[Open Assets] HugeQuest Queenie

Massive balance changes for Grow and Invincibility, including a mechanic unique to the InvinciGrow combination: Super Form!

Universal Balance Changes:
- Both Grow and Invincibility now operate on a dynamic timer, decaying faster in larger rooms as you move into better positions. Don't even think about smuggling Grow into 1st place lmao
- Grow/Invincibility activations now start a chain for their respective item where the second activation will extend the timer normally, but further activations will extend by a scaled amount where the resulting timer is 75% of (current timer + item's base duration). The chain will reset once the power state runs out.
- Timers can be extended by either hitting players with items (+1sec), ramming/squishing players (+2sec), and driving over boost pads or Big Blue's recharge strip (+5tics/tic).
- Timers can be shortened by either hitting walls (-1sec), running into littered items/stage hazards (-2sec), or being within range of a powerful explosion (-3sec).
- Base timers have been buffed to accommodate the new timer mechanics: Grow - 15sec, Invincibility - 12.5sec

Visual Changes:
- No more HUD indicators for "Terrain Immune"
- White smoke will appear above your kart when your Power/Super state has 5 seconds remaining. At three seconds, the smoke will turn red, and an alarm will begin to play. Grow players will begin to flash red, and Invincibility players will emit red sparkles. Super players will only have smoke as a visual indicator, but the alarm will still play.

Super Form:
- Triggered when you activate both Invincibility and Grow. The screen will flash, and a special theme will play!
- Base timer is 10sec, and you cannot chain activations, as further use of Grow/Inv will only reset the timer. It is still possible to extend via aggressive driving and boost pads/recharge strips.
- Ramming players on the ground will force them to respawn where they died.

- While Super Form's timer can be shortened like Grow/Inv, it cannot be instakilled by the Kitchen Sink. Attempts to kill a Super player via kitchen sink will redirect the damage to you instead, with the server announcing the fact you just got ratio'd.

- Super Orbis will glow white when thrown, and split orbis will retain the glow if the player is still in Super Form when spawned.
- If Grow's size bonus isn't enough for you, turn on hq_extralarge. Super Mode will further increase your size to 200%! It's off by default - use at your own risk.
- Super Form's animated glow can be configured via clientside command hq_supercolor. By default, it is set to -1, where certain characters have specific glow colors (all which come from SRB2), and other characters simply default to Gold. The following characters have set glow colors by default:
Sonic - Gold (Super Sonic)
Tails - Orange (Super Tails)
Knuckles - Red (Super Knuckles)
Blaze - Purple (Burning Blaze)
Gunvolt/Copen - Aqua (Anthem)
Kiryu - Red (Climax Heat Mode)
Majima - Purple (Heat Mode: Mad Dog of Shimano)
Kuze - Orange (Heat Mode)

Setting hq_supercolor to a value between 0-8 will force a particular glow color, listed below:
0 - Gold
1 - Orange
2 - Red
3 - Purple
4 - Blue
5 - Aqua
6 - Green
7 - White
8 - Copper/Bronze

Grow-specific changes:
- Giant Orbis will now split at a forward angle, allowing for point-blank attacks without destroying your momentum in the process.
- Split Orbis will now bounce during their lifetime, bouncing high enough where players can drive underneath if they're careful. Watch out for halfpipes!

- While offroad immunity is still a toggle, extended spinout from Grow+ items and Eggman karma boxes are now standard to Grow+.
- Grow+ now has a base acceleration bonus of 150%.

Misc Changes:
- Hitfeed support has been added for Super Form kills.
- KartMP support has been added for Super Form kills: If kmp_respawnpoints is enabled, respawning will use those functions instead.
- Hostmod support has been added for Super Forms.
- FunnyDeath support has been added for Super Forms: If FunnyDeath is loaded on a server (enabled or otherwise), Super Form kills will trigger the Tiny-Splosion death (shown above).

Hope you enjoy, and merry Christmas!
Forgot to delete a line in ThinkFrame related to old code; HugeQuest should now work as intended.
Small update; mostly moving the Awards to Kart VS Rating so bundled and standalone versions are no longer necessary. No more nil messages related to awards now!

- Awards have migrated to Kart VS Rating.

- Minor revision to how Grow+ interacts with Hitfeed; squishing players with Grow+ should now consistently display messages.

- hq_orbigift removed; was mostly there for testing purposes and showing people how Grow+ interacts with items, but ultimately unnecessary in the grand scheme of things.

- Grow+ and Invincibility no longer stack in Battle Mode if Battle Plus is loaded - Prevents cheese in game modes like Emerald Thief.
Seems like users have still been getting the nil warning regarding Awards, so that will now be separated from the mod, and going forward, any updates to HugeQuest will be in both bundled and standalone forms. If you aren't using the custom intermission scoreboard, download the standalone version. If you are using the custom scoreboard but either aren't using HugeQuest, or are and also want the Awards, download the Awards script or bundled version respectively. Feel free to ping me with any feedback or suggestions!

Minor change:
- You now flash green during offroad immunity instead of your inverted player color.
A few minor fixes this time around

hq_awards is now off by default - this should eliminate the nagging warning message about attempting to index a nil value. Thank you to everyone who DM'd me about this lmao

If hq_offroad is enabled, players will now flash the opposite color of their current skin color. Additionally, you'll get a written indicator saying Terrain Immune, located right below your item slot. This indicator will also appear during Invincibility and will flash red when you have three seconds of terrain immunity remaining from either power-up.

Grow+ now kills SMK Pipes and Thwomps on contact. Furthermore, Grow+ now ignores friction changes, in line with the other speed items.

Offroad dust no longer drawn during Grow+ terrain immunity, offering visual consistency.
Merry Christmas, everyone! Some fun stuff inbound:
Bold denotes new stuff
Italics denotes changes to existing stuff

- New variable: hq_hugespeed(default: 0.1) - You can now adjust Grow+'s speed boost, and this value is affected by whether hq_offroad is on. If hq_offroad is off, speed boost value is doubled.
- New variable: hq_eggkarma(default On) - Grow+ treats Eggboxes as Karma items/UFOs, giving you better item odds.
- Grow+ players now have a chance at rolling The Sink.
- Awards support! Add several awards for the Honorable Mentions section of a custom Hostmod scoreboard seen in several dedicated servers, written by freeman#7626. New awards are:
Superstar: Hit at least 5 players while invincible
Huge Quest: Flatten at least 5 players while in Grow
Demolitons Expert: Score at least 5 hits with explosives on other players (not yourself)
Jesus Take the Wheel/GBJ: Bump into walls at least 15/50 times in a race
- Added hq_hugespeed to the hq_help table
- Changed speed boost code in Grow+ function to reflect hq_hugespeed value
- Bugfix where getting hit by Invincibility while in Grow+ no longer triggers pain lines
More fixes, and we actually fixed the Grow Music and Invincibility bugs

- Moved GrowplusEndCheck(p) above MusicChange
- Updated Grow Plus check related to when it ends
- Added "last item" vars to our refresh function, fixing the Invincibility bug
- Removed unused variable
- Normalized Grow Plus duration; hq_offroad now has the same duration as Vanilla Grow
- Rewrote audio function re: Grow Plus
- Amended Giant Banana split behavior: splits now blossom from their parent banana, as opposed to simply spawning from preset coordinates
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A few corrections re: MusicChange, along with some restructuring!

- Fixed a bug where Grow music would continue playing after crossing the finish line
- Fixed a bug where DNF'ing while Invincibility is active carried over the remaining duration into the next round, giving the player a head start while also allowing them to wreak havoc on other players
- Scrapped post-race tips in lieu of adding those tips to the Did You Know? section of Hostmod's Neo Scoreboard.
- Fixed a typo when checking if weathermod was loaded
DarkyBenji did the bulk of this update, with a small interop change by me.

- Optimized several functions to reduce resource consumption
- Rewrote MusicChange, fixing a few music issues
- Changed item values from names to numbers, allowing XItemlib interop
- Merged two thinkframes into one in init.lua (Because I somehow didn't realize I accidentally wrote two different thinkframes)
- Added Invincibility/Grow+ check functions for their respective parent function
- Large items under the effects of Weathermod's Comet pattern no longer split endlessly. In fact, Comet's large items don't split at all!
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A soul for a soul

Quantum Jawz have been removed from the code -- While a fun idea at the time, it ultimately does little to contribute to any semblance of balance and makes Jawz more aggravating than necessary. In its place is now an exploit fix for a specific interaction between the Eggman item and SPB. Namely, the exploit where a player could slam their brakes before Eggman detonates to get hit by the SPB, only for the Eggman explosion stun to override SPB stun. This exploit makes SPB less of a threat than intended, and the fix remedies this by stripping the timer if you're hit by an SPB during Egg countdown. If this happens, the player will suffer an extra 50% spinout and 1.5x vertical momentum via SPB, keeping you in the air longer.

Normal SPB spinout: 4s
SPB spinout with active Egg timer: ~6s

This ensures the SPB will remain an adequate threat to the frontrunner and makes Eggman items more dangerous in dense item sets.