group: memes

  1. It'sSonki!

    Jelly Sonki v1

    What is this Jelly Sonki! Thats what! Jelly Sonki plays like the original Sonki, with a few differences. Sonki can still be as fast as always, but he is a bit slower and gains more height instead. Sadly Jelly Sonki lacks a tv. *shrugs* With that, happy birthday to me! Credits: Sonki's...
  2. Sludesus


    Hi im spongebob squarepants and this evil guy (no not plankton) has taken the secret 7 Krabby Patty ingredients and Mr Krabs will fire me if i don't get back to work soon but i can't do anything until i get them back so will you help me on my (hopefully short) adventure thru green meadows...
  3. RitzyJuice885

    [Open Assets] Cattino V1

    DISCLAIMER: THIS IS A MEME/YTP MOD. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW COMPLAINING THAT IT IS A JOKE MOD. YOUR REVIEW WILL MEAN NOTHING. (To clarify, you can still criticize; just don't whine about it being a joke mod. That's literally what it's meant to be. Remember, humor is subjective!)...
  4. WegaBlaster1738

    Kirby Voice Acting V2

    Kirby but with LEGENDARY VOICE ACTING provided by the wonderful lotsaspaghettiman and sprites drawn by me
  5. defnotreal_

    Greenman v1.1

    NOTE: This mod contains voice lines that include some foul language. I made this mod in 2020 to learn how to make custom characters and for use in private lobbies with friends. However, after being lost until now, I've decided to upload it here to prevent from being lost again. Greenman is...
  6. TuPanaElTails

    just something

    While I was in the Spectrum Server this happened while we were doing RP in The Skeld, it's funny. 200006 was kinda laggy and the gif made it fast, but you can see what's up with the models.
  7. Certified Joe Moment

    Joe's Cursed Pak v1.9

    RUN. Or not, if a pak of karters is what you're after. But if you were expecting order or a theme, you have come to the wrong place. Too bad. BUT, some of these guys are a one of a kind! You know what they say, one man's trash is another man's treasue! So without further interruptions, meet...
  8. It'sSonki!

    Sonki (Legacy) - Generations Update

    sonki remake is out This is Sonki. He is an unusually small sonic that wears a bandana similar to Boom Sonic. Unlike boom sonic, he does not have a goofy rope thing, he has bombs. Time to go over cool stuff! New Running and Spinning Frames! Well I Guess That's It. Now for le...
  9. RedSRB2

    Post some SRB2 memes!

    What says on tin is what this thread its about. Post some SRB2 memes and we can rate them. Here is the one i found yesterday-> Srb2 when Sigsegv kicks in:
  10. Icezer

    e Button 1

    What originally started as a "wouldn't it be funny if..." became a mod I did for giggles. Simply put, pressing the E key on your keyboard during a level will give you the ultimate power. That's actually all there is to it. This really only exists as more of a proof of concept than anything, so...
  11. OctoJoss

    [Open Assets] JossPack V6.4 V6.4

    You've probably seen these guys somewhere before, but one of them may be a bit alien to you. There's a few others I'm working on that I'll add at a later date. If you have any questions let me know. Enjoy! Pipe Frame kart sprites created by Mit full credit goes to him
  12. EricoT

    Come To Brazil Pack 1.1

    They are here! Monica's Gang (and some brazilian memes) are joining the race! A brief explanation of Monica's Gang: Monica's Gang or Monica and Friends (Portuguese: Turma da Mônica, British English: Monica & Friends) is a Brazilian comic book series and media franchise created by Mauricio de...
  13. ComradeZach

    [Open Assets] King Harkinian (CDi) 1.0

    I had a lot of fun making this! I did most of the visual work with help from realscotty17 on extra visuals and sounds. I hope you have fun playing as the king!