group: golden sun

  1. Patafoin

    [Open Assets] Golden Sun : Lighthouse map pack 3.1

    A small Golden Sun map pack with the 4 Elemental lighthouse as race map : Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars. The Sol Sanctum and Lemurian shipas a battle map. And the magma Rock. A lot of toad are missing, can you find them all? Know issue : Mars Lighthouse : You can be softlock if the lava is...
  2. Patafoin

    [Open Assets] Baguette pack! More Special Stupid map : HEXAGONE and WARIO DELUXE 17

    In this pack, you will find 17 race maps and 7 Battle maps. Feedbacks are welcome. WARNING 1 : There are potential conflict with the GrindRail.lua with some pack - If you have Marsh Mayhem (Bellbridge Zone) , then the first pack loaded will erase the grindrail of the other. Which mean that...