D00DHORNS - a script that makes additional D00D noise

[Reusable] D00DHORNS - a script that makes additional D00D noise

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An addon for the addon, HORNMOD, this will add even more horns to be annoyed by! Mostly CDi related horns due to its recent anniversary, but also including some other sounds I thought would be obnoxiousfun for everyone! The mod even truly lives up to its name with some lines from my own dumb mouth!

The lineup features the following:

OAH - King Harkinian
MAH BOI... - King Harkinian
GREAT! - Link, the Hero of Koridai
YEAH! - Link, the Hero of Koridai
GOOD. - Princess Zelda
HAH! - Princess Zelda
DIE. - Ganon, King of Evil
*THUNDER AND LIGHTNING* - Ganon, King of Evil
Beautiful! - Gownam
OH MY!! - Impa
MMMM... - Morushu
HAVE MERCY! - Duke Onkled
GAY - Fat Mario
And YOU... - Gay Luigi
*Creepy Laugh* - King Bowser
Mist - Persona 4
IT NUT - The Nutshack
AAAHHHH - Death Grips
No. - Geoffry (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
uWu - Super Mario 64
E - D00D64
Feature Length - D00D64

...As well as 5 additional Hellhorns. Not gonna spoil those though!

If Hornmod just isn't enough for you, add these! Just make sure to load Hornmod first!

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