Bloops here, just came to drop the hottest hotfix in the world
- Fixed Error that broke TagTeam when CrystalSonicPeelout wasn't added.
Heya. This hotfix was made to implement the originally planned "powertrails_server" command. Primarily intended for netgames, setting this command to "off" will globally disable blending trails for all players (some machines simply can't handle it.) This command also does not have I/O due to how it synches in netgames.

That's all.
After a bit of hurdles had to be jumped over, Crystal Sonic 1.2/Alt Sonic 9.2 is finally ready. Got a bit too close to Alt Sonic's 2 year anniversary for comfort, too. Changelog is actually a decent size this time.


- Hyper form will make any badnik that gets too close explode into robotic confetti while also demolishing spikes. Bosses aren't safe, either.
- Super Dash Mode/ Hyper Form now destroys minecart doors upon contact.
- New continue/1up icon courtesy of SuperPhanto.
- Minor changes to ending sparkles.
- Made the 'hypermusic' command a lot easier to read.
- Super color changed from Topaz to Lemon courtesy of SuperPhanto (Alt Sonic ONLY.)


- Rose Gold Amy tag-team has been completed, letting Crystal Sonic utilize several different new shield passives (bubble/armageddon shield being the only exceptions.) (Crystal Sonic only, obviously.)
- Crystal Sonic's Super Peelout has been minorly updated to accomodate for tag-team. It is now assigned to Custom 2.

Enjoy, everyone~
While Crystal 1.2/Alt 9.2 is being worked on, I thought I'd quickly drop something I finished with the help of SuperPhanto.

It seems we've truly come full circle, as Crystal Sonic can now use the Super Peelout by loading an extra, optional file. Aside from the new sprites for Super Dash Mode, Holding down Custom 1 from a standstill will let you charge up the peelout, but continuing to hold it will let you charge Dash Mode/Super Dash Mode. Super Dash Mode can not be directly reached from the peelout however, and will stop charging right before SDM is usually reached.

Dash Mode will also charge within Hyper Form along with causing an enemy nuke as soon as Dash Mode triggers.

Heya. Version 1.1 of Crystal Sonic (and 9.1 of Alt sonic) has been pushed to add 2 small things that should have been in since v1.

- There is now the 'powertrails' command, which when turned off will replace additive blending trails on Super Dash Mode/Hyper Form with afterimages. This command was made mainly with weaker machines in mind.
- A small tweak was made to one of the two easter eggs, and specific compatibility with Rollout Knockout was added to same said easter egg.

That's all for now. Enjoy!
Heya. (:

In development since July and continued on to celebrate Sonic's 30th anniversary, I bring you the final chapter of Alt Sonic. Crystal Sonic is where the train shall stop, and I can say the ride has been a wild one. Along with that, teaming up with Rose Gold Amy has also become an option! Although it's currently around 80% finished, it is in a state that it may be used with no problems. Just make sure to add tag-team after both Crystal and RGA.

Now, what does this mean for Alt Sonic? Well, for people who may not prefer the crystalline flavor, I have also been working on an "Alt Sonic v9." This mod does have a few unique things over Crystal v1, so I encourage you to give him a try regardless.

Happy birthday, Sonic. Enjoy!

Not too many changes, but here they are.

- Legacy Mode Homing Attack received a new shockwave effect drawn by myself.
- Legacy Mode Homing Attack trail now has blending.
- Super Dash Mode now has a smooth trail and an atomic ring effect (which gets amplified by hyper form.)
- AltGold has been replaced by Topaz, a newer super yellow color I made.
- Added a 7th choice for hyper music (Super Sonic Racing from Sonic Generations.)
- Fixed a very old bug that actually made it so turning hyper made it impossible to drown after detransforming.
Hey all. Due to a reason I can't disclose, I had to change the sprites for Super Dash Mode/Hyper particles. I also took the time to make it so that all effects (aside from Super Dash Mode/Super/Hyper running dust) are invisible if you're in first person. This will make it so that you won't get blinded by Hyper afterimages or numerous particle effects.

That's all. Until next time.
Alt Sonic version 8.1 has been pushed, and is more or less a bugfix update with some QoL changes attached.

- There used to be a bug with the homing attack where dying while homing in on something would cause the player to bonk while dead. This has been fixed.
- Some small compatibility issues with other mods have been fixed.
- Made it so colorization is more consistent (some ghosts used to stay un-colorized even if the player was colorized.)
- Although this is a bit late, homing attack has been un-nerfed. There is now code that will make it so if the player has 'legacymode' on while wearing an attraction shield, they have the SF_NOSHIELDABILITY flag. This will only apply if these two specific conditions are met, meaning all other shields function (and you can use the attract homing with 'legacymode' turned off.)
- Made it so Super Dash Mode ghosts have FF_FULLBRIGHT, meaning they glow just like the particles.
- Added blending to hyper form to give it a tad more flair when compared to XMom.
- (Hopefully) Fixed a bug where the Atom Dash's hyper nuke would randomly trigger if the player became hyper with 'legacymode' turned on.

I only made this update out of necessity, and no further patches should be needed, but I'll fix things if any future SRB2 version breaks stuff. Until next time!
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I know I've said it many times before, but this time I really mean it: Alt Sonic will no longer be worked on.

As of now I wish to move on and tackle some of my other projects that are still partially on the backburner due to this year-long journey of a character I've made. It was a fun ride, but as of now there is absolutely nothing else I plan to do with this. Bug-fix updates stemming from changes within SRB2 itself (such as patches/version updates) are a given, of course.

However, for the sake of me not absolutely losing my mind, I'm going to do something a bit special for you all.

As of right now, Alt Sonic is reusable. All I ask is that if you happen to use any of the code included within, please make sure to properly credit me (and if the code wasn't made directly by me, credit the person who did make it. Credits for specific sections not made by myself can be found not far from said sections.)

That's all from me. Until next time.
2.2.9 messed up the position of Alt Sonic's transformation emeralds, meaning I had to make an update (even though I didn't really want to.) However, I took this chance to make some other changes that should be more notable. Changelog is as follows;

- Emerald positions are still correct within 2.2.8, and will only actually change within 2.2.9 or higher.
- Hyper transformation moved to custom 3 from ring toss, and jumping is now required again.
- Added a new choice for hypermusic.
- Changed some SFX and a few sprites.
- The homing attack's arrow no longer clashes with that of the Attraction Shield.
- Due to Attraction Shield stuff, the Homing Attack now has less range.
- Hyper form is no longer retained if you switch to a different character while Hyper.
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