Badnik pack DX

[Open Assets] Badnik pack DX 5.2

Fixed issue with plasma drone when the players dies and it's still alive.
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meant to come out sooner, good thing it didn't.
Version 5.1 just comes with some compatibility updates for SRB2 2.2.11
This was a long time over due. Badnik Pack Delux is now properly organized in a PK3. This also comes with the map getting reorganized and split into 4 sections too.
Bosses, SRB2 Classic, Genesis, and Customs.

But that's not all, we also have a new badnik added to the pack too.

Meet Blastoid

Blastoid won't trigger anything on its own when destroyed. It's a simple turret badnik that shoots 3 bullets in front of itself, never turning to face the player. Use with Sector trigger "No more enemies" to actually get it to trigger anything.

Before I forget, Most badniks with a lua entry are now Kirby Compatible!
Version 4 of Badnik Pack DX brings in several new badniks and updates of previously released badniks courtesy of Midiman.

New badniks are:
Techno Squeak
Turbo Squeak
TGF Deton by Midiman
TGF Skim by Midiman
and Fishbot by Midiman

Updated enemies are:
TGF Minus
TGF Bluecrawla
TGF Red Crawla
TGF Gunner
TGF Bomber
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Version 3.1
Updated the auto turret to be properly crushable by fofs
Fixed a bug with 2.1 Egg Guard that triggered the level ending
It's finally happened. Badnik Packs 1 and 2 have been combined as per user demand, but that's not all. Content that would have been used in a Badnik Pack 3 has also been included making this one huge pack of custom built, or Rebuilt enemies!

V3: First Release!
Combined the contents of Badnik Packs 1 and 2
added Rockbot, Red Springshell, Alternitive 2.1 style Red Springshell, Masher, Gohla, TGF Bomber, TGF Gunner, SHARP, 2.1 Egg Guard, 2.1 Yellow Springshell, 2.1 Robo-hood, Final Demo Jetty-syn Gunner and Bomber, Unidus, Yellow and Red Buzzes (Check the Extra flag to toggle "Stealth mode"), and 2.1 Snailer
Updated Crawla Commander to have correct behavior, Included 2.0 sprite set to go with it.
Included more Dev textures.
Added an example of use spot for Neo Drilla
Added Photo spot for group pictures
Added in Moden Robots to several robot pens to help show off differences
Updated Fan-A/tic with Midiman's lua code for better accuracy.