New race maps:
- Flying Machine -
High above the land flies Propeller Knight's luxury airship, the Flying Machine, from where he rules the skies. Watch the winds as you glide across this floaty 2-lapper. This is the first of the new Shield Cup, which will contain another 5 Shovel Knight-inspired tracks!

- Stranded Ship -
Hidden within this frozen landscape is a large wooden ship, trapped with no way out. This is where Polar Knight and his crew make their home. Navigate treacherously tight turns and slippery ice in this tough 2-lapper.

- Lava Reef Zone -
First in the "diggle does sonic stuff" series, it's Lava Reef Zone! This one features a custom remix made by cotomili. Thank you so much!

- Removal of ports -
DKR Jungle Falls, DKR Frosty Village, DKR Tricky's Course and CTGP Mushroom Peaks have been removed from Dig Pack and will be reintroduced in a separate pack.

- Pridemoor Keep -
Excess sneaker panels have been removed at the end of this track to make the whole thing feel a bit more fair.
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Because there's always SOMETHING conflicting with SOMETHING else.

- Lost City -
Fixed the sky conflicting with another mystery sky texture. Hopefully it doesn't conflict with something else now. Also fixed a minor texture issue.

- DKR Frosty Village -
It is now snowing in Frosty Village.
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New race maps:
- Lost City -
Home to Mole Knight, the Order of No Quarter's excavator. No knight with a measly shovel could ever stand up to him! And now he's inviting you into his home, the Lost City, an ancient ruin hidden within a volcano. This is my first sprint map!

- DKR Frosty Village -
Another addition to the DKR cup, this time it's a port of the old favorite, Frosty Village. Winter is approaching and you can't start prepping early enough, so get in the christmassy mood with this festive little 5-lapper.

New battle maps:
- Barrier Lab -
Experimental barrier technology is being tested in this facility, located uhh... somewhere in space, I suppose. Watch out for the barriers getting in the way of that sweet invincibility kill you were going for!

- Lich Yard -
Almost all decorative objects (trees, graves, etc.) have been replaced with midtextures.

- Funny Avenue -
Was randomly crashing servers and has thus, sadly, been deleted. Who knows, maybe it'll return some day, if I can find out what's wrong.
Because it really wouldn't be a Dig Pack update if I didn't have to fix some major issue within a week.

- General -
Fixed a major conflict that messed with sprites from another map pack.

- Burning Bone Zone -
It should now be impossible to linedef ride the shortcut ramp.

- Plains of Passage -
No more REDWALL. Even if it wasn't obvious, there was indeed a texture missing.
New race maps:
- DKR Jungle Falls -
A port of the map with the same name from Diddy Kong Racing. Even includes the dinosaur skeleton! (Don't ask me how long it took to make that...)
- Funny Avenue -
This hell map was made in 4 hours during a map jam as a challenge! Thanks to Eldog for hosting this fun event.

New battle map:
- The Skeld -
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Changes to older maps:
- Pridemoor Keep, Lich Yard -
Some changes were made to improve balance, better compatibility with speed mods, and (hopefully) prevent breakage.
- Burning Bone -
Some textures were replaced with new ones to hopefully improve readability in the final area of the map.
- Wandering Falls -
Updated with brand new sky textures made by the wonderful Fayt, and updated with the amazing Juggy's new paraglider version! Some changes were also made to improve readability and gameplay, mostly around the glider area.
- DKR Tricky's Course -
This map used to be called DKR Boss Race, but since I saw some interest on the discord from other people that might want to remake other boss tracks, the track has been renamed to DKR Tricky's Course. Also, the finish should be fixed... hopefully there will be no more lost 1st places!
Wandering Falls
-Made the shortcut ramp easier to take.
-Trees next to the final ramp are no longer bouncy.
-Every season now has different music to go with it.
-Toad now guards the secret.
-Minor fix for DKR Boss Race's secret
-New staff ghosts
Dig Pack, version 5
-New map! Wandering Falls is a pleasant mountain drive that changes season every time it's loaded up.
-Battle maps! Dig Pack now includes two battle maps: Temple Tussle Zone and Nuclear Sewers.
-New hell map?! Don't fall off the edge on this one!
-Some minor quality of life changes to Lich Yard and Plains of Passage.