[V4.1] Wipezones

[V4.1] Wipezones 4.1


Slip tide through maps at dizzying speeds in Wipzones, a game mode inspired by Wipeout HD.
The rules are simple: You begin the race with a speed boost and can't stop going faster and faster. Each time you hit a wall (or a hazard or fall off), you will lose some shield energy. If you get hit with no energy, the game's over.

The Multiplayer only mode, Zone Battle is also avaiable! Be the fastest to reach the target Zone with spicy additions to the normal singleplayer Zone gameplay! (Check spoilers below for details)

Finally, if you want a map to experience the highest speeds Zone has to offer, Syncopia is made for you, allowing to swiftly break the 100th zone!


Here's a little sample video of a pretty decent run on Sunbeam Paradise.

Heads-Up Display:

You auto accelerate
No need to hold the accelerator, the game does it for you. Focus on avoiding the damage.
You will keep going faster and faster as you build up more Zones over time.

You are in a constant boost state, use that to your advantage!
Because you are constantly under the effect of an infinite sneaker, you can slip tide at will! To slip tide, start drifting, then release your drift and keep turning inwards. This will allow you to take very sharp turns.

It matters not who you are
All karts are normalized to Sonic's stats. This gives you a high top speed and tight turn arc for maximum enjoyment.

Shield Energy:
To avoid our drivers dying from a single collision, we put a shield around your karts! For each wall/hazard collision, you'll lose 5% of that energy. If you fall off the track, it'll be 10%. The shield will break when it reaches 0%. Taking any damage without it will prove to be fatal at such speeds.

Recovering Energy:
It's possible to recover energy after losing some; clearing a full zone without getting hit (Called a "Perfect Zone") will award you with 2 Shield, completing a full lap without taking damage ("Perfect Lap") will award you with 20 Shield.

You CAN slow down!
You can hold brake to signigicantly slow down. This will drain your HP however, and you can't brake if you have 1 HP or less.

Air brake
We equipped karts with air brakes to allow them to slow down in mid air. You can brake in mid-air for no cost at all. So use ramps to slow down on strategic spots.

Deja Vu, I've just been in this place before!
Drifting will make your Zones charge faster! It's really easy to perform at low Zones but probably too high risk in higher ends, so consider your options carefully!

Boost Pads
Rolling on a Boost Pad will increase your Zone meter by half a zone and award you points, but will also drastically increase your speed for a bit. Consider whether rolling on one is worth it, especially at high speeds where the increase is even more significant!

You get score by just driving around. After the round is over, you will get to see your total score. These factors are taken into account for your score:
  • Base score
  • Zone number
  • Perfect Zone combo
  • Top speed (in kmph)
  • Laps
  • Perfect Laps
Heads-Up Display: the sequel

Zone, except now you can play with """friends"""
All of the singleplayer tips apply to Zone Battle with the exception of the scoring system and perfect lap shield regeneration, be sure to check those out!

Reach the target zone!
The first player to reach the target zone to win!

Slower zone buildup...
In Zone battle, you build up zones three times as slow as you do when you play by yourself.

Zone gauge; the instruction book!
Exclusive to Zone Battle is the Zone gauge at the bottom of the screen. It fills up as you collect item boxes and clear laps. The more you have, the more you get! Once both bars are at least green, you can press Fire item to execute a Zone Boost, or Custom 1 or Item + Down to execute a Shield Asborb. Be aware that no matter which one you perform, both actions will be lost until you build up enough Zone gauge again.
At maximum, you can get 8 Zones or 100 Shield Energy. The gauge does not fill past those.

Zone Boost!!
When you Zone Boost, the amount indicated next to the gauge is added to your Zone total, simple as that. This is your best way to catch up.
It will also leave a dangerous Zone barrier behind you. Perhaps you have been wondering why not just fill the entire gauge before using it, well, hitting a barrier will cut your Zone gauge in half AND eat away 20 Shield Energy! Be careful, you are not immuned to your own Zone Barriers!!

Shield Absorb

Using Shield Absorb is your only way to recover Shield in Zone Battle. The amount of energy recovered is indicated next to the Absorb gauge. Doing so will also grant you a short invincibility during which hitting walls does no damage, and can phase through Zone barriers, but does NOT destroy them, so someone will eventually have to ram into em!

WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! *car crash noises*
Should you die in Zone Battle, you'll instantly respawn with all your Shield Energy at the cost of 5 Zones lost, so stay safe and try to keep your energy above 20 at all times.

Everyone sucks at this game!
If the Zone target is too high and that no one has reached it in 4 minutes, it will start lowering by 1 every 5 seconds. Moreover, the same will happen 20 seconds after one player reaches the target to avoid matches dragging for too long.

Since Zones build up way slower on their own, Speed Pads and Drifts are very valuable, try to nab as much increases as you can without putting yourself at risk. Also remember that using the Zone Boost counts as using a Speed Pad, so your speed will increase for a bit, so consider where you use it. Zone Boost can also allow you to get multiple Perfect Zones which can make for some small healing to get yourself up to a more reasonable health pool without having to use the Shield.
z_startzone: Set the zone you'll start at. (default is 1)
z_starthp: Set how much HP you start with. (default is 100)
NOTE: if you set either of those values to anything ABOVE their default value, score will NOT be calculated

z_zonemode on/off
: Enables or disables zone mode for the next map. Defaults to on, obviously.
z_zonebattle on/off: In Multiplayer, enables or disables Zone Battle for the next map, reverting to 1.X behavior if off. Default is on.
z_zonebattletarget: Sets the target to reach in Zone Battle for the next map. Default is 35.
z_forcezonebattle on / off: Forces Zone Battle on even if you're alone. Was mostly used for testing on my end but was left in for convenience, defaults to off.
z_hudshake on / off: Toggles the HUD shaking after landing / taking a hit. If you have performance issues when the HUD shakes, disable this. Default is on
Special Thanks
for the base idea. Somehow I followed it through.
LatiusAuro for scripting assistance and some ideas
LJ Sonik for pseudorandom number lib

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