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So you've heard of Extra Life v2, right? Yeah, CF v3 is gonna be a similar deal. All-new abilities with severe modifications to Shape Shift, and FINALLY the move from Lua-using skincolor to character. Here's a sneak-peek:
But yeah. Point is, I'm renaming this to Clone Fighter Classic to keep this as a trip down memory lane of sorts. I would never be where I am currently if I didn't decide to create my to-be online persona in this game, even in this early-ass state.

Keep your eyes peeled for the release of the definitive version of Clone Fighter.

(By the way, Extra Life's awesome as well. Make sure to check it out!)
Fixed an oversight where the new setting for the cvars would be saved for EVERYONE when they are modified. Whoops.

Also I updated the add-on behind the scenes (without posting an update) that changes color support a bit (you no longer need to check if Clone Fighter's added to add Clone Fighter behaviour to a color).
Let's get right to the changelog.

  • Changed the boring ol' cvars to fancy commands. For net synching and optimization reasons.
  • Fixed a minor issue where the player's next/prev indices wouldn't update if the player changed their skin through Player Setup.
  • FINALLY fixed Clone Fighter getting angry at Kirby and Meta Knight.
  • As seen in the above gif, hoops of light from Fang's summon in Clone Fighter mode now appear when Shape Shifting.
Nothing major, just thought of a way to improve things.

Clone Fighter v2.0.1:
  • Hopefully fixed the warnings when loading the add-on mid-game and/or switching to the Clone Fighter color mid-game.
Bonus Colors v1a:
  • Added an example check for whether C.Fighter is loaded or not.
Okay, I see your numerous complaints about him not being available in the Character Select now, so I'm posting my answer as an update to let you all know:
I k n o w .

Due to technical reasons, it is currently impossible to create Character Select entries with a character that is not their default color.
For now just use the Color selection for single player add-on by Katmint (along with Custom Gamedata to actually be able to save) and type forcecolor "Clone Fighter" into the console before starting a Clone Fighter save.
  • Cool!
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Nothing else to see. Get clonin', fighters!
This is a complete rewrite of the code, so the changes are quite big. I hope it's been worth the """wait""".

  • Clone Fighter has now been crammed down to a skincolor, reducing file size significantly.
  • New audiovisual effects: new Shape Shift animation and sounds (no more static rectangle), the skincolor subtly flickers, and the character is now translucent and in fullbright.
  • Next and previous characters for Shape Shift are now on the HUD - no longer do you have to remember the character order.
  • Speaking of Shape Shift, and this is one of the more common features wanted: you can now rebind the Shape Shift keys! The available keys will be shown in the OP shortly after the update goes live.
  • As such, the default keys for Shape Shift are now Next Weapon and Previous Weapon.
  • Shape Shift is also able to be done mid-run or even mid-jump! Not after using abilities though.
  • Just because Clone Fighter is now a skincolor doesn't mean he can't be colorful! You can still add custom skincolor support for Clone Fighter. Explained in the OP also shortly after the update goes live.
    • A file will also be attached with 13 bonus skincolors for C.Fighter.
  • Optimizations and likely bug fixes, due to the rewrite.