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Chaos Drives introduces a new set of mid-race power-ups, which are automatically earned from every item box and dropped by players who take damage (but you can't pick up your own unless you do a full lap). You can collect them over the course of a race, or even multiple races, enjoying improved performance as a result of doing so.

Chaos Drives (Normal Mode)
Run improves your acceleration, enabling you to recover from hits quickly, and lets you deviate from your line to pick up dropped Chaos Drives.
Swim improves your offroad efficiency. At higher levels you can take certain shortcuts with no items, and when using items that'd normally let you ignore offroad, you can even go over the normal maximum speed.
Fly improves your drift charge rate. At higher levels, you can achieve rainbow sparks on several U-turns that would otherwise only give you red sparks.
Power improves your item strength. You lose less speed when dragging stuff, and you gain more stacks of common items.

Chaos Drives (Remix Mode, Perfect Chaos Mode)
Run improves your maximum speed.
Swim improves your acceleration.
Fly improves your handling.
Power improves your weight.

Perfect Chaos Mode is a modification of Remix Mode that grants all players 9 Drives of each type at all times. Consider this something like a 200cc mode.

Console Variables
: controls how Chaos Drives affects gameplay. Options are: Off, Normal, Remix, PerfectChaos.
cd_cuplength: decides how many races occur before Chaos Drives progress is reset.
cd_maxdrives: determines how many drives of each type can be collected. For the best gameplay experience, make this 4 + cd_cuplength, but never more than 9.
cd_minimal: Client only. Allows you to use a smaller, more simplified Chaos Drives HUD.

Console Commands
: Admin/server only. Immediately resets Chaos Drives progress (even mid-race), without waiting for the current Cup to complete.
cd_handicap: Sets a handicap for you. Every point of handicap permanently gives you -1 to all four Chaos Drive types, reducing your acceleration, offroad efficiency, etc. Your current handicap will also be announced to the entire server when a new cup begins. Flex on lesser beings with a -9 handicap.

If Item Rain is loaded, the preset "Sprinkles" will be added, which rains Chaos Drives across the course.
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  1. Bugfix

    Drifting-related code fixed.
  2. Bugfixes

    Added a few extra sanity checks to the chat outputs. Renamed all instances of "target"...
  3. REMIX MODE unlocked!

    Major update. Added a mini-HUD mode (cd_minimal On). Added a hack to support custom item boxes...

Latest reviews

Good stuff!

This is like Juice in a-way where it adds to the gameplay but not too much so that its completely new. I did noticed a bug where people will STILL drop Chaos Drives when hit, even though i toggled cd_active off.

Also, Can you add a CVAR to change the cap for drives? As me and my friends didn't like the mass banana apocalypse when everyone was getting power drives.

Other than that, it was super nice to play with!
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