would like to mention is the sand hole in Mirage monolith was blind and fell in on my 1st attempt.
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These maps are pretty ok overall.

The Basic Cup tracks overall are lacking in decent shortcuts (save for Aqua Cave with some offroad cuts and a really strong end-of-lap cut that cuts 6 - 11 seconds of time). Beside that, All of the tracks are mostly inoffensive by themselves save for some points.

- Aqua Cave has some Z-fighting moments going on alongside walls that have the Grasswall texture. Most notable at the first turn and the wall where the strong shortcut is.

- Mirage Monolith's quicksand timer hazard at the end doesn't have a reliable way to know when it's going to switch sides if you didn't see it switch as you round the corner, leaving you to hope that it doesn't switch side as you make the jump. It's a near-instant switch between sides with barely a second to adjust if you're near the ramp which is why I would suggest slowing it down or giving a visual warning that it's going to switch.

- Sunny Garden has a lot of Sneaker Panels yet no shortcuts, which makes Sneakers and Rockets pretty weak items to get. The big hedges with intense shadows (like the one at the first item set) can also slightly hide bananas from sight until you get close enough for them to get you.

- Aerial Sanctuary, like Aqua Cave, has a really strong end-of-lap cut. Not as strong as AC, but still pretty strong to warrant checking out, I'd say.
Super Chris
Super Chris
It would help if you pinpointed these locations in Aqua Cave so I can go back and find them to fix for the next patch. As for Sunny Garden, there actually are shortcuts. Have you noticed the small offroad cuts and looked behind the arrows? (Which, I will admit, was not a better idea of mine.)
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Welcome to releases!
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