[1.5]KartMP: A hot take on Kart balance

[1.5]KartMP: A hot take on Kart balance 1.5

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KartMP is an addon that features togglable solutions to certain balance issues seen in SRB2Kart. None of these solutions are objectively good and are merely my own attempts to adress issues I have with the game.
All of them are disabled by default, it's up to the server host to choose which features they want to activate.

  • V1.0
    • Initial release.
  • V1.1
    • Added Respawn Points (kmp_respawnpoints): Creates backups of your position for you to respawn at to make falling off less punishing.
    • Added Shrink Cleanse (kmp_shrinkcleanse): Destroys every item in the map upon Shrink Usage
    • Added Dynamic Shrink Duration (kmp_shrinkduration): Restores pre 1.0.3 Shrink duration where players in the back don't stay shrunk for as long.
    • Added Battle Accel (kmp_battleaccel): Multiplies acceleration by 1.5 in battle gametypes to make them more easily controllable.
    • Removed Offroad Take due to general impopularity.
    • Fixed an issue where player count was incorrectly calculated, leading to the Item Limiter and Extended Flashtics not always working properly.
    • Fixed 1.0.4 spinout not having any effect at all when on.
    • Fixed thrown orbinaut fuse sometimes rendering orbinauts invisible and not removing them.
    • Fixed missing visuals effects when the timer ran out on kmp_orbitlimit.
    • Removed mandatory fixes since these are now included in the base Kart build.
  • V1.2
    • Fixed a bug where respawn points would generate on quicksand.
  • V1.3
    • Fixed a bug where Shrink cleanse would activate if you tried using Shrink without actually being able to use it.
    • Respawn points are no longer generated if you're heading towards a drop-off. (This includes ramps and death pits)
    • After respawning at a respawn point, it is deleted and a new respawn point cannot be generated until you spend at least 2 full seconds on the ground. Dying during that period will have you respawn at the last actual checkpoint. This should prevent horrible respawn locks if they still happen in spite of the above change.
    • Fixed respawn points applying flags improperly for reverse gravity respawning (Per-sector gravity should now work as intended)
  • V1.4

    • 'kmp_airsneakerbuf': Allows usage of Sneakers in mid-air. The Sneaker(s) will be consummed and their effect will take place as soon as you land. You can use multiple Sneakers and their duration will stack with diminutive returns.
      • The intent is to allow players to use their Sneakers mid-air if they fear they may get stolen by Hyudoros before they can get the chance to use them.
      • This does not affect Rocket Sneakers due to concerns about mod conflicts.
    • 'kmp_raceaccel': 1.5x acceleration in race gamemodes (Similar to its battle counterpart 'kmp_battleaccel'). The goal is to mitigate item impact and increase the overall pace of the game.
      • This option was developped long ago, before Juicebox was a thing and may be redundant should both mods be added, but was left in for players that don't feel like using Juicebox or want an extra boost on top of it.

    • The command display has been made cleaner so that it's easier to tell what commands are on or off.
    • Some command short and full descriptions have been made clearer. (Notably 'kmp_haste')
    • 'kmp_extendflashtics' now has a fixed duration of double flashtics instead of being variable on player count. (Used to be doubleflashtics + 6 frames for every player above 8, causing an increase too big on larger lobbies)
    • Offorad banana drag (once part of 'Mandatory fixes', which would activate without the player's consent, has been made into its own command: 'kmp_offroadspinout'
    • 'kmp_growthbump': Players under the effect of Grow now have 32 weight mid-air instead of 10 previously. This is gonna be hilarious.
    • BUG FIXES:

    • Fixed an issue where Hyudoro would lose its offroad and damage immunity after some time despite the item still being in use if 'kmp_hyudoro' and 'kmp_extendflashtics' were on at the same time.
    • Fixed an issue where 'kmp_itemlimiter' would fail to interpret the player count properly, resulting in much higher item amount drops than intended when reaching player thresholds.
      • Above 5 players: -1 banana / player (minimum of 3 bananas)
      • Above 6 players: -1 orbinaut / 2 players (minimum of 2 orbinauts)
      • Above 8 players: Double Jawz cannot be rolled.
    • Fixed an issue where 'kmp_orbinautfuse' would still remove dropped, stationary orbinauts.
    • Fixed an issue where 'kmp_respawnpoints' didn't check for Wind/Current sector effects at the target respawn location. The respawn point is now removed if you would have otherwise respawned to an hilarious death.

  • V1.5
      • Fixed 'kmp_airsneakerbuf' having an invalid help entry, causing it and every command listed below it to error out when searching them in 'kmp_help'

List of commands (On/Off toggles) and the reasoning behind them:
  • kmp_bumpspark: Allows you to keep your Drift Spark after bumping a wall. This also fixes drift direction switching after bumping a wall.
    I always found situations where you barely bump a corner because of a slight misjudgement or because of lag to be frustrating, especially because you lose all your speed and that it takes forever to build it back. This change allows you to minimize such a mistake so long as it's not too great, as you will be able to release your drift after the bump to get back to speed thanks to the acceleration given by a drift boost. This allows the games to feel much more fluid overall.
  • kmp_hardsneakers: Sets the Sneaker boost to 50% instead of 27.5% in Hard game speed. Makes catching up a whole lot easier.
    I find hard speed to be horribly unfun to play as it punishes mistakes far too much. Yet it seems to be the preferred gamespeed for most of the servers. A prominent issue in hard mode is that Sneakers are rarely ever useful outside of shortcuts, which makes people more prone to holding onto them and getting them stolen. This change allows Sneakers (And particularly Rocket Sneakers) to be a lot more useful and allow you to recover from mistakes.
  • kmp_extendflashtics: Doubles invulnerability after taking damage.
    When recovering from a hit, you're a slow moving easy target, and it's easy for passing players to just drop another middle finger with another orbinaut, thus adding to your frustration.
  • kmp_slowspinout: Reverts spinout to its slower 1.0.4 iteration.

  • kmp_floatingitemfuse: Makes dropped floating items disappear after a variable amount of time that depends on the amount of laps required to clear the map.
    No, first place shouldn't be able to pick up Invincibility or Growth, this is stupid and further amplifies the escape velocity problem V1 has.
  • kmp_itemlimiter: Limits how many of a single item you can get when the player count goes past certain thresholds. This change affects Bananas, Orbinauts and Jawz:
    • Bananas: -1 banana per player above 5 players. (min: 3 bananas)
    • Orbinaut: -1orbinaut per 2 players above 6 players. (min: 2 orbinauts)
    • Jawz: Double Jawz cannot be rolled above 8 players.
    • Games with 8+ players quickly become a mess once quad orbinauts and decabananas start being commonly obtained by players. This aims to limit the chaos somewhat.
  • kmp_orbitlimit: Changes the way orbiting items are handled; they spin faster when first brought out and slow down to a crawl overtime. This rewards good timing with better protection against players that want to get a bit too close to your comfort zone. A timer will start depleting after using the item. If it reaches 0, the item is destroyed, so use it before then.
    The timer exists notably to prevent Double Jawz users from being impossible to pass safely as they keep hoarding onto their item which they can keep out for no cost or punishment at all.
    The faster spin rewards timing and gives an incentive to want to keep your item undeployed until the right time.
  • kmp_hyudoro: Extends Hyudoro duration.
    Makes Hyudoro an actually worthwhile and powerful item beyond stealing stuff. You become invulnerable to any and all items and bumps but can also freely go over offorad during that time, making it a semi decent item for catching up!
  • kmp_orbinautfuse: Makes orbinauts disappear a while after being thrown. This does not affect dropped, stationary, orbinauts.
    Orbinauts kind of become really powerful permanent hazards when thrown in long straights like Virtual Highway's beginning section where they'll bounce back and forth for the entierety of the game. This will make them disappear after a while to solidify their use as on-the-spot projectiles rather than slow moving bananas.
  • kmp_growthbump: Disables growth squish in mid-air and at low speeds.
    Getting squished in mid air feels horrible, getting squished by a growth player you hit from behind moving at a snail's pace also feels horrible. This fixes that.
  • kmp_haste: Tyron's Haste Lua. Gives low speed characters longer drift sparks.
    In most cases, high speed characters are by far superior, as unless they get hit, at equal skill levels, they will always outdo lower speed tiers. This change allows low speed characters to shine when taking turns with longer drift boosts that can really make a difference and even the playing field!
  • kmp_respawnpoints: Creates backups of your position every half a second for you to respawn at if you die. In case of GBJ, use the respawn command to respawn at the last proper checkpoint instead.
    On average a respawn in V1 costs you about 6 to 10+ seconds. Yeah, this sucks. This aims to fix that by creating quick backups of your position so long as you're on the ground on normal road and aren't spun out! The respawn command will always respawn you to proper checkpoints
  • kmp_shrinkcleanse: Upon Shrink activation, destroys every item currently on the map. This causes fake item boxes and mines to explode at your credit, too!
    Shrink is often disabled on servers as it's viewed as mostly useless and just annoying on top of sometimes causing issues. This tries to at least give it an use beyond just shrinking everyone. Combined with the change below, even makes it into a fair catch-up item for everyone to even out the odds!
  • kmp_shrinkduration: Players in the back don't stay shrunk for as long. Base Shrink duration changed from 20 to 16 seconds.
    Shrink in its current state shrinks everyone for 20 seconds regardless of position, which is EXTREMELY punishing for a player in the back who wants to catch up as they'll have very little power to do so. With this change, the biggest penalty for these players is losing their item. Moreover, this lets players catch back up to the frontrunner and makes for some dynamic races.
    Combined with the change above, this makes Shrink into an item that's worth keeping on!
  • kmp_airsneakerbuf: Allows the buffering of Sneakers mid-air/while spun out
    This mostly prevents players from getting their Sneakers stolen when they can't even use them. This allows to consume the Sneaker(s) and using them as soon as possible. Multiple Sneakers can be buffered which will cause the durations to stack with diminutive returns. This change doesn't impact Rocket Sneakers due to mod conflict concerns.
  • kmp_raceaccel: Multiplies acceleration by 1.5 in Race gametypes
    This option was created pre-Juicebox and aims to do the same thing as Juicebox's tech mechanic, which is to reduce the impact of items in Race by allowing players to recover more swiftly. It doubles as a safety net for poor driving decisions even still.
  • kmp_battleaccel: Multiplies acceleration by 1.5 in Battle gametypes.
    I'll be honest and say I really dislike battle as it is because of how little control you have over your kart. The current physics are built for races, not for arenas where being able to change directions easily and recover swiftly is key to survival. This change adresses that problem by allowing you to easily get away after getting hit and overall turning more easily, making you feel much more in control.
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Latest reviews

This is one of those mods that kart just doesn't function without, and I love how you put your reasoning for each cvar on this page. It does a lot to make the game feel less janky, and even makes Shrink, humanity's first sin, almost bearable.

However there are a few I have some grievances with in practice.

Extended flashtics are long, like really long, and vanilla flashtics practically don't exist. I wish you could set how long the flashtics are directly on a server by server basis.

Growth bump still applies bump force to the grown player, which has gotten me or others killed in several circumstances while in grow and colliding with someone. There is no worse feeling than bumping someone with a power item, and you're the one who dies. Mid-air at least, grow should just either act as a star or at least not apply bump force to the grown player. Maybe even just make them a 20 weight for collisions or something, anything that makes getting pushed into a pit less likely.

I am not sure if this is like a mod conflict or something since I don't even know if it happens consistently, but extended Hyudoro seems to not have offroad immunity at some arbitrary point during the Hyuu. Either there should be an indication to where the offroad immunity ends if this is intentional, or fixed if it isn't.
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Really good addon with just the Bumpspark and Haste tweaks alone, which makes out-speeding SPBs as a heavyweight on spirals possible, and makes acceleration characters more viable, respectively.
In addition, the other tweaks are really good to tap into: Extended Flashtics and Orbital Limit are so ingrained into lots of custom servers that it might as well just be vanilla. Respawn Points is the icing in the cake, even if there's a few edge cages where it leads you into death. Even the Shrink tweaks can make it a lot more tolerable.
Pretty much a must in any server even if you're willing to use one or two of the settings.
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Contains good tweaks to help smooth some of v1's rough edges.
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