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They are here! Monica's Gang (and some brazilian memes) are joining the race!

A brief explanation of Monica's Gang:

Monica's Gang or Monica and Friends (Portuguese: Turma da Mônica, British English: Monica & Friends) is a Brazilian comic book series and media franchise created by Mauricio de Sousa.

The series originated in a newspaper comic strip in which the protagonists were Blu (Bidu) and Franklin (Franjinha), launched by the newspaper Folha da Manhã in 1959. As the series continued, the central characters became Jimmy Five (Cebolinha) and Monica (Mônica), both of whom began to appear in eponymous series in addition to the renamed Monica’s Gang. The characters and comics were subsequently adapted into, among other media, an animated television series; as well as films, most of which are anthologies. The stories revolve around the adventures of Monica and her friends in the fictional Lemon Tree Street (Bairro do Limoeiro) of São Paulo.

Monica's Gang was previously published by Abril and Globo and has been published by Panini Comics since 2007. In 2008, a spin-off series, Monica Teen, was created in a manga style and features the characters as teenagers.
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Meet the Gang:


Stats: 8sp , 7wt

The "ruler of the street", Monica is a 7-year-old, strong and decisive girl, who does not tolerate impertinence, but at the same time, has her moments of femininity. She does not let go of her blue stuffed rabbit called Samson (Sansão). This rabbit, which she loves so dearly, is also a weapon against boys. Especially Jimmy Five (Cebolinha) and Smudge (Cascão), who are always teasing her and calling her roly-poly, toothy, and shorty. She is described as possessing powerful (usually even superhuman) strength, which she uses to fight boys who tease her or to defend herself and her friends. Monica's best friend is Maggy (Magali).


Stats: 6sp , 4wt

Due to dyslalia, Jimmy Five is incapable of pronouncing the letter "R", replacing it with the letter "L", in the Portuguese version, or with the letter w, in the English version. He often complains and despairs over his main physical feature - his lack of any hair other than five single strands. He is always plotting to steal either Samson or the title of "owner of the street" from Monica with his "infallible plans", which always end in failure, mostly because Smudge (his best friend) accidentally reveals to Monica that she is in a trap.
Even with these frictions, Jimmy and Monica are still friends to each other.


Stats: 3sp , 3wt

Maggy (Magali) is a 7-year-old girl. Her most notable feature is her voracious appetite. She eats almost everything, usually at high speed, and states to be hungry at all times. Her stories are always centered on food, or at least have her appetite as a recurring gag. Despite this, she never gets fat (a fact which Monica often complains about). Her favorite food is watermelon. Maggy is Monica's best friend.


Stats: 9sp , 2wt

Smudge is best known for his great fear of water, and because of that, has never, throughout the entire series, taken a bath. He fears rain, bodies of water, showers and taps. He also doesn't drink pure water. To protect himself, he always carries an umbrella with him, for any possible emergency. In some strips, Smudge is even able to fly to run from water.

The Meme Team:


Stats: 9sp , 3wt

Skeleton is inspired by the figure of a skeleton on a motorcycle on the prank segment called “Câmeras Escondidas” of the Brazilian television program Programa Silvio Santos, for the Brazilian Television System (SBT). The original broadcast took place on October 25, 2009 and can be watched on YouTube. More recently, popular streamer Vinesauce Joel showed the video to his audience during a livestream and the prank has since gained more popularity around the world.

Cable guy.png

Stats: 5sp , 5wt

Cable Guy was inspired by the Fiat Uno, which is a car that became a meme in Brazil because it is extremely popular as the vehicle used by companies to provide service.


Stats: 9sp , 7wt

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This is perfect,as a brazillian i gotta say,I absolutely love it
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Out of all the Mônica mods I've seen (i spend too much time in brasileiro server), this might actually be the best one I've seen. Everyone is pretty much on-point and I like the little things like Magali holding a watermelon while driving.

My only gripe is that Sônica isn't a meme compressed jpeg that choppily moves around to cement its uncanny valley nature. I do wish there was a Mônica WAD with the 1980s design, but this is good regardless.
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Welcome to Brazi- I mean releases!
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