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It's Jim!

Jim is now back with new and improved sprites!
(and altered/changed abilities)


Jim's moves are not easy to learn, but they can be very powerful once you master them.

Homing attack

Holding Spin after jumping or double jumping will allow Jim to home in on an enemy!


Wall climb

Jim can wall climb by hugging a wall and pressing Custom1. In non-simple camera modes, Jim will climb up or down depending on your control direction.
(You can only go up in simple mode)
(You will also slide in the direction of the camera in non-simple modes)


Energy Blast

Jim's Energy blast is a chargeable move that can be charged while moving. Beware, once fully charged, Jim is open to attacks, and cannot Spin.
To charge: press Spin + Custom1
To release: Press Jump + Custom1

Special other things

Jim Swims in a different way to the vanilla swim ability.
(infinite jumps)


Jim has a different waiting animation for most levels.

Jim is also compatible with Xmomentum and persona and battle and Rafael.

"We hope you like this addon as much as we did making it!"
Big thanks to the big amount of people on the SRB2 Discord, This probably wouldn't exist without them!
i will just credit the discord usernames of the cool people here:

Rapidgame7 #1949 - helped with lua
Scramblegg #5534 - did a lot of testing
Blasty #6323 - helped with constructive feedback
ARJr #8017 - helped with lua
Matt1custard #1263 - is a big help when with character personalities of characters
Singey Yumbo #3661 - helped with constructive feedback
Conker #7086 - helped with lua
Rafael44642 #2648 - helped with lua and sprite feedback, and helped fix the super sprites.
Felix44 #0073 - helped with lua
Tempest (Krimps) #9930 - helped with lua and sprites
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Latest updates

  1. Jim!!!!!!

    v2.3 fixed multiplayer and netgames actually work with Jim now. (or at least i think so...)
  2. Jim!!!!!!

    v2.2 actually has the tutorial level, and some small fixes.
  3. Jim!!!!!!

    V2.1 fixes some problems with the homing attack, and adds a tutorial level.

Latest reviews

I played with him as a test and got updated a few minutes later, epic character, although you should fix the camera lock when using the homing attack
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A great character with some cool ideas, and who's going to get even better if the progress posted on Discord is any indication. Alas, I have some criticisms...
•The Boost Mode sound doesn't stop when Boost Mode ends.
•It's still possible to perform homing attacks in NiGHTS stages by pressing spin (normally used to brake), which causes problems if there are enemies nearby due to the camera lock. (Thankfully it doesn't mess with the NiGHTS track as far as I know.)
•Some parts of the custom Tutorial text get cut off due to exceeding the character limit, and in my opinion the tutorial should specialize in demonstrating Jim's abilities instead of being a redo of the vanilla one. Look at Meta Knight's or Cacee's tutorials for inspiration in this regard.
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i have a complaint
1: Jims homing attack keeps the camera in 1 place, which is annoying at times
anyways good mod
yeah, i should probably fix that.
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Love the mod, but the Lua should be optimized. Most levels lag like crazy.
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I tried the super form first, it looks like PANCAKE JIM!!!!
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i really love this! i hope you finish N'bob soon! :)
Upvote 0
Pretty good, but it causes a crash when i play as Jim.
Ok, i’ll try fix that.
Thanks for letting me know! :)
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Okay, he's not the most visually interesting, but how in the holy mother of cow is this the most fascinating character I have played in months.
Upvote 3