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A second version of Elimination, based upon Amperbee's original Elimination mod ( A huge thanks to Amperbee for their original work and allowing me to work on, tinker with, and re-release this addon in the state it is in. This literally would not exist without Elimination R1.


spectator simulator
drive slow and die simulator


Elimination is a fast-paced game mode that challenges your ability to recover, defend yourself, and stay ahead despite all odds. After a warm-up period, a timer begins sequentially eliminating each player in last place until one remains. Stay alive as long as you can!


sorry, there's a lot more
  • elimination <On/Off> -Toggles the entirety of elimination on or off. Takes effect next map load (default: on).​
  • elim_minplayers <Natural> - Determines the minimum amount of players that must be in the game on map load for an elimination round to run (default: 0).​
  • elim_starttime <Natural> - Specifies the amount of time after the start of the race before the timer begins eliminating players (default: 60 seconds).​
  • elim_time <Natural> - Specifies the amount of time between eliminations when running on a static timer (scaling not enabled) (default: 15 seconds).​

  • elim_timescaling <On/Off> - Specifies if elim_time should scale up or down based upon the number of players playing after the starting timer runs out (default: off).
  • elim_scalingmintime <Natural> - Specifies the lowest possible value for time between eliminations when scaling is enabled (when you are at or above elim_scalingmaxplayers, this is the time between eliminations) (default: 7 seconds).​
  • elim_scalingmaxtime <Natural> - Specifies the maximum possible value for time between eliminations when scaling is enabled (when you are at or below elim_scalingminplayers, this is the time between eliminations) (default: 25 seconds).​
  • elim_scalingminplayers <1-200> - Specifies the minimum number of players present before elimination time will start scaling (becoming shorter until it hits elim_scalingmaxplayers) (default: 2 players).​
  • elim_scalingmaxplayers <1-200> - Specifies the maximum number of players present before elimination time will stop scaling (once at this level of players, elimination time is elim_scalingmintime, if the number of players goes below this elimination time starts becoming longer) (default: 12 players).​

  • elim_overtime <Natural> - The number of seconds that overtime is allowed to last if a player in last place cannot be clearly determined. If overtime expires, the person(s) currently in last place are instantly eliminated regardless (default: 6 seconds).​
  • elim_safetynet <Natural> - The number of game tics a player must be in last place before they can be eliminated by the timer normally. If the player in last place hasn't been in last place this long and the elimination timer runs, the game enters overtime until they are in last place this long or overtime runs out. The safety net recovers while out of last place at the same rate it decays while in last place (default: 105 tics [3 seconds]).​

  • elim_spbgone <Natural> - The number of players remaining alive in game at which point the SPB item can no longer be rolled from item boxes. At or below this number of players left in a match, the SPB will be disabled from rolling during an item roulette. This helps prevent a player trying to roll a much-needed catch-up item during the last few players from rolling an SPB instead, consigning them to the void. At 0, this functionality is effectively disabled (default: 0 [disabled]).
  • elim_lightninggone <On/Off> - If enabled, whenever the SPB is prevented from rolling using elim_spbgone, lightning shields will also stop appearing. This helps prevent a frontrunner from effortlessly taking care of the SPB as well as stop last-player duels from ending in a lightning shield mash (default: off).​
  • elim_spbdefault <On/Off> - If enabled, the game will try to set the SPB to available to roll whenever elimination is not running. If you don't want to play with the SPB on your server, set this to "Off" to prevent elimination from adjusting the SPB Cvar (default: on).​

  • elim_announcements <On/Off> - Clients can use this to prevent witty kill messages from appearing in the top center of the screen whenever the timer eliminates someone (default: on).

  • Over 300 abrasive epic memes for when someone dies to the timer.
  • Elimination will set the laps on the track to 50 when it is enabled at the start of the round. For the most part, it should take care of itself and not step on the toes of other game modes while also respecting replays. If elimination is disabled, laps should go back to map default.​
  • Non-looping tracks (sprint tracks) are not supported. The match will immediately exitlevel if a sprint track is loaded with elimination enabled.​
  • Elimination does not function very well in battle and is not designed with battle in mind. Don't say I didn't warn you.​
  • Elimination prevents players from joining mid-race except for the first 20 or so seconds.​
  • The scoreboard will format how long you lasted and the overall placement you came in i nthe following: xx'yy"zz. XX is the position you finished in, YY is the minutes you survived, and ZZ is the approximate seconds you survived. This will ensure you are ordered correctly as to the order you survived when the match is finished.​
  • Players spectating or being removed from the match by methods other than the timer will add 75% of the elimination time to the timer, instead of the full time. This will cap out at 1.5x the elimination timer if a large number of players are removed from the match due to spectating or other means.​
  • Map checkpoints will play havoc with elimination. This has mostly been mitigated with the overtime mechanic, but maps with severe checkpoint issues that can cause significant differences in placement may unfairly eliminate someone. There's unfortunately not a lot I can do about it.​

Supporters / Co-Authors:
  • Amperbee - Original Elimination script that this script is based off of. Another round of thanks.
  • MasterFerro - Cleaned up some text sprites and added a few missing characters. Thank you.
  • Galactice/NVJR - Has hosted Elimination for many months now and allowed its continued development. Many miscellaneous members from NVJR and Kart in general have provided ideas and suggestions for elimination quotes, and there are far too many to name even if I could (there are literally almost 334 elimination quotes at time of writing). Thank you.
  • Everyone who has constantly tested and provided feedback for this by playing on NVJR Elimination.
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This mod outright encourages you to play to kill, instead of playing to frontrun. That is actively the most enjoyable way to play kart, so I am very happy that there is a gamemode that allows that playstyle to win.
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I'm so glad this mod has a rerelease now, Elimination is a really great time to those who like being put to the test with a ticking timer and other racers providing the pressure as well, I had a blast with it along with a few friends it's been a long time since the original version was modified in NVJR for usage, with Amperbee's permission of course, along with the course of almost a year with a good amount of care put into the mod, it'll bring a bunch of fun to those raring to race to survive.
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Race to survive is a key to winning.
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Welcome to releases!
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