Cookie Country (Kirby's Return to Dream Land)

Cookie Country (Kirby's Return to Dream Land) 1.5

Was hoping I wouldn't have had to do this.
  • Patched an exploit.
  • Added checkpoints to the end of the bridge cut.
A small take on optimization + a few other minor things.
  • To indicate a shortcut that was previously a bit obscure, a new Sneaker sign has been placed next to it.
  • Changes have been made to the skybox in a hopeful attempt to make the map's performance better; this includes no longer using FOFs of any sort. I can't guarantee this'll result in success but, eh, worth a shot.
  • Minor visual touch-ups, including the clouds now properly being in front of the moon. I am deeply sorry for pointing out the fact that they weren't before.
  • New map icon to reflect the updated skybox.
  • Some familiar, friendly voices will now greet you upon loading the map!