These tracks are amazing! I LOVED Super Meat Boy! I honestly got extremely disappointed when I played through all of these tracks in general. I really really wanted and hoped there was more ;w ;
However..... there's one that stands out. Hexagone. The camera trips out HORRIBLY at the beginning. dgmw it's fun and I loved what I could have mustered through the buggy camera and then falling off 3-4 flights of platforms from a minor accident at the beginning. When the camera's done tripping, the course's textures seem to glitch out too? Needs a bit more polish! But it's playable at least minus the faults!
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My usual reaction to Baguette is "oh god Patafoin updated again". That's generally a good thing, since it means the maps always feel somewhat fresh, but the current state is somewhat polarizing (I'm talking my specific server population, so YMMV).


Any Meat boy themed map is loved, they come with interesting gimmicks (even just spawning tons of eggboxes is nice since we run Egg Panic) and for the most confusing ones like "The Other Side" people seem at ease after the second or third run.

The Wario maps are more divisive, "Crygor Lab" generally makes people rage into spectator mode (there is the one person who refuses to play on a toilet map specifically, but generally everyone hates missing "the hole") and Wario's Challenge seems to have issues (bad juicebox interop, OpenGL bugs maybe?? haven't looked too deep into that one), Wario Deluxe is more interactive and my favorite of the two minigame maps.

Super personal gripe: I prefer the old multi-lap Tetanus Ville, though I don't mind the new one. I'd love if the old one made an appearance in some way ("Tetanus Ville Classic" as Hell map maybe?)


Everyone loves both 2fort versions, I don't like Hell but I'm in the minority in my server, the other ones are enjoyable but nothing to write home about.

Except Remoat Stadium, it's wayyyyy too big! It takes forever to find other players, let alone hit them, and with some mods in BattlePlus it means the battle is over before people even had a chance to interact.
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There's a lot to unpack here, so, let's give it everything we got! It's Review Time!!!

From least to best:

Crygor's Lab (2/5)- This course was, meh for me. Easily the worst and most forgettable map in the pack and that's saying a LOT! Outside of the toilet, this course isn't there really. IDK, I really feel like there should be "more" to the lab proper, but alas, it's just not there. Still functional though.

Jimmy T's Nightclub (2/5)- Had Crygor's Lab had something more to the table, this place would have been the worst for a different reason. It's an absolute snore for the first 10 seconds and the track theme, while on theme, gets grating every lap you do. Not to mention that it's just hollow after that initial start.

The Rapture (3/5)- As funny as it sounds, this place is ok and functional, but there's a lot of "gotcha" and "haha" moments that will make newer racers feel really bad. There are a bit too many blind track segments that really leads into a wall and for those looking to get max speed with tricks, this isn't a trick-friendly course, unless you have the Handling 3 ot better rating.

Rising Underground (3/5)- This course is just, out there and for what is worth, there's NOTHING that really pops into my face for this level. maybe after going back through it a few dozen times, but overall, I found this course, forgettable, yet functional...

Battle of Lil' Slugger (3/5)- I NEARLY RATED THIS LOWER.... Had it not been for a few set pieces and the fact that it gives you a sense of urgency (definitely in a race scenario), this would have been with the bottom 3 for sure. There is a couple of good moments of speed and drift-happy racers will appreciate the length and power of drifting here.

Tatanus Ville (3/5)- Holy smokes this is confusing. Thanks for making this the one lapper, otherwise I would have gone insane.... From the rails and the multiple paths in this course, it forces you to prioritize navigation over speed, but if you can handle both, OH!!! You're in for a very GOOD TIME!!!

Wario's Challenge (3/5)- MMV here. I love the fact that you are racing against not only the clock, but against other racers as well because , OH BOY!!!! The things Wario requires you to do is brutal and crucial!!! I love it, but I can understand why some may not enjoy this course. Thus the 3.

Fleagle's Airship (4/5)- Maybe because I saw many speed and trick opportunities here, but I really enjoyed the course. What kept it from top 3 status was that there's a little too much happening about halfway in that requires you to be attentive, but other than that, a solid course for speedsters around!

The Hospital (4/5, 3rd in the Pack)- There's very few reasons why I would put a rather meh designed course over an action packed, speedster's paradise. The race track is meh, but the amount of things and opportunities to really get a good lead here is really good. Not to mention that there's some wicked airtime for tricks towards the end and the fact that you have the fan to assist in it is FANTASTIC!!! But, there's two that is so much more to them!

The HELL (5/5, 2nd in the Pack)- Had Space Pinball not exist, this would be the top track for the pack. The course is filled decently enough, but if you can get some good speed (via a turbo or better), there's a 3 second gap skip that will make your life easier and gives you a good position for a racing line afterwards! Add that with portals to juke attacks and some interesting jump locations, you have a near FLAWLESS course. But near perfection isn't perfect.....

Space Pinball (5/5, TOP PICK OF THE PACK)- OH MY GOD!!! There's nothing to say, the ever changing walls, the speed opportunities, the drifting, speed boosters and a Chuck E Cheese's atmosphere makes for the perfect map in the pack and top 15 overall of custom maps I've collected and played! This is just too damn good (sorry, I'm more professional than that)! This is the best I've seen and I want to thank you for making Space Pinball a reality for us hardcore fans!!!

Final Pack Score- 37/55
Average Score Per Map- 3.7/5

As much as there were interesting and great maps to race on, there were the stinkers that really dragged this score into the dirt a bit. It's a solid pack, but the tracks that stunk, really didn't do it any favors at the end of it. I will say, Avoid the bottom four unless you want to experience them yourself and get this pack for everything else!!!!

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Really great tracks , i love them, lot of personality and energy in them.
Lot of variation too. Plenty of fun details.
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Just gonna start this by saying that I downloaded the 'no rail' version, and only played the non-hell race tracks, as that's what I'm looking for when adding tracks to the server I run.

Overall this pack is amazing, you can tell a lot of love went into it with the many details in sound and visuals, and nearly every track is memorable as a result. I think you work best when there is a central gameplay gimmick around a track. I do think the usage of enemies and hazards is a bit much on some tracks but it's not overbearing.

Signposting is overall pretty good, although the main issue with the pack in general is the lack of depth perception on the floors. There are places where even with the signs it's hard to tell when to turn, or whether or not there may be a shortcut.

Visuals are ok but a bit out there to say the least. There's something a bit off about the aesthetic but I can't put my finger on it, although maybe that's intentional.

To summarize my thoughts on each track:
- Rising Underground, Space Pinball, and The Rapture Zone are top tier
- Fleagle's Airship was the only one I didn't like
- Jimmy T's Nightclub, The Other Side, The Hospital Zone, Battle of lil Slugger, Crygor Lab Zone were varying levels of good.
Below are more specific thoughts on some of them

Jimmy T's Nightclub is very good with a really cool theme, but I think the beginning will get old very quickly. I might look into speeding up the walls lowering. Some turns are awkward as well but I think that will make it more interesting with traps.

Rising Underground really stood out to me as completely exploring it's gimmick of rising fluid levels. Top tier track although it perhaps suffers the most from the depth perception problem.

Battle of lil Slugger is fine. Might be too many hazards for our group but the robots dropping egg bombs is too cool to not add to the rotation.

Space Pinball is the only one I had played prior to today, and it's probably my favorite. Overall amazing layout, and I love how you can boost over some of the gaps. Only complaint I would have is the clear glass that covers the lap 1 path on lap 2 & 3 as new players might not notice it's been blocked off.
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Honestly? I am sold for this mod for the warioware maps alone.
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I'm a big fan of big maps, and I really think Chainsaw Hell could be in normal rotation. Perhaps the worlds could be separated into laps. But I see how it could be daunting for new players. It's your choice, but what I see here if you do decide to keep it in hell, are four (or three, considering "The Rapture" at the end) potential smaller maps to make a "Meat Boy Cup" like you've done with The Forest.

Rising Underground has a great gimmick of alternating lava levels. It'd be cool if the Linedef for the lava could be red underneath, so I'm not sure if this is possible for you. Also I think it would benefit to have your roads have some sort of depth perception for visibility, especially the second u-turn into the cliffside should be darker like a cave.

My thoughts on Space Pinball is the same: still a great map and great to see another Pizza Tower level.
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Welcome to releases!
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