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Now gone from single character release, to a character pack. Introducing you to the Flesk Chars Pack!
Feel free to get either the full package in one, or get the individual pack if you are just after one.

Newest edition to the pack is, Aru! The Santa Bunny of 100% Orange Juice fame! Check her out!​

Hong Meiling

Hong Meiling from Touhou Project enters SRB2Kart!
Specifically her depiction from the Life of Maid webcomics done by Colonel Aki.


For those who knows the Life of Maid webcomics... will know she's anything, but a safe driver.
As such, she's got a stat spread of [7, 9]. Giving her the worst possible handling to emulate her tendency to go flying off the road, coupled with good speed and weight to really be a menace to anyone near her.

Voices taken from the Touhou M-1 Grand Prix Patchumirin skits by R-Note (formerly YELLOW ZEBRA).


Aru is comin' to Town! ...Well, to SRB2Kart at the very least.
Aru, from 100% Orange Juice has joined SRB2Kart now! Looking to deliver even more presents to good kids and outrace the bad ones on the racetrack.

In the style of her relatively passive playstyle with high evasion, she's sporting a stat line of [3, 2]. Making her good at building up lost speed, at the expense of being pushed around by the stronger foes.
Please don't roll a 6...

Voices are her own voice clips taken from 100% Orange Juice.
Thank you, and enjoy!

Again, Hong Meiling's design heavily based on Colonel Aki's Life of Maid webcomics.

To-do list:
Make a fancy enough preview image showcasing all the available characters and maybe even hints towards future characters.​
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  1. Now it's a Character Pack! Aru is comin' to town!

    With a new character coming along, it's time to introduce everyone to the Flesk Chars Pack...
  2. Update 1.1 - Hotfixes!

    - Changed the gfx_prefix as it was causing some issues. (Whoops.) - Changed the sprite and voice...

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