It seems that by adding some files, the old files were replaced, so I'm adding the three main files again:

-The usual model pack
-All of the models source files (Only relevant for people who want to mantain the models)
-Unfinished Stuff files (Only relevant for people who want to finish the Jana animations using my model)
New files added
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So, I've changed the permissions of my models so that they can be "maintained", as I won't be working on them anymore.

I'll add the unfinished models so that if anyone wants to port them or finish their animations, they're free to do so, they will be in the "Unfinished Stuff" file, and you're free to add any missing animations or change the texture or model as necessary. (This is where the Jana model is, along some Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic models)

As for the current "finished" models, I'll add their source files into a file named "Models Source Files", so that they can be maintained and ported over if necessary.
There were some issues with the SKIP model that have been addressed, no new animations, only fixed it so it works with the new version.