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Among Us Crew-mate - Vent Update! - v7.11 - Md2 Model

This mod is super awesome! Sus on!
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"WhEn ThE ImPoStEr Is SuS"

A pretty cute mod of the imposter and crewmate from the game among us. I like how the challange mode tried to bring in mechanics and ideas from the real game into SRB2, it was really fun! It really motovates the player to keep on running (or you die). If the levels are starting to feel boring the challange mode here is a great way to re-experience the game.

I kinda wish that the sprites had black outlines, but it doesn't really matter. It would have been really cool if the crewmate and imposter had induvidual poses for the character selection, that would've been great! But i can live without it. Would also have been nice i the challange (that was really fun!) had a art piece of the imposter and crewmate standing together

Overall pretty good (Better than anything i could make)
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I loved to help with this mod and it turned out as a MASTERPIECE.
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