[M A R I A] - It's Your Move... I've Made Up My Mind...

[Reusable] [M A R I A] - It's Your Move... I've Made Up My Mind... v2


A statue. Maybe.

...Okay, I'll be a little more descriptive than that.

[M A R I A] is a Psychic/Water moving statue thing, apparently based on that one edgy guy's stepsister or whomever. Who built it? Why does it has psychic and water based powers? Heck if I know, but the weirdness does not end there. She has two abilities, and both need charging.


Waterfall is [M A R I A]'s jump. Not her jump ability, but the jump all onto itself. To jump, you must Hold and Release. However, you can jump incredibly high off of the ground, and you can even charge and release while in midair! In the air, you don't launch as high, but with enough airtime, you can charge and jump wide distances. By tapping the jump button as you move, you will short hop and thrust forwards in a manner similar to a thok. You can build speed this pretty quickly, but then you're not charging up a jump, so be careful!


Psycho Cut has [M A R I A] fire an odd series of psychic "blades" by holding and releasing Spin. These "blades" will go right through walls and other solid objects, damaging enemies without stopping. The more you charge, the larger projectiles become, and the more you fire at once. They can even destroy monitors! The speed of these blades scale with your current movement speed, so you can "throw" your blades a considerable distance with enough of a running start. However, you are unable to use manually activated shield abilities, and a 0 charge Psycho Cut does nothing. As of v1.1, they can destroy spikes.


In addition to these moves, she also has other properties. [M A R I A] doesn't spin when she jumps, so she cannot jump into enemies, but her weight as a statue means she can defeat enemies by landing on them. She also has boost mode, which may seem silly, but honestly, boost mode should just be a default game feature for everyone at this point. Finally, all of her VFX change color with her, and her default color is a custom color based on the source of inspiration for this mod, so other characters can use it if they wish.

I hope you enjoy this less conventional take on control for a character! I'll probably update the mod eventually, since there's still a few things I eed to get to, but give her a download! You may just [E N J O Y Y O U R S E L F]


  • v1 - Initial Release.
  • v1.1 - Psycho Cut destroys spikes, splitscreen support, Closed Captioning for sound effects.
  • v1.2 - Waterfall and Psycho Cut will no longer fail to work every 16th frame, can jump off of RVZ Rolling Rock, charge bars disappear on death.
  • v2.0 - Added SRB2 Persona, Kirby, and XMomentum support!


  • For some reason, the first time I use Psycho Cut, the framerate dips... and then never again does that issue happen until I quit the game entirely. I don't get it.
  • Voice lines are in the file, but not used for anything... yet. I'll code that in eventually, maybe.
  • A chime exists for when a bar hits max charge, but is also not implemented yet. It's not supposed to be a constant looping ping, but I still want to make it togglable.
  • Maybe support for other mods. No promises.
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What an odd character. I don't really know the context for this character. (besides being a weird crossover between Maria and Pokemon) It's such an odd but cool concept, that the only thing I can do is give it a good rating.
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This is a super unique character and playing as her (It?) was very fun! A lot of creative and interesting ideas went into this character. The charge jump is fun and changes up the gameplay in a cool way! This is a very bizarre character and I like it. If this was really created by Eggman to mess with Shadow that would be messed up.
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