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A map pack bought for you by Lighto

A list of maps i'd like to see in kart and give a good time for players​

Map list:
Grass Cup

Emerald Hill Zone


5 laps

~Blast through the verdant hills and the splashy water falls!~

Angel Island Zone


4 laps

~Race on the ancient mystery forest!

Endless Mine Zone


3 laps

~Race on the mysterious old mines~


??? Zone

Salad soon

used slots
Emerald Hill : 2473, 1233, 2936, 1232, 1230, 1231
Angel Island : none

v1 - First Release

v1.1 - The first update
Emerald Hill : Now a 5 lapper, changed mobjs states names to avoid conflicts with funny death mod.
Endless Mine : Ramp cut removed.
Angel Island added.
v1.1B - Forest on fire
Angel Island - Fixed checkpoints issues, minor details changes, minor change to ramp cuts, minor change to prevent a skip and race start position changed a bit
V2.0 - Calm Forest
Angel Island -
Removed one cut, changed two, added two sneaker panels, removed the big offroad before the finish line, minor changes to the second turn, minor visual changes, removed all objects that were being used for decoration


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i played through the maps a bit, and, they're both very, very enjoyable! very well designed with a lot of beautiful use of slopes and textures from their respective games! the only issues i'd say i had is emerald hill needing an extra lap, since i finished a (frankly unoptimized) sneakerless run of it in 1:07, which is really short for any map, and also the cut at the start in endless mine being really hard to line up and enter due to how small it is and how you have to take it while you're on a fairly steep slope, it also doesn't work too well with hard speed sneakers, tho, that's moreso understandable, but yeah, great map set!
First pack update release!

New map : Angel Island.
Emerald Hill now has 5 laps.
some mobjs states names changed to avoid conflicts
Endless Mine ramp cut removed (i will think about something else for next update)
New update released : Forest on fire !
some needed changes to angel island, from simple textures changes to checkpoints and unintended cuts

fixed checkpoints on the cave section of the map
fixed some texture miss alignment on arrows
added weak offroad around main track
minor change on the ramp cuts, now they have boost rings to make them more significant
adjusted the race start to avoid perfect start boost cheesing
minor change to the last sloped turn to improve visibility
removed sneaker panels before finish line
These are some really nice small maps, Personal favorite is Endless mine but i do have some issues.

Lets start with Endless Mine. The water skip section on my first playthrough threw me off since its at such an awkward angle. Prehaps change up that last corner so that its clearer to take?

Angel Island was ok. Main gripes i had were that the water brightness was really low and the final corner offroad is so wide you can hit the finishline super easy with power items and maybe even a single sneaker. I'd suggest bringing the wall on that last corner in abit more so its not too easy.

Emerald Hill is nice! But the hairpin near the start is really sudden and can throw people off if you dont know the course. Im not sure how you could fix that with out changing so much so i suggest to scrap that hairpin and make it some tricky corners, that way its less sudden and the player as more time to gauge the corner. The cut is too strong as a single shoe can easily clear it. Maybe remove it and open up the section on the inside after the hairpin so players can cut that.

Other than that, i still really enjoy playing these levels when they pop up. Just some minor inconveniences that bothered me.
Lighto updated Lighto Pack V3.1 - New Green Horizons with a new update entry:

Lighto Pack V4 - Salad update

Hey folks" It's been a while, not much as the past updates.

As Emerald Hilld needed some small fixes, added some trees and bushes to it and fixed the evil springs

And the new funny thing : Palmtree Panic (Past)
been rosting in my hard rive for months til i decided i wad time to release and so i did!
View attachment 57811
Hope you guys like it

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Hi! Really great stuff here, especially Endless Mine.
Although there has been some... issues with other maps, mainly Emerald Hill
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It seems you can skip that last section after entering the cut. There's also these Item Boxes which are placed in a very random position

And I don't know if it's impossible to remove, but these ones here with the flags are noticeable to the eye (The red lines on the sky)

Besides Emerald Hill, Angel Island suffers from having a sector on plain sight

I believe this fixes will make these 2 maps visually and mechanically better. Besides that, incredible map pack
Lighto updated Lighto Pack V4.8 - Minor update with a new update entry:

v4.8 - Minor update

Emerald Hill music corrected with a nice loop, courtesy of Goldencreme, thank you!

Added in the new experimental lua of my pack of mapping tools, so slopes might have more force when going down and players will be able to use the airspeed easing by releasing acceleration button mid air!
This is experimental but nothing should break at the point of being unplayable or sigsev the game, if something goes wrong tell me right away, feedback is appreciated

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