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Yes. I made my anime waifu in SRB2.
And there's nothing you can do about it.

Jokes aside, Kanade Tachibana comes from Angel Beats!, an anime from 2010 you probably don't remember!
Coming from the afterlife, where those who died without accomplishing their goals in life dwell, she is known as the "Angel" with superhuman powers who enforces the school rules as the student council president there.
Obviously, taking over the world and building deadly robots is against said rules, and as such, she is after Eggman for his misbehaviour.



By using a program called Angel Player, Kanade was able to create abilities for herself from the ground up to fend off some peculiar repeated offenders in the afterlife, though this time, these abilities will come in handy to aid her in punishing Eggman

Angel Wings

Double jump to use your wings and get additional height. Keep holding jump or press it again at any point while you fall afterwards to use them again to slow your fall.
If used close enough to the ground, it will also leave an updraft usable by your allies! Keep holding jump in the updraft to have it take you upwards!

Hand Sonic

Press spin at any point to dash forward and cut through any enemy, obstacle or frail walls/floor. Using the ability twice in mid-air or after using Angel Wings will have you dive downwards and destroy enemies and obstacles a like in a radius where you land.
Hitting enemies directly during the dash will have them skewed by your blade, but if you didn't quite make the cut, Kanade will swing her blade after her dash ends to get additional reach and potentially destroying more enemies in front of her.

After using Hand Sonic in the air, you can use Angel Wings to slow your fall and keep your speed until you hit the ground!


If Kanade gets all 7 emeralds, she can further enhance her abilities by filling her Overdrive gauge which is done by slicing enemies and collecting Rings.
Once the gauge is full, press Toss Flag to enable Overdrive for 20 seconds.
While active, you will not lose Rings if you take damage, your top speed will temporarily increase, Angel Wings' double jump can be used indefinitely, and Hand Sonic will thrust you forward without losing height so long as the spin button is held, you become temporarily unable to slowfall or dive however.
Additionally, slicing any enemy will prolong Overdrive for 4 seconds.

- There are lag spikes while caching rotated sprites during NiGHTS mode due to the size of said sprites. The issue goes away entierely for the remainder of the game session once all sprites have been cached.
- In splitscreen, updrafts are displayed for both players regardless of their being able to use them or not in PvP gamemodes.

Special thanks to:
Inazuma for the character select portrait
DylanNeyaz for help with various additional graphics

Although I originally started spriting her for other purposes, I don't regret making her into a Vanilla character in the slightest and had tons of fun coding her abilities especially. I hope you'll have as much fun playing as her!

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