Been planning to release this for a while, and i'm pretty sure this update is ready!
The Huge Ass Changelog
  • Replaced Frank's Flight Burst with the Propel Burst (explained more in the Overview, check it out!)
  • Entirely new and kind-of-original battle abilities! (also explained more in the Overview)
  • Edited other CSS related things (colors, text, and Frank's CSS art)
  • You can carry people underwater now with Frank :)
  • Fixed certain things being wonky when gravity's flipped
  • Removed PSO2 Symbol Art (i'll re-add 'em if they ever get fixed for future srb2 versions lol)
  • Reduced file size
  • Shrunk Dummie's continue sprite
  • Added something secret that has a 1/1000 chance on happening (good luck)
  • You can now toggle which button to push to dance with the command "faddancing." You can also be un-funky and just turn it off too >:(
  • Added another secret dance/taunt
  • Swapped the Club Penguin's song to "Dance Club" to fit the vibe more (and to save space lmao)
  • Removed a secret dance's song
  • probably some more bugfixes i forgot about lol

Here's a silly trailer that was made for the 2nd SRB2 Direct! (dont remind me that the framerate tanked :dramahog:)
  • Cool!
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Got a whole new batch of bug fixes and tweaks.

  • Fixed issue with Dirk's grind sprites
  • Fixed Frank's flying animation still playing when bursting through a semi-solid floor
  • Fixed Dummie bouncing upward when using the elemental shield's ability
  • Removed falling animation from playing when walking or standing in the air for Frank, as it caused animation errors with other mods sometimes (not the skate trick though, thats a keeper :D)
  • Tweaked Frank's death pit scream
  • Dummie can no longer grab air bubbles, since he already can't drown (dunno why I never added that first lol)
  • Added hug reactions


Thanks again for botherin' to check out this silly mod.
Let's get to the point.
  • Fixed an animation error when rolling and flying as Frank underwater
  • Fixed issue with chaos + battle
  • tweaked some minor stuff regarding some sprites
  • Cool!
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every time i upload something to the mb there's always a random bug that shows up just after

- fixed super music not working for whatever reason