color palette

  1. LuckyBell15

    Question about custom colormaps

    I'm making a custom palette, but I don't know how to edit the colormap so it fits said palette. Does anybody know the solution to this?
  2. PencilVoid

    Again v1

  3. Ceru1088

    Cerus Rushed Colors 1.6.2

    Hi! this is my first skin colour pack. also my first mod. Please leave feedback and make sure to go to the discussion for suggestions!
  4. Jaicraft

    JaiPal JaiPal V1.2.2

    Hey, have you ever thought that the vanilla OpenGL palette looks ugly and washed out? Well then, this is the palette for you! Other than just a saturation boost, there's also some extra hue shifting to make everything look way nicer. Here's a comparison of the vanilla title screen: Vanilla...
  5. AurumMighty

    [Reusable] AurumPal v1.3.2

    [SOFTWARE RECOMMENDED (though OpenGL looks fine too)] AurumPal takes the palette of SRB2 and cranks up the vibrancy up to 11 with saturation boosts and additional hue shifting. One of the more noticeable changes are the more vibrant grays; they now have a blue tint to them. This added tint...
  6. Klines

    [Reusable] Fake Colormap 1.0

    Fake Colormap - Mod allows you to make a fake colormap anywhere Example:
  7. RedRistarChase_v1.0

    [Reusable] The Bluish Vibrant Palette 2.1

    Hello all good, My Name Is Piter and welcome to my first mod Called The Bluish Vibrant Color Palette. The normal srb2 color palette is awesome, but for people who like blue and prefer more vibrant colors here is the new color palette mod. Warning if your eyes are not good or you have a HDR...
  8. Dakras

    [Reusable] MoodyPal 1

    Did you ever think srb2 was too vibrant for your tastes? Maybe your eyes start hurting after a while, or maybe you just want to pretend the whole game is on a cloudy day. Despite desaturating the overall palette, care was taken to make sure it's still pleasing to the eye with hueshifting and...
  9. Frostiikin

    [Reusable] Retro Palette Pack 1.0

    Had the idea to try making SRB2 palettes out of some retro consoles/hardware to see how it'd turn out, and some of these worked surprisingly well. All of these are made exclusively of colors the original hardware that they're based off of could display, though the NES one has far more colors on...
  10. Mari0shi06

    How to make Supercolors into animated colors 1.0.0

    So, you updated to 2.2.9 and heard that Animated Skincolors got fixed, but you can't seem to find many animated skincolors out there. Well, this should be able to tide you over in the meantime! Included In this guide is an example script that makes the supercolor Super Gold into a skincolor...
  11. Blur

    Blur's 8-Bit-ish Palette. V1.5

    Hey you. Yes you! Have you ever wanted to experience Sonic Robo Blast 2 V2.2 in 8-Bit? Well you're in the right place! There is currently two editions of this. [Normal] It's the most basic version, consisting of less shading. [Neo] Has more shading, makes everything a bit darker. IT...
  12. Plume

    [Reusable] BirdPal - A little tweak to your Kart experience... 1.0

    Hello, world ! Are you tired of playing the same Kart over and over ? Too bad am not a good enough modder to change that... However... Would you like to make it feel a little different but still get Karted the same way ? If the answer is yes, then let me introduce you to BirdPal! It's a color...
  13. Twins'R'Okay

    [Reusable] Rather Colorful Encore

    Okay, so SRB2Kart has a nice encore mode, with the bulk of the color palettes being fantastic homages to previous stages as well as some great palettes in general. The other parts of the encore mode, however, are filled with glaring issues of color clash, broken color-ramps, or bad color...
  14. Pogofenn

    Green Greens (KR_GreenGreensv1.wad)

    Green Greens from Kirby's Dream Land is now available as a track First and foremost, thanks to Tripel once again for helping me with this one, he got the textures to the right colors and helping me implement the map's palette. When I was making this track, I made it intending for it to be...
  15. Cobaltn't

    [Reusable] Vibrant Vanilla Palette (VibrantPal) V2

    OpenGL in my opinion really desaturates the color especially compared to Software. So I decided to fix it. This palette is a more vibrant and saturated version of the default palette, but while being to be close to the original one as possible. v1.1 Changes: improved the palette for THZ1...
  16. Plume

    [Reusable] Plume's Palettes - Birdpal & PlumPal 1.0

    ⚠ The game will explode if you load a palette mod from the "Addons" menu. ⚠ To load a palette mod in SRB2, you have two options: • You load it using the "-file BirdPal-v1.pk3" parameter. • You launch the game with it using a launcher. Hello, friends! ~ Are you tired of playing the same SRB2...
  17. GentlemanOctopus

    OctoPAL, A palette pack!

    Want a new look for the game? Want a new look for the game that has several different colour variations? Well, now you can! The OctoPAL Pack contains 7 different variations of the same palette. Regular - The regular palette, without any tints appleid. Dawn - A blue-ish tint that gives the...
  18. Ignara

    [Reusable] Muted Mystery Palette

    Have you ever felt that SRB2 might be a bit too... vibrant? and that it needs a tad of a tone down? No? Well i didn't either, but i made it look like that anyway. Muted mystery is a palette i randomly got the idea for, just in my interest for things desaturated, without completely losing all of...
  19. Twins'R'Okay

    [Reusable] SRB2 except you're colorblind. 2021-03-04

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm theres something wrong with srb2 and i cant quite put my finger on it This is pretty much a bunch of palettes that emulate different types of colorblindness. They're all client-sided so you can bring them online and pretend that you are totally, really, ACTUALLY...
  20. Dogey

    Pico-8 Palette

    you!!! yes, you!!! did you ever want srb2 on pico-8? well gues what? it ain't happening!!! HA!!! but at least you can get my palette and you're good to go :)) also deep sea is darker, sooooo yeah :))