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[Reusable] Custom Character Utilities 0.1

By apparent demand for one, this is a very small wad containing some console commands hooked to lua functions which can be used to quickly test the goalpost art, sounds, and pain states of custom kart characters instead of having to make those situations occur naturally (i.e doing an entire time trial just to find out your goal post art is off-center).

cu_playhitemsound - Makes your character play their hitconfirm sound.
cu_playwinsound - Makes your character play their victory sound (top half in a race).
cu_playlosssound - Makes your character play their loss sound (bottom half in a race).
cu_playovertakesound - Makes your character play their overtake sound, used when passing another racer.

cu_hurtme - Spins out your character.
cu_crushme - Crushes your character.
cu_spawngoalpost - Spawns a goalpost set to your character's goal post graphic about 400 F/U above you, which will fall down and render your character's goal art. Be aware the post can sometimes get stuck on low ceilings above you if used in narrow areas. (Also plays your victory sound when used).

(Fennec pictured here is from Z-Chars 1.9, you should go check it out)
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Quite useful for testing custom racers!!
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This helps a lot if you are not sure if a sound is loud enough or too quiet and/or its one you can't really get while doing freeplay such as slow, lose, and hitconfirm. Not only that, it can also drop signposts and squish your character. A great tool for testing certain parts of your racer that that can be a bit inconvenient otherwise!
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You have NO IDEA how long I have needed this.
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Very handy! Wish I had this a lot sooner...
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