With a new character coming along, it's time to introduce everyone to the Flesk Chars Pack! ...Creative name, I'm sure.

Anyways, included in this pack is now not only the previously released Hong Meiling, but now Aru, the bunny girl Santa of 100% Orange Juice fame.

Now that Christmas is approaching, and Year of the Rabbit is in the month afterwards... There's no better opportunity for Aru to give it her all on the racetracks to deliver even more presents! ...Somehow.


Additionally, Hong Meiling has been updated to Version 1.2.
-Filled in the transparent parts of her Select icon to stay accurate to everyone else.​
- Changed the gfx_prefix as it was causing some issues. (Whoops.)
- Changed the sprite and voice names to fix some conflicts as well.
- Special thanks to X.organic for pointing out the errors and assisting with fixing them.
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