Lawyer Gestures

[Reusable] Lawyer Gestures v1.4

On the other hand I shoulda changed it to update v1.3.2...

  • Changed the direction the text slides away in in the CE cut-in - now it slides out vertically like in the original
  • Fixed the testimony theme appearing over everything else. Thank god jingles exist.
Man am I updating this frequently...
Only thing this update brings is that the testimtheme command defaults to T&T's Questioning theme instead of erroring out.
Yep, more a'these.
  • Changed endtestimony - now it calculates a vote on stopping a testimony, not exclusive to admins. If the user of the command is the one who initiated the testimony, it ends like with the old behaviour. Speaking of that it moved to judgeendtestimony.
  • Added an option to change what plays during a witness testimony. Has to be a music lump, else it errors out when a testimony starts.
  • Added actual cooldown to shout bubbles.
  • Character voices! Now every vanilla character has a voice. Also can support custom characters. By default uses Metal Sonic's (SRB2 sfx).
  • Fixed the script erroring out if crossexamine recieves a non-existant player for either the prosecution or the defense
  • Optimized the code, now it doesn't constantly execute rawset.
  • Fixed the warning upon loading the file mid-gameplay.
  • NEW COMMAND: recolorcutins - Allows or disallows the testimony cut-in and the shouts to be recolored. If off, the cut-ins take on their original colors.
There were some suggestions in the Discord server (and in the release review), and I complied to them.
  • You can now use the gestures in singleplayer.
  • shoutwarn - Punish players for consecutive shouts. Defaults to on.
  • shoutallowed - Enables/disables shouts altogether. Defaults to on. Setting it to "testimony" will only allow shouting mid-testimony.
  • The default sprite used on the CE cut-in for characters without support for it is now their life icon rather than their STNDA1 sprite.