First Person Sniper

First Person Sniper v1.4

his corks are fired too high, making it awkward to aim
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knee deep in the ring
in the shores of greenflower
thy chili dogs consumed
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It is what's on the tin and it works perfectly
No more having to stop to shoot either.
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this is how fang should be in the base game
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I really like this, but there is room for improvement.

First, some extra hand sprites could be nice. Instead of nothing happening or the gun straight up disappearing in some cases, it would be nice to have custom hand sprites for reloading, being hurt, beating a level/boss, etc. Also, a bit more polish could be used - for example, there isn't a water filter for the hand underwater. Additionally, maybe a setting for aim assist could be added for poor aimers or people using a controller. Overall, this is a useful addon I use every time I play SRB2, but it needs a bit more work.
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i made new gun :3 and btw that mod is peak!!
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oh my god this is so much fun??? thank you for making my favorite character extremely fun to play with, will definitely play with this until 2.2.14 fixes him
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After the update I played up through Arid Canyon 1 in an ADHD fugue state, this is definitely my favorite popgun rework.

The new hitbox changes and ability to jump and shoot make up for the lack of auto-aim in third person about 90% of the time you'd even be trying to take the shot in third person, and the other 10% of the time, switching to first person and adjusting the aim has a "quick draw" feel that matches Fang's cowboy aesthetic.

Plus the ability to snipe and to focus in for boss fights and successfully take shots there's no way the auto-aim was going to hit is obviously also great. Getting rings for shooting badniks is a nice incentive to shoot things, and while the ammo system can be a touch annoying at times, it's honestly a much less flow breaking downside than coming to a near halt whenever you shoot, and even adds some nice tension at times.

If you're not currently using a mod that changes Fang's popgun and you think he kind of sucks, grab this. Even if you are, maybe, depending on compatibility. This plus Clairebun's original momentum mod for the tail bounce has made Fang feel fun and useful for more than just cheesing boss fights in a world where Tails can fly and mod characters exist.
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