Finally! Super Ball Zone Act 2!
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I'll be honest a level utilizing the rollout ball is a cool idea but it was not used very good here. When I played it everything seemed fine and even the emblems were not in too troubling locations but when I pressed the button for the blue door it sent me back to the start even though I did not get off the ball and it made me replay everything till the door where I stepped on the already pressed blue button and the SAME THING HAPPENED!
It did not occur with the other doors sure but it still left a bad taste in my mouth. And then I got to the castle level and all of a sudden the difficulty spiked. There were bumpers EVERYWHERE and if they so much as looked at me a little funny I would be sent off the map and to my death! And the time for the time emblem was cruel. 5 minutes and 30 seconds may seem lenient but it basically forces you to RUSH the level. And since it was designed around patience it does not translate well into speed running the map. Especially in the later levels.
And just to twist the knife in deeper there are NO checkpoints at all. If you die or get off the ball you go ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE START OF THE LEVEL! It may not seem like much early on but in the last 3 levels it can really make you go insane! I managed to make it to Egg Rock but then got forced off the map by a bumper and I got sent back to the VERY BEGINNING OF GREENFLOWER! I didn't even finish this one because of how bad the checkpoint issue is!
difficulty is intentional if u cant beat it then u cant beat it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Seriously good stuff! You really seem to get what makes the rock such an enjoyable mechanic, and construct some great challenges around it. Some may take issue with its lack of checkpoints, but I think the level's well calibrated around it, and I very much appreciated the tension that it created.
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design is great, and fits right in with the vanilla game, but it desperately needs some checkpoints. i don't want to mess up on egg rock, and go all the way back to greenflower.
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4 stars as good idea.

but I dont fan of your rolls rocks.
I more like calls ROCKman the MEGAman.
and what it's music on that level.
it's paper mario?
where my ROCK and ROLL?
but on one times you can try it.
and maybe you be ROLL that damn ROCK to the end.

I beat only to the castle eggman.

maybe try as Gemma ROLL the ROCK to the egg ROCK
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This is very good! I honestly wanted more of this type of challenge after playing the New years collab and this map certainly delivers on that front.

The map is very well designed with no real issues. I especially like how you incorporated the design and gimmick of every zone, like rising upwards in Deep Sea or the crusher segment in Egg Rock. The emblems are great too and really made me think on how to get to them.

All in all, I had a great time. Very well done!
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bro turned Something Zone from OLDC 2021 R2 into one of those mario galaxy-esque levels, and I love it.
Great mod if you want a quick recap of all of the zones in one single level.
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I'm flattered that my segment of the level inspired you to make this! That being said, it's a bit unnecessarily brutal, I couldn't even make it to Arid Canyon before giving up. Some checkpoints would help make this more forgiving
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somebody let the voices win

Hello, I'm the person who organized the 2021 New Years Collab.
The SMILE that was on my face the entire time while playing this...

WTF. THIS IS SO GOOD. Each area here is carefully crafted to a tee, the level design here is tight and everything is intentional. The tension building with each obstacle kept me on my toes throughout its runtime, it's exciting and rewarding and I felt accomplished completing it. The amount of care and craftsmanship put in here is actually astounding to me. You've done the vanilla campaign an incredible amount of justice; if this was a challenge level in the base game, I wouldn't even bat an eye.

You kinda suck (playfully) for those Egg Rock obstacles though. You got me twice.

My criticism of this mods purely extends to the packaging of it.
>You should set an SPStage_Start in your level header, so that from a fresh save
>You should set the NextLevel to TITLE, to mark the save file as complete, and to keep the map contained as its own experience.

It felt unpolished that I had to warp to the map using the console, and then it took me to Greenflower 1

Some of the obstacles posed no threat- Rising upwards in Deep Sea, I could hit those bumpers all I wanted with no consequence- Maybe you could use that area as an excuse to place down some floating mines.

You could totally make more use of brambles in Castle Eggman. They're great as passive obstacles and seem pretty underused.

If you ever want to add more to this, I would suggest adding EMBLEMS! You could add an emblem at each area to work as an incentive to see how far you can get into the level, perhaps. There are also some really silly places you can bounce and trick off to. This level lends itself amazingly to emblems, so it's something you should look into.

With all that out of the way, Welcome to Releases!
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