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Scrolling through Addons & More, trying to find little visual-only Lua scripts for your Hangout server?
Lawyer Gestures is here, just for your emotional purposes!

Lawyer Gestures is just what you'd expect from an add-on with that name - a compilation of in-court cut-ins from the original Ace Attorney trilogy, recreated only via Lua.
  • Witness Testimony: Whenever you feel like you just want to share a sad (or just hilarious) moment with the people you know, type testify <topic> in the console to start "testifying" about that moment. You have to type endtestimony to clear up the screen after that, though.
  • Cross-Examination: About to have a duel argument? Type crossexamine <prosecnode> [topic] [defnode] to start a cross-examination cut-in. Automatically stops any testimony running, as well. The "defense" shows up on the left, and the "prosecution" shows up on the right. You can supply a topic to this as well. D-Don't mind the white glitchiness, it's just the gif.
  • Shout bubbles: It wouldn't be Ace Attorney without those now, would it? All the three Custom Action buttons are bound to each of the three shout bubbles. Press C1 to shout "Hold it!", C2 for "Objection!" and C3 for "Take that!". Alternatively, you can use the shout <type> command.

    The Witness Testimony effect, the Cross-Examination mini-character portraits and all the shouts are automatically recolored to your player color.
NOTICE: Does not work properly on non-green resolutions.
Make sure your character has two additional sprites at the end of their sprite list.
  • SUSPA0 - CE portrait (Defense)
  • SUSDA0 - CE portrait (Prosecution)
Make sure they're both 103x45 (should match the graphic below), and the latter has offsets -217, 0 to make it match the background graphic:
Make sure the three sounds are present in your sounds folder and are already freeslotted. Then paste this code and fill it out with your character and sounds:
Lua for voice:
skinToShout["yourskin"] = {
    holdit = sfx_cshold, -- "Hold it!"
    object = sfx_csobje, -- "Objection!"
    tkthat = sfx_cstkth -- "Take that!"
Have fun shouting through your next case with this! ...or not a case. Whatever.
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Fixed in v1.1. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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