Alabaster Box

[Reusable] Alabaster Box 1.0


"A Sacred Offering"


The Alabaster Box replaces all instances of the Special Stage token. Upon holding it, all monitors (excluding Golden Monitors and Gravity Boots) will not reap their rewards, and instead, charges are added to the Alabaster Box. There's no way to drop the box, so be careful! At maximum charge, you will earn a Chaos Emerald, extra lives depending on the emerald accumulated, and a Holy Card! The Holy Card will give you a protective shield that will protect you from one hit, even overlapping and taking priority over other shields! You don't even flinch when taking the damage! Cards will even persist between levels!



If you have all 7 emeralds, the Alabaster Box will be instantly charged on collection, giving you an extra life, a Holy Card, and 50 Rings, right away. However, if your character is incapable of turning super, then instead of the bonus rings, you will receive VII - The Chariot! This tarot card can be triggered with the Super transformation input of Jump + Spin, instantly giving you Invulnerability and Speed Shoes! You can only hold one tarot card at a time, but collecting an Alabaster Box while in possession of one will activate VII - The Chariot on the spot, without consuming what you're holding. You will also receive a copy of VII - The Chariot on collection of your 7th emerald.


In co-op, only the player with the box will be burdened with charging it. However, each player can have their own copy of the box, and contribute to the same charge count! Both those holding and not holding the box will receive what's inside! Always thank your box holders!


Bugs + Possible Future Additions:
  • 1up Monitors will still leave the extra life icon behind. Will fix eventually.​
  • Could really use something to show how many charges you earn from monitors.​
  • Co-Op is barely tested, due to lack of the ability to do rigorous testing.​
  • This is a reusable resource, but it does carry strong religious symbolism to it, so I may make a different asset collection for others to use, in case they don't want or care for it. May even make separate assets for Holy Cards and Chariot cards!​
Please report any issues!
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