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Welcome to Daytona Kart, a heavily modified form of my Countdown Mode which aims to replicate the feel of arcade game like Daytona USA, OutRun and Initial D Arcade Stage.

How does Daytona Kart work?

Daytona Kart adds a time limit to the start of the stage, shown at the top of the screen. This shows how much time you have left before you lose control of your car and get a Time Over - if you don't get lucky and cross the finish line before you fully stop, as you gain more time for completing laps.

For the base 55 maps which came with Kart 1.0, the time limits were originally based on the silver medal times for Time Attack, with the Time Extensions being based on the fastest laps for that track. Other maps, like the Map Hell ones and the new community cup, have their times based on some testing. Thanks to some help, most of the maps have better time limits which can be met during normal races.

For custom maps, there is a default 120 seconds with an extra 30 seconds added for each lap completed, but custom map makers (and/or those making map packs for servers) can include two Lua variables to add in to determine these - lua.arcadetime for the base time, and lua.arcadebonus for the time bonus gained for each lap.

However, these base time limits and bonuses can be further modified, as Daytona Kart has 5 difficulty modes:

  • Easiest: Gain a bonus 30% of the base time and time extensions. Great for getting to learn a track!
  • Easy: Only a 15% bonus, but it's good if you're struggling to complete a lap on Normal.
  • Normal: The default Daytona Kart Experience. This is what the timer is locked to for Record Attack.
  • Hard: Time limits are tighter, with 5 seconds taken off your starting time, and 2 seconds taken off the time you get for completing a lap.
  • Expert: The hardest challenge of Daytona Kart. 10 seconds off of your starting time, and 5 seconds less from Time Extensions. Only for those who are experts at the game.
  • Master: Oh, wait, did I say 5 difficulty modes? Not anymore, as Master Mode is here from Version 1.4 - cutting your starting time by an extra 10 seconds compared to Expert. Otherwise, it's basically the same as Expert.
  • Custom: New to V1.7, Custom Mode lets you fine-tune the difficulty, through arcade_timermod and arcade_laptimermod to fine-tune the starting and lap bonus times, adding up to 60 seconds to the base time, up to 20 seconds per lap, and/or cutting the starting time by up to 30 seconds at the base level and/or 20 seconds per time extension.

Heads Up Display:

Custom Variables which the player can alter:
  • arcade_speed: Determines what speedometer type to use. Default Miles. Can be Disabled, Miles, Kilometers, Meters, Fracunits, Knots or Feet.
  • arcade_tenthspeed: Shows or hides the tenths of the speed. Default On.
  • arcade_capto99: Caps the shown time limit to 99. Default Off. (There is a secret setting to this, and some HUD styles will have this auto-set)
  • arcade_placezero: Shows a leading zero in 10+ player races. Default Off.
  • arcade_instupdate: Determines if the timer instantly updates whenever time is added, both at the start of a race and after completing a lap, or if it ticks up at a rate of 5s/4frames at the start, and 1s/2frames once a lap is completed. Default On.
  • arcade_hud: New to Version 1.1, this allows you to determine which HUD mode you want to use. This defaults to the Battle Mania Hud, however, there are other settings which it can be set to, with more intended to come in later versions.
  • arcade_hpmod_bar: Determines if the custom-made HP bars are shown when combined with the HP Mod. Defaults to On/
  • arcade_hpmod_spbar: ???. Defaults to Off.

Server based Custom Variables:
  • arcade: Turns the Arcade Mode on and off. Default On. (Added in V1.0.2)
  • arcade_diff: Sets the timer difficulty to one of the five difficulties mentioned prior. Default Normal.
  • arcade_sneaker: When on, items will be limited to Sneakers, Thunder Shields, Hyudoros, Invincibility and maybe Kitchen Sinks. Default On.
  • arcade_compathud: Compacts the HUD so that it won't get in the way of other game mode HUD stuff. Default Off. [Added in v1.7]
  • arcade_extratimermod: Determines how much extra starting time per lap to add on races with non-standard lap counts.This bonus would be rounded to the nearest 5 seconds after taking the extra laps into account before being applied. Default 8, Range 5 - 25 [Added in v1.7]
  • arcade_explosiveko: Want to give your Time Overs an explosive kick? Well, now you can! Default Off. [Added in v1.8]
  • arcade_forcelrmax: This forces the game to be in LunarRay/MAX mode. Normal items, no Time Over health drain, no Explosive KO, the difficulty must be Hard or higher, defaulting to Expert if it's not, but can also be custom so long as the bonus time per lap and at the start is reduced or unmodified, and the default time mod per lap. It also activates the Server Points tracking, showing not only the current points you have but how many points you would have if you finish in your current position. Oh, and you're forced to use the LRayMAX style HUD as well. Default Off [Added in v1.8]

Current HUD settings:
  • Daytona - The classic Daytona Kart look, with the rev counter and such. Added in Pre-Version 1. Is useable in Splitscreen.
  • WarioLand - Based on Wario Land 4 in a sense, including the classic 'hurry up' timer. Added in Version 1.1. Is useable in Splitscreen.
  • BattleMania - Inspired by the Battle on the Edge rev counter but in a Sonic Mania style. Added in Version 1.3. Is NOT useable currently in Splitscreen.
  • PizzaTower - A modified version of the Wario Land 4 HUD using the Pizza Tower timer. Added in Version 1.7, Is NOT currently useable in splitscreen.
  • Wangan - Before the Maximum Tune games, there was Wangan Midnight, an arcade racer which used elements of Tokyo Xtreme Racer's SP system. This HUD style keeps the general layout of the other HUDs, having the health bar at the bottom of the screen, but is otherwise based off of it. Added in Version 1.7. Is compatible with Splitscreen.
  • LRayMAX - Also known as "the Riders-style HUD", this HUD style takes the 'classic' look as well as BattleMania's speedometer and adds in numbers styled after the position numbers from the Sonic Riders series. Added to Version 1.8. Is NOT currently useable with Splitscreen.

NEW TO VERSION 1.7! While DaytonaKart is currently not compatible with BattlePlus, it is now compatible with the normal Battle modes, and even includes a new battle mode of its own: First Blood. To best work with First Blood, the standard time limit should be disabled, as First Blood has its own time limit... which starts once First Blood is drawn, gaining the attacker 2 bonus points for doing so.


DaytonaKart uses a table to determine the time limits of each map. This is split into two parts: the Base Time Limit, which is what the racers start with at the start of the race, and the Bonus Time, which is how much extra time they get per lap.
Map Makers, you can use LUA.arcadetime to set the base time limit and LUA.arcadebonus to set the bonus time. These will be rounded up to the nearest 5s, and have limits - LUA.arcadetime (with one exception) must be between 30 and 180, which represent 30 seconds and 3 minutes respectively, while LUA.arcadebonus must not only be between 10 and 90, but must be smaller than or equal to LUA.arcadetime as well.
If you feel like your map should have a fixed time limit, there are two ways to go about it. The first (and recommended) is to use LUA.noextension - this will automatically give all of the time bonuses from laps before the race starts. This gives the flexibility of allowing servers the ability to change the number of laps and still have a time limit which works out. The second one is to use LUA.arcadeboss - which should only be used if, for example, the map has a built-in time limit which, when exceeded, would end the match instantly.
Server Owners and Admins, you can use the function setmaptime(int map#, int basetime, int bonustime, bool override) to set or override a map's time limit. When a map is first played without their times already stored, their times will be stored in the table, or the default times would be stored in the case of maps with no preset time, but this allows you to either put values in first or (by setting override) override them with your own.
Also, DaytonaKart is able to be Record Attacked akin to Sneakerless Kart, and has the ability for people to set a Gold and Silver time through the use of LUA.arcadegold and LUA.arcadesilver - the Silver time should be in seconds, while the Gold time must be in Tics.

Also, make sure to check out the DaytonaKart Aftermarket addon mod, which adds in more timings to other tracks!

Thanks to LunarRay for providing the voice clips, and a bunch of others who I've credited in the Lua file.

Currently Supported Mods:

HP Mod (Has its own HP bars in three different styles)
TSRB2KR (Used in LunaRay's TSR server)

Mods that are known not to work with DaytonaKart as of V1.8:

Countdown (Timing conflicts)
Sneakerless RA (Technically already bolted into DaytonaKart, so no need to add in this mod as well, otherwise it might break)

Supporters / Co-Authors:
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a really good mod! i never played daytona, but had a great time! all of the huds look astounding too! (even though i havent played any of the games most of them are based on) and i'd say this mod is great for people who have or havent even played daytona.
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