- D00DPAK64 -

I like to map, but I also need to test. As a result, before the maps (possibly) get added to the main game, check out some of the maps I make for SRB2 Kart, right now! Not only are they (probably) cool, but you get to help (some part of) the game improve to boot! Right now, the pack has 2 maps included, which may not sound like much, but they're pretty great (I hope)!

- B A N A N A S M M M M -

Finally, after all these years, it's the SRB2 Kart X Sonic Dumbventure crossover map you've been waiting for?! Maybe!?!? I got the go-ahead to put up this map for the public, so here it is, just for you. It's got Kongs, its got BANANAS, it's got flying pigs, what more do you really need?

- Galf Legacy -

Ah, Galf, The Sport of Kings. Truly, no game series is as great as the Galf franchise. But perhaps if I put a Simulation Galf map in our kart racer, we can get just a taste of Galf's greatness to grace the far less dignified sport of kart racing. With state of the art high definition graphics, and stunning high fidelity audio clips, this is truly the map most likely to make you think "I'd rather be GALFIN'!"

First Public Release.
-p1 (PK3)
Record attack compatable. PK3 format.
The shortcut jump was made harder to take, other minor texture fixes.
Filename changed to kr_MMMM to reduce bytes for servers. Also switched to "v" instead of "p" just to be consistent with other addons. Adjusted the 90 degree angle turn to be easier to see, and given more wiggle room. Arrows added in spots where it was difficult to gauge where to go due to changes in elevation. A few other minor texture fixes, such as missing textures or unpegged middle textures.
-v2 (Dpak)
Now it's a level pack! Okay, its only two maps, but that's plural! Filename changed to kr_Dpak to keep the name short. The new map is Galf Legacy, a map based on the greatest galf simulation series of all time! I've yet to test this in a proper netgame, so be aware there may be checkpoint issues. Please tell me if you find them! Tee up!
In the spirit of galf simulation, the water is no longer water, but instead a simulation of what many believed bodies of water to be like in the early 90s; a death pit that's wet. No more water skipping. What do you think this is? Golf? Minor adjustments were also made, but perhaps if you investigate...
Fixed the screwy finishing on Galf Legacy, hopefully these checkpoints are actually FIXED now, clearing up that problem. Terrain was also slightly adjusted, and there are more guide arrows around a set of turns midway.
Adjusted jumps on B A N A N A S, so hopefully you wont explode off into your death off of ramps when using boosting items. Closed a gap on a shortcut so you dont just fall inbetween. A wall on Galf Legacy was raised a bit, and some red springs were changed to yellow to make one of the turns easier.
GALF.NET installed on Galf Legacy. Now there are nets on parts of the map. They help with guidance, saftey, and spikeball rebound shots. Checkpoints are hopefully improved after redoing them. The final portion of B A N A N A S has also been adjusted, as well as signs placed to make the split easier to see and react to for first time players.
I swear, B A N A N A S checkpoint problem better be fixed now. I also made it impossible to do this one exploit that was pointed out to me. If you didn't know about it... good.
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