First Person Sniper

First Person Sniper v1.4

  • Added boost meter
    • Disabled by default, can be enabled with the console variable fangfragboost
    • When enabled, decreases the player's base top speed and acceleration, but gives a small boost to both each time the player hits an enemy, up to a limit that can be configured with the console variable fangfraglimit
      • Note that this only changes how many frags are needed to get the maximum boost; the minimum and maximum speeds are fixed
    • Designed to give more of a reason to fight enemies - I recommend trying it at least once if you like the mod as it is!
  • Bullets now come out closer to the player's crosshair
  • Netgame desyncs should no longer occur, hopefully
  • Several sounds have been changed to play directly to the player rather than emitting from them
  • All console variables now print messages when modified
  • Changing fangclipsize now instantly fills Fang's clip
    • As a result, players can no longer decrease the clip size to have more ammo loaded than should be possible
  • Removed the console variable fangexpandhitboxes
  • Updated Fang's character select entry
  • You can now shoot Metal Sonic in Black Core Zone Act 1... not that it'll slow him down at all
  • Cool!
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  • Created 5 (3? 4? it's kinda weird) new hand sprites and used them to make a myriad of new animations
    • Now, when reloading, Fang actually puts a cork into his gun instead of just bringing it down where he thinks you can't see it
    • Bouncing has a more distinct animation so you can tell whether or not you're doing it before you hit the ground
    • No more disappearing hands - there are now bespoke animations for getting hurt, clearing a level, and just about everything else that makes Fang unable to shoot or would otherwise just look awkward
      • Well, mostly no disappearing hands - they'll still go below the screen when spinning or riding a minecart
  • Hand now changes color when in water or goop
  • Fang can no longer fire while sliding in DSZ, which he wasn't supposed to before but still could due to what I can only assume is SRB2 spaghetti code
  • Variables now always properly initialize when spawning
  • Removed old hand sprites
  • Enemies no longer give rings when shot in Ultimate Mode
  • Probably at least one minor thing I forgot to mention
  • Added new hand sprites, courtesy of @Dry_Ny (who made them unprompted - once again, thank you very much!)
  • Added hand positioning effects
    • Hand sways from side to side while walking
    • Hand drifts up and down while in the air according to vertical momentum
    • Hand lowers while tail bouncing
    • Yes, I'm aware this means I'll have to replace the GIFs in the post. No, I'm not doing this immediately. If you want to (and you're better with this mod than I am), you can make some yourself and send them to me. Just don't expect yours to automatically get in. Otherwise, I'll get to them eventually.
  • Added new console variable: fangoldhand
    • Reverts the hand sprites back to the ones from before v1.2, and removes the new hand positioning effects (the reload duck-down still happens)
  • Boss Fang's corks no longer stay in place when shot
    • This comes at the cost of player Fang's corks now moving a fracunit forward before correcting to the right direction, but that shouldn't cause many issues if any
I've gotten reports of a client desync bug. I have no good way of bugtesting netgames at the moment, so I can't do any testing in that regard, much less fixing, but beware if you plan to use this on a netgame.
  • Due to popular demand (which I still don't personally understand but oh well), you can still go into third person, and first person is only forced when first spawning in
    • As a result of this, 2D sections are now playable (or at least to the same extent as vanilla)
    • I do not intend to add auto-aim back for third person mode, since I removed all the code that allowed for that in the mod I based this on and it would be too much effort to put it back for something I think would break the core concept of the mod
  • Added more console variables
    • fangfireinput: changes whether shift is rebound to fire, fire normal, one of the custom actions, or nothing at all
    • fangexpandhitboxes: toggles the hitbox fix
  • Enemy height and radius are effectively expanded for the purposes of being hit with corks, making the hitboxes more in-line with the sprites and the process of aiming less frustrating
  • When firing at oblique angles, corks no longer move a notable distance in the wrong direction before their velocity is corrected
  • Ammo count and first person hand now snap to the edges properly and don't break at resolutions that aren't the one I personally use
  • Ammo count now shows up properly when in third person
  • When playing splitscreen with two Fangs, the second player's hand now appears where it should
  • Ammo no longer carries between levels or lives (was the levels part in v1? I don't remember)
  • Player will no longer be erroneously given an ammo refill when shooting enemies that are in pain