D00DHORNS - a script that makes additional D00D noise

[Reusable] D00DHORNS - a script that makes additional D00D noise

An addon for the addon, HORNMOD, this will add even more horns to be annoyed by! Mostly CDi related horns due to its recent anniversary, but also including some other sounds I thought would be obnoxiousfun for everyone! The mod even truly lives up to its name with some lines from my own dumb mouth!

The lineup features the following:

OAH - King Harkinian
MAH BOI... - King Harkinian
GREAT! - Link, the Hero of Koridai
YEAH! - Link, the Hero of Koridai
GOOD. - Princess Zelda
HAH! - Princess Zelda
DIE. - Ganon, King of Evil
*THUNDER AND LIGHTNING* - Ganon, King of Evil
Beautiful! - Gownam
OH MY!! - Impa
MMMM... - Morushu
HAVE MERCY! - Duke Onkled
GAY - Fat Mario
And YOU... - Gay Luigi
*Creepy Laugh* - King Bowser
Mist - Persona 4
IT NUT - The Nutshack
AAAHHHH - Death Grips
No. - Geoffry (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
uWu - Super Mario 64
E - D00D64
Feature Length - D00D64

...As well as 5 additional Hellhorns. Not gonna spoil those though!

If Hornmod just isn't enough for you, add these! Just make sure to load Hornmod first!
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