Cookie Country (Kirby's Return to Dream Land)

Cookie Country (Kirby's Return to Dream Land) 1.5


Welcome to Cookie Country, a lush landscape part of a kingdom famous for peace and quiet.

This first "InstableTrack" is based on the colorful first world of Kirby's Return to Dream Land!

Take in your surroundings of gorgeous greens, vast cliffs and sparkly waterfalls while racing on a track layout that aims to be both simple and fun to traverse, true to the inspiration! There are a number of sloped turns and jumps to make, pillars to avoid, branching paths to take, shortcuts to get you ahead, and even a water slide that grants you blistering speed! News of this racing event has spread across the country, so if you ever feel discouraged, you can always look out for some of Pop Star's friendly residents cheering you on!

Please enjoy, and absorb the excitement of a new adventure!

Older versions of Cookie Country from before the SRB2 Message Board was updated:

Version 1.3 (10/29/20)
  • Fixed the sloped offroad at the end of the half-pipe section leading towards the upwards climb; you're no longer at risk of being bonked off the side of the road when drifting while trying to boost onto it.
  • Minor visual touch-ups.

Version 1.2 (10/13/20)
  • The slope jump shortcut at the start is now more comfortable and rewarding to take; the angle of the slope has been lowered so it's easier to maneuver towards the following bridge shortcut if you have extra boosts, and there are now extra items placed at the end so you'll no longer miss the first item set.
  • A Sneaker Panel has been placed near the top of the first sloped turn; taking the turn widely is no longer discouraged.
  • The left path above the underwater section has been removed; now your options are to either go underwater or take the remaining upper path.
  • The raised walls in the half-pipe section no longer have divots near the offroad.
  • Minor visual touch-ups.

Version 1.1 (10/10/20)
  • Renamed and renumbered all custom Objects to hopefully avoid conflicts with other maps.

Version 1.0 (10/10/20)
  • Initial release!

Sprites from Kirby Super Star Ultra; credited as requested or suggested on the rips:
  • Parasol Waddle Dee (Playable) - Random Talking Bush (The Spriters Resource)
  • Poppy Bro (Playable), Sword Knight (Playable) - Sploder (The Spriters Resource)
  • Rocky (Playable), Chilly (Playable) - Drshnaps (The Spriters Resource)
  • Noddy - Deathbringer (The Spriters Resource)
Dream Land textures (tree wood, Whispy Woods eye and mouth) from Super Smash Bros. (64) - Kyleglor (The Textures Resource)

Opulence waterfall texture was pulled from Community Resources, you can find those here:

Special Thanks to Eldog for primarily teaching me how custom Objects work and how to animate them; Dream Land's preciously adorable residents would likely not be there without him.
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Latest reviews

Very sweet map. Here the only complain that me and my server have about the map :
- Please make the yellow ground less hurtfull for the eyes. By either reducing the strengh of the light, or changing the texture.
- The bridge cut at the very begening is very "yolo" , it's literaly next to the item box. And because of the item placement, you have to anticipate the cut, proc your item early and pray that you get a booster.
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Insane attention to detail, Dream Land vibes on point, had a blast every time i played this map. 10/10
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This map is really gorgeous omg, it just makes you want to play even more, nice job!
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It's rare that a map puts a genuine smile on my face from beginning to end, but this is certainly one of them. What a sublime work.
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