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In this pack, you will find 4 race map (one of them is Hell only) and 4 Battle map.
Feedbacks are welcome.
You can also dowload the map individualy. So you don't have to do random soc for your server if you find a map DISGUSTING. (OOPS I forgot for the V2, so you have to DM me in discord)​

WARNING : There are potential conflict with the GrindRail.lua with some pack
- If you have SI-HTpack, then the baguette pack must be loaded after this one or else there will be some triangle on the rail of both track (the track still work)
- If you have Marsh Mayhem (Bellbridge Zone) , then the first pack loaded will erase the grindrail of the other. Which mean that it can either broke the cut of Bellbridge Zone or make Chainsaw hell inplayable.
Since those conflict are provoked by Chainsaw hell, you could just download the map individualy and not take the hell map. Or just remove the hell map from the pack since it's reusable.

This is a race inspired from the "Space Pinball" level from Pizza Tower.
This is a 3 Lap course where the layout of the race change after the first turn.
Will you found the secret passage and the secret tower tresor?

Map name : MAPSO

In this cave, the water and the lava will go up and down in a cycle.
Depending on the height of the water/lava, you will be able to take diferent path, but be carfull.

Map name : MAPNR

A Super Meat boy inspired map. A revisited version of "Chainsaw Hell" map where you only do the forest part. Avoid the SAW!
Map name : MAPNR

A huge 1 lap map where you will try to survive in the land of Super Meat Boy, and avoid Dc_Fetus's traps.
This map was a tiny way to ambitious for me, so it's extremly far from perfect. But it's great if you want to suffer.
AS I will redo the section of the map as individual track ; tHis map will not be updated in the future. Maybe.

Map name : MAPNN

A small battle map. There are 3 different floor level. That's it.
Will you be able to knock off Captain Fleagle with a spring?

Map name : MAPBW

It's fall kart! I mean... a fall guys inspired map. There a FUNNY spinner at the center.
Be the last standing to get the crown!

Map name : MAPTD
2Fort from team fortress 2. Incredible.
There are 2 version of the map. One is Hell only, it's the original one, it's ... 2BIG. The 2nd is a smaller version which cut the sewer and inteligence part of the map. Time to roquet jump.
Map name : MAPFE (Hell) / MAPFI (small)
(funny wrong minimap)
Know issue:
- Royal Fumble : Desync WILL happen if someone try to join the game while the battle has already started. it's due to the spinner that cause desyn. I hope you have the "ROCK the vote" addon. J
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Latest updates

  1. V2 : 1 new race and 3 new battle map. + update Map

    New Race Map : - "The Forest" from Super Meat boy. It's the begening of the chainsaw hell map...

Latest reviews

I'm a big fan of big maps, and I really think Chainsaw Hell could be in normal rotation. Perhaps the worlds could be separated into laps. But I see how it could be daunting for new players. It's your choice, but what I see here if you do decide to keep it in hell, are four (or three, considering "The Rapture" at the end) potential smaller maps to make a "Meat Boy Cup" like you've done with The Forest.

Rising Underground has a great gimmick of alternating lava levels. It'd be cool if the Linedef for the lava could be red underneath, so I'm not sure if this is possible for you. Also I think it would benefit to have your roads have some sort of depth perception for visibility, especially the second u-turn into the cliffside should be darker like a cave.

My thoughts on Space Pinball is the same: still a great map and great to see another Pizza Tower level.
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