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[Reusable] Latius in SRB2Kart! (Latius at Beta v2.0.1) 2021-03-04

In the event I do not log in for a month and cannot be contacted, I give blanket permission for Kart Krew and their appointed staff to coordinate and approve the porting and maintenance of my SRB2Kart releases on the SRB2MB, except where stated otherwise. I reserve the right to ask for those ports to be taken down or replaced if I return. You may not edit my work to create other content (such as Original Characters or Remix Stages) unless specified.

After goodness knows how many years that I had been planning things to have (Auro) Latius in-game, I finally have gotten him in with the help of a few people into SRB2Kart!

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Due to Latis being very fast, with some theories saying that they can hit speeds in excess of the speed of sound, Latius is one of the fastest racers around when on their Kart, but has an average weight.

KCL_Latius - The dual colour form with the optional PP attack system. Currently at Beta 2.0.1 (Speed 9/Weight 6) - Dual Colours need sorting out before moving to Version 1.0 (as in deciding what colours to pair with what other colours) - This is considered the 'official' version

The old pack (Version 1.4.2) included the following character WADs:

KC_Auro - The base form with no Lua at all. Currently at Version 1.3 (Speed 9/Weight 5)
KC_Latios - A single colour form with just whites and the colour of the skin, and no Lua. Currently at Version 1.2 (Speed 8/Weight 4)
KC_Lati_pack - Contains both non-Lua using forms in one single WAD. Currently at Version 1.4.2 - This pack is recommended for non-Lua using servers, or servers which use just Lua gamemodes, who want both Lati forms
KCL_Latius_pack - Contains all three forms (including Latius' beta 1.2 version) in one single WAD. Currently at Version 1.4.2

Thanks to Inazuma for making the sprites, VAdaPEGA for their help on the dual colour and Latios version sprites, and Tripel the Fox / Latch for the dual colour script used in the KCL_Latius WAD.
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