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DrayMom - I accidentally made a momentum mod - A simple acceleration curve tweak

In the course of creating a completely unrelated project, I ended up needing to deconstruct vanilla SRB2's acceleration curve. It's actually a little backwards, with your acceleration being increased by your current speed, before slamming to a halt when you hit your max. It gives the game a responsive, snappy feel that while good for precision platforming, isn't exactly what people think of as Soniccy.

I used a bit of algebra to flip that curve around, so that your acceleration decreases at...

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Larz T

Welcome to releases! I really like the movement you can get with rolling! I'm going to have to do a fully playthrough of the main campaign with this.
I'm not sure if the top speed multiplier is applied correctly. 325 speed certainly seems like more than 2.5 times the maximum. I tried tinkering with the values and it doesn't change.


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