King of the Hill!

[Reusable] King of the Hill! v1.2

  • Added a bit of leniency to the way awarding score works.
    • As long as your controlled player's z + player height is within range of the flag on the z axis, you will now be awarded score.
  • Hud Compass
    • The flag is usually in a centered spot of the map. The compass will now help point you to the direction of the flag.
    • Thanks to CobaltBW for allowing me to use this from his Battlemod code.

    • Fixed a bug where you would not gain score in Water Hill Zone when on the top of the hill
    • Fixed a texture offset issue in the same map


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  • Point allocation changes
    • No longer tied to the level
    • Point allocation is now tied to the flag and whether or not you have the aura effect.