so uh, turns out Maimy can still use her mace while carrying a flag lmao
That's now fixed. Go capture the flag fair and square.
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Hello Again!

CyanKnight, Lumyni and Reverbal gave Maimy a look and made quite a few balancing changes to make her more balanced in BattleMod. Here's a list!
  • Maimy now gets tumbled when you parry her mace.
  • Fixed a bug where maimy can infinitely use her rocket booster ability if she's charging it while grabbing a flag in CTF.
  • Disallowed Mace jump while holding the flag.
  • Reduced Defense while using her regular mace abilities, She gains defense when using her battle ability
  • Gave her SKINVARS_NOSPINSHIELD which moves shield abilities to Tossflag for those who use it. This is to allow her to use her abilities to their fullest extent in battlemod this is battle mod only.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't use your battle ability during Dashmode this also happened to fix a really nasty sound bug that would happen when you tried.
  • Reduced her Cooldown on her battle ability from 8 to 4, its still about 11 seconds if you don't have rings.
  • Increased Rings needed for the ability from 10 to 12.
Thank you again to CyanKnight & co. for these BattleMod balancing updates!