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A map pack bought for you by Lighto

A list of maps i'd like to see in kart and give a good time for players​

Map list:
Grass Cup

Emerald Hill Zone


3 laps

~Blast through the verdant hills and the splashy water falls!~
But wait? something hapenned to it?? i could swear it is different somehow now?? oh no my bad just the waterfalls that dried up

Angel Island Zone


4 laps

~Race on the ancient mystery forest!

Endless Mine Zone


3 laps

~Race on the mysterious old mines~

Palmtree Panic (Past)



3 laps

~Race on the delicious and fresh salad terrain from Palmtree Panic (Past) lsitening that banging music ~

Rainny Savannah




Race in the violent storm during the night at the Savannah's canyons

Sky Based


Race in the thunder storm on the flying metalic base above South Island

used slots
Emerald Hill : none
Angel Island : none
Palmtree Panic : none

v1 - First Release

v1.1 - The first update
Emerald Hill : Now a 5 lapper, changed mobjs states names to avoid conflicts with funny death mod.
Endless Mine : Ramp cut removed.
Angel Island added.
v1.1B - Forest on fire
Angel Island - Fixed checkpoints issues, minor details changes, minor change to ramp cuts, minor change to prevent a skip and race start position changed a bit
V2.0 - Calm Forest
Angel Island -
Removed one cut, changed two, added two sneaker panels, removed the big offroad before the finish line, minor changes to the second turn, minor visual changes, removed all objects that were being used for decoration
V3.0 - New Green Horizons
Emerald Hill
- Now a entirely new map! A new 3 lapper map with multyple paths, shortcuts and springs trying to bring a nice variety of things and decisions to do while racing, be taking the path split or bullying someone with springs. and of course all objects slots that were being used before are free again with a addition of a LUA file, LSPR
V3.1 - wrong lap amount for Emerald Hill
V4 - Salad Update
Emerald Hill:
Red springs in the third cut revised, now theyre yellow and should no stuck player inside floor anymore
Cave cut (in the middle path) Now dont have slope physics and strong offroad all the way up
Nice trees and bushes added
Palmtree Panic : First release
non map related, i removed the SOC that defined some objects, forgot to remove that ops, my bad
V4.3 - Update
Palmtree Panic :
Removed two death planes from two waterfalls in one shrotcut, fixed boss waypoints and made finish line bigger to avoid people passing without counting a lap
Endless Mine : Added a ramp to the water skip section near the end, is more safe for high speed with groww, and added few signs and changed the slope a bit as well. Added three sneakers shortcuts with red spring pads, as i nthe past much complaint about front runing, this came to avoid this issue also while not making sneaker exploits viable

V4.7 - Update
Angel Island :
Removed unused things, the small lake cut with springs, changed the second u turn adding offroad to it and removing the sneaker panel, added springs to the tress near the small ramp after the second u turn , added few blue springs into the offroad of the turn to the cave entrance (is some short of faster traveling but you lose your control, remember to brake drift!)
Emerald Hill: Changed all springs, now they use the LMT (Lighto Mapping Tools) ones, the most noticeable change are the ones of the alternate path near the end and the ones near the start line that requires a sneaker to climp up a slope, removed one death sector in the track side line, added downards wind in big cave entrance so player with speed mods wont overshoot, and hopefully these new springs wont make the player get stuck into the ground/wall or whatever black hole is out there
Endless Mine: Added one spring cut after the waterfall jump and one near the start line in thew broken rails, adjusted the height of one slope near start line too.
Palmtree Panic: Made the finish line bigger so players might not skip it anymore
Removed unused sprites and objects from the maps.

V4.8 - Update
Added the alternate slope and air speed easing lua script into the pack and now all of my maps will use it, experimental but everything should be right
Emerald hhill music decently looped, courtesy of Goldencreme, thank you

Rainny Savannah -
First release
Alt slope lua added to be used on Rainny Savannah

Removed all scripts from before and cleaned all the maps,s othey either use common Community Springs or got some minor changes
Added para gliders
Sky based released
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Latest reviews

Nicely crafted in visuals, well rounded in layout, short but sweet 4-lappers, and I had an absolute blast when I had played on Emerald Hill online; very nice tracks :)
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These are a nice set of maps. Very interesting layouts and its was fun to play once i got the hang of them.

Angel Island made me upset cos its got a great layout and looks like Angel island but the short cuts are extremely strong which takes away the skill from the zone entirely if you have a shoe or 2.

Endless Mine water skip IMO should have a different entry angle as on first attempt I died since it was blind :mike:

Emerald hill isn't as offensive but again it has a pretty strong cut.
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