FaDChars - Frank & Dummie

FaDChars - Frank & Dummie V1.6.2

Just some more fixes, turns out Frank had some glaring issues regarding his ability for Battlemod that led to too many resynchs, among other things that went underneath my nose.
  • Fixed tilting being broken when in NiGHTS stages as Frank
  • Fixed boat music stuttering for Dummie (RushChars)
Battlemod Related
  • Fixed being able to be stuck in a spinning state while using Frank's battle ability
  • Refined checks for Frank in CTF due to severe resyncs
  • Altered stats for Frank regarding certain Battlemod attacks
  • Added proper text to show up when Frank's skateboard or Dummie's debris hits someone
  • Allowed Frank to attack other people after bouncing, both during a pose and after
  • Switched Frank's Armageddon shield ability to use Battlemod's version
  • Decreased Frank's cooldown by a smidgen
Yeaaah, that's on me for saying that bugs wouldn't show up last update. Sorry for the issues!!!
But thank you to those who managed to find these bugs, I appreciate it!
  • Fixed Frank not being able to ground bounce properly due to a faulty floor check that went unnoticed
  • Fixed Frank not bouncing if managing to perform a jump on the same frame you land after bouncing
  • Fixed Frank still being able to bounce after getting parried in battlemod
  • Fixed Dummie being able to keep the backflip trail in battlemod if he manages to stay on the ground through teleporting or other means
  • Fixed Dummie hurting enemies from all sides after bouncing on the ground after using his battlemod ability
  • Altered Frank & Dummie Duo pose effect a smidgen
  • Fixed Dummie's taunt being spammed when in a different state than the dance animation
  • Adjusted sprite offsets
  • Disabled abilities when Dummie has a CTF flag, forgot to do that to him as well ig
  • Reverted Dummie to use vanilla shield abilities due to problems regarding the air dash and using tossflag to activate the shield abilities
  • A handful of rocks now spawn around Dummie when landing on the ground after using his battlemod ability. This was done due to consideration that basically almost all battlemod attacks feature some use of an MF_MISSILE object.
  • Fixed projectiles not changing to the proper color when Frank reflects it in battlemod
  • Attempting to super jump while carrying the flag as Dummie will instead slide you forward and allows you to reach slightly past Sonic's jump height.
(Honestly not sure why I haven't been using the list feature in the first place until now)
Hi! If you saw the recent SRB2 Direct, here it is! V1.6, fresh out of the oven. Hope you're ready for a big changelog, cause here we go!

- Enhanced Frank's squash-and-stretchiness
- Tweaked flying animation, along with tilting added
- Added banana dance to Frank
- 100% confident that Frank flying on the floor is no more, swear to god if that bug shows up again I'm gonna lose it
- Disabled custom Rushchars Surfboard music when in Sol form due to constant stuttering
- Fixed not being able to dive in goop properly as Frank
- Frank using the Armageddon shield now flings him more upward instead of only activating the shield, but also slows you down when used.
- Disabled Frank's abilities when holding a CTF flag. Finally, balance.
- Fixed Frank being able to instantly spin, spindash, or jump just before you land for a bounce.
- Fixed Frank not rolling under a spin-sized hole when diving and pushing against the wall above said hole.

- Gave Dummie poses after he lands on top of an enemy for some fun flair
- Fixed stray pixels on Dummie's fireworks
- Dummie now properly plays Mariomode jumping sounds
- Fixed Dummie not being able to properly jump out of using the S3K fire shield ability
- Fixed Dummie's height not resetting after crouching into a horizontal spring
- Added more control when using Dummie's Armageddon ability
- Dummie using the S3K water shield will now send him up much higher, and won't keep him rolling now.
- Dummie using the elemental shield will now thrust him forward rolling instead of bouncing back up. The bigger ring of fire will now work underwater.
- Both of these shields will launch you down faster
- Fixed Dummie's elemental fire hurting others in co-op
- Added a 3 second cooldown to Dummie's ring of fire from the elemental shield to avoid spamming issues
- Fixed not being able to use any of Dummie's abilities after diving into a spring-related object as Frank

- SRB2P related

- Completely redid Dummie for SRB2P. Forgot to give him a cleanup too, whoops.
- new moveset consisting of Strike, Pierce, Fire, Bless, and a hint of Curse for fun
- new strike attack for Dummie that will destroy your keyboard >:)
- May or may not have also redone Frank's moveset as well, considering it was actually kind of lacking more than it should
- changed Frank's stats to actually be all-rounded, and tweaked his moveset just a bit more for some extra variation
- Taunting notice for SRB2P plays a different sound and appears a bit after the map loads
- BattleMod related
- New abilities that don't feel too basic now!
Frank's ability is now the SkateNado. It has a bit of a windup, but once ready, Frank will grab a skateboard and spin it around him like crazy, letting him hover, attack, and reflect projectiles all at the same time. Once he's ready, Frank will throw the skateboard depending on where you look, which will bounce around for a bit before disappearing. However, he's completely open on the windup and after tossing the skateboard, so be careful!
For Dummie, his abilities are now the Feint Jump and Feint Jump Dive. As Dummie backflips away from danger, he's invulnerable to any attacks, and ignores collision from others. Pressing the attack button again will cause Dummie to dive down to the ground. Landing a hit will manage to send Dummie high into the air.
- Added Ringslinger Neo support
- Frank: Grenade and Skateboard [Max: 30]
- The skateboard is the same thing as the one thrown in the BattleMod ability, lol lmao
- Dummie: Automatic and Accel [Max: 40]
- Fixed issue where managing to play walking or run animations while dancing did not stop the dance
- Increased chance for rarest death effect to occur
- Gave Dummie a cookie for good boy behavior
- Removed frankdancesfx command, literally NOBODY needed it lmfao
- Removed super and hyper midi
- New Duo CSS art because I hated how the other one looked

..Let's hope I don't run into any other bugs after this, lol. But let's also hope you enjoy! Expect the overview to update later.
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Guess some more bugs snuck by. Whoops.
- Fixed waterfalls preventing you from flying as Frank
- Fixed boats allowing you to "kind of" perform your jump ability
- Fixed being able to dance while on the boat/surfboard
- Fixed Frank not being able to break spikes while in Sol form
- Fixed srb2p VFX issues that weren't ever noticed for a good year or so
- Fixed Frank's flying animation not changing when landing on the ground a certain way

Oh yeah, and if you didn't get the hint from before, FaDChars works with RushChars now, both boat and sol form compatible.
With the Sol Emeralds, Frank will harness the wind element! Both the ground bounce and propeller burst will push enemies (and players!) away from you. Perfect for troll moments.

As for Dummie, he harnesses the water element! Similar to Marine, he can help players out in space or underwater by air dashing to spawn a boatload of bubbles for others to catch their breath.
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Just fixing some stuff related to SRB2P along with a few minor SRB2 related bugs, including some cleaned up code to make my life easier when I need to go back and fix something.

- Tweaked SRB2P stats and custom attacks
- Fixed lingering note when an enemy is grooving
- Added a few extra weapons for srb2p (shoes & gloves)
- Changed Dummie's super transformation animation


sorRy if this seems oUt of nowhere to do. Still, Hope you guys Can Have A gReat day! Swagginf
(do you get the hint yet or no)
Both a moderate and minor update at the same time, since this is mostly bugfixes and slight changes.

- Fixed issues with FaDChars not being able to use their custom shield abilities or parry correctly in BattleMode
- Fixed Frank's BattleMode ability not fixing itself when stuck in goop
- Fixed fake flying when swapping between Frank and Dummie after bouncing AFTER doing a flight burst
- Fixed not being able to swap if you push the button JUST as you land when diving as frank
- Fixed super music not playing if somehow a different custom super song was playing via other mods
- Fixed the bot freaking out when spindashing and jumping
- Setting a dance using the command will make the bot use whatever you set it to
- a few more bugfixes
- added another pose to Frank's bounce because why not lmao
- Tweaked Frank's signpost, but completely changed Dummie's. Finally doesn't look weird!!!!
- Dummie's airdash aim recticle points downward if you have an elemental shield or bubble shield
SRB2P Related:
- Reworked their movesets here and there
- Fixed super colors not working properly
- Lowered chance for grooving to occur
- Frank and Dummie now have a super attack!!
- re-added the ability to dance!
- since tossflag doesnt exist here, the default button will move to custom 3 for srb2p.
- some songs got re-mapped to use different songs since srb2p is STINKY and removed the vanilla songs >:(

Seems like a bug managed to jump right out at me that went unnoticed regarding Dummie's elemental shield ability effect, which made him basically unplayable until you got another elemental shield. Hopefully that should be all patched up, sorry about that!
Hey, good to see you guys again. I've been working on this update for a while, and i'm hoping this'll be the last one for a good while. (at least until something else comes out that needs support, or a big bug is found..)

  • New Dummie ability: Super Jump / Crouch
  • New Dummie ability: Airdash
  • Removed Dummie's airborn recurl
  • Dummie can finally activate DSZ's spindash panels just by stepping on them
  • New shield abilities for Dummie since he has a new move that replaces the recurl lmao
  • Frank can now bounce after doing a flight burst. Do note he can't start flying after a bounce, though.
  • Frank can do some more swaggy poses after bouncing!
  • Frank's flight burst can now be controlled more when you let go of jump while ascending.
  • Increased flight burst's height
  • Increased Frank's falling speed when holding spin while hovering.
  • No more switching to fall sprites! You can now use Frank and Dummie's abilities consecutively when playing as the both of them.
  • A little note shows up when you taunt for extra flair :)
  • s q u a s h
  • better hurt sprites for Dummie
  • fixed some music not playing right under certain circumstances
  • fixed an issue with Frank's Propeller Burst where he could jump just as he touches the ground while hovering
  • super music does not try to constantly play anymore, causing audio errors
  • cleaned up using a BOATLOAD of spr2 freeslots being made
  • something funny happens when you use a certain dance together :)
  • custom super colors for both Frank and Dummie
  • made rare death sounds more rare
  • re-added Frank using his fall sprites when stepping off a ledge, as there doesn't seem to be any issues with it anymore.
  • SRB2P tweaks, and a new move they both share (Dance Off) (HUGE thank you to Zoraxua Dragon for helping out!)
  • added cosmetic offsets for Krab's cosmetic mod

If you need more of an explanation on something, try taking a look back at the overview, I did a whole lot of cleanup in it.

I really hope you guys enjoy this version. And happy New Years, too.
Been planning to release this for a while, and i'm pretty sure this update is ready!
The Huge Ass Changelog
  • Replaced Frank's Flight Burst with the Propel Burst (explained more in the Overview, check it out!)
  • Entirely new and kind-of-original battle abilities! (also explained more in the Overview)
  • Edited other CSS related things (colors, text, and Frank's CSS art)
  • You can carry people underwater now with Frank :)
  • Fixed certain things being wonky when gravity's flipped
  • Removed PSO2 Symbol Art (i'll re-add 'em if they ever get fixed for future srb2 versions lol)
  • Reduced file size
  • Shrunk Dummie's continue sprite
  • Added something secret that has a 1/1000 chance on happening (good luck)
  • You can now toggle which button to push to dance with the command "faddancing." You can also be un-funky and just turn it off too >:(
  • Added another secret dance/taunt
  • Swapped the Club Penguin's song to "Dance Club" to fit the vibe more (and to save space lmao)
  • Removed a secret dance's song
  • probably some more bugfixes i forgot about lol

Here's a silly trailer that was made for the 2nd SRB2 Direct! (dont remind me that the framerate tanked :dramahog:)
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Got a whole new batch of bug fixes and tweaks.

  • Fixed issue with Dirk's grind sprites
  • Fixed Frank's flying animation still playing when bursting through a semi-solid floor
  • Fixed Dummie bouncing upward when using the elemental shield's ability
  • Removed falling animation from playing when walking or standing in the air for Frank, as it caused animation errors with other mods sometimes (not the skate trick though, thats a keeper :D)
  • Tweaked Frank's death pit scream
  • Dummie can no longer grab air bubbles, since he already can't drown (dunno why I never added that first lol)
  • Added hug reactions


Thanks again for botherin' to check out this silly mod.