color palette

  1. SaNicbOom

    [Open Assets] SNBM Pal v1.3

    This Palette is a modification of AurumPal that aims to make make it more vibrant and purple in the dark tones.
  2. Superjustinbros

    [Open Assets] Community Encore Pack v1.0a

    With Sonic Robot Blast 2 Kart in its fifth year, I have decided to work on and release a project I had started on late last year as a treat to the community: A brand new set of Encore color palettes for custom maps and map packs that normally don’t change colors in Encore mode. Inside this...
  3. Soniku11

    [Open Assets] Soniku11 Neon Colors pack v1

    Hello! This is my very first ever attempt at making custom colors, ive always wanted to have some "neon" or at least "saturated" colors to be able to wear, and not be just a regular color that either darkens or lightens, but something more colorfull, so here they are! for now theyre only 6...
  4. ReddySoop_

    maxwellCleanColors - A palette mod 1

    As the tag line says, this is a color palette with colors I commonly use with pixel art, like Minecraft skins. I don't have much to say, but these screenshots should: Sonic, Tails and Greenflower Zone! ah yes, lava THZ lookin' better! i unironically want to eat the stage it looks like it...
  5. Alternative

    Alternative's Color Pack 1.1

    Hello people from the MB! I've come back with another color pack for those who enjoy them. The name of these colors in order are: Crystal, REVapor, Blackberry, Goldhour, Acid, ToastedRed, Bloodmoon, Blueberry and Darkness (lots of berries)
  6. Dylan Sahr

    Mass recolor sprites

    Is there a way to mass recolor sprites (Mainly custom character sprites) to the green shade for custom characters?
  7. FrederickExpress

    [Open Assets] Random Colors 2023-08-09

    very random colors to use in srb2. enjoy. NEW UPDATE: i learned how to make animated colors yay
  8. Sailor Muffin

    [Open Assets] Muffin Kid from Brazil's Playpal v3

    Hello! Welcome to my second (And favorite) Playpal mod that i have ever done! I Usually use this Playpal in multiplayer,but then i decided to post it on mb because...idk :D An "Unknowtale" A "Chao" from the past 2.1 Knuckles in 2.0 ?? (Scary Jumpscare😱) And this is 2.1 Knuckles in the...
  9. Sailor Muffin

    Black and white mod v1

    After a time working (Change every color by one) I changed the PlayPal to black and white(To recreate theses old TV'S colors because they are cool soo ye!) Here is THE WATER (Just works in gif!?!?!?:wow:OMG) Black core zone 3 Epic dance (In loop lol) Some warnings: in gameplay with models...
  10. dish soap

    [Open Assets] Dish's custom palette v1.1

    Hi uh yeah this mod just makes the game look greenish and kinda yellow. (Or maybe desaturated i guess?) How the custom palette looks like:
  11. Sailor Muffin

    MKFBColors! (Not revamped yet) v4

    A (un)shiny color pack This is the full colors list DarkLavender DarkGreen Darkness Spectrum In_Cyan (Inverted Cyan) Light_Green (Votim Zim Moss Ass looking color) Reink (Weird Looking Mix of Red and Pink) Extra_Life Blured (A Mix of Blue And Red) Blackink (Black Pink reference!?!??!?! It's...
  12. ~Smokey~

    [Open Assets] MS Paint Colors v1

    "umm guys I think something is wrong with my srb2" I made the horrible decision to make MSPaint colors into srb2. plus I made it so that it is as accurate as possible :D it will still burn ur eyes off tho :P Comparison of the 2 palettes. Gameplay with the MSPaint colors on this looks...
  13. Nexus_Furry

    Somebody please tell me how to make a color pallete mod

    i *made* a sharp x1 inspirted color pallete but it got rejetced since it was broken and other things it also chrasted my game idk what to do with making another pallete mod that will work
  14. Restyled Hedgehog

    Flawless.MPEG's First Colors! V2.2 The Return!

    So, this is my first mod, and I would be making more mods if I had the brains to do it...... I like how these custom colors turned out and you guys can comment which is your favorite! Please look into the Updates tab to see the other colors added!!
  15. InnocentDalek785

    [Open Assets] InnocentDalek785's Custom Palette 2.1 - Minor Update

    This is my custom palette for SRB2. The colors are more vibrant, without excessive over-saturation, nor drastic lightness/darkness contrast changes. Since I'm not skilled and experienced enough to make mods from scratch, I used another mod as a base (PVPalette, created by PencilVoid)...
  16. antiago029102

    Antiago029102Color's 1.0

    New colors for sonic tails and knuckes!! MasterOfSpeed color for sonic ExpertFlyer color for tailsExperiencedGlyder color for knuckles HOPE YOU ENJOY!! :D
  17. CFir

    CFir's Weird Pallete Pack 1.4

    Hi! This is my first mod! If you want you can go to the discussion and suggest things! Anyway, Enjoy! Also if you wanna see what it looks like :
  18. LuckyBell15

    Question about custom colormaps

    I'm making a custom palette, but I don't know how to edit the colormap so it fits said palette. Does anybody know the solution to this?
  19. PencilVoid

    Again 1.2

  20. Ceru1088

    Cerus Rushed Colors (DISCONTINUED) 2.0

    Hi! this is my first skin colour pack. also my first mod. Please leave feedback and make sure to go to the discussion for suggestions!