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Among Us Crew-mate - Vent Update! - v7.11 - Md2 Model

Ok, First of all, Thank you very much to my programmer FinnishGameFan (FGF) For having programmed this mod, without you none of this would have been possible, I am just a 13 year old boy and I am very happy about this, even Sonic Central uploaded a video with my mod, and many thanks to people for playing it, I love you guys <3

Thank you Maze Master7 for the MD2 Modeeeeeel!!! i love u!


*---The Impostor Update!---*


crashed his rocket-ship hybrid to Planet Freedom!
being the only alive maybe..., Now together with Sonic and Tails, he will defeat Dr. Eggman!


Due to the explosion, his oxygen tank was destroyed, but his friend Tails turned it into a Jet-Pack which allows him to use his new ability !: Jet-Pack Glide


When you are flying with your jetpack you can press the SPIN key to cancel it in the air!

When the crash happened, No one knew what happened to the Imposter, but he must be dead along with the other crewmates (Maybe ...)

If you press the TOSS FLAG button Crewmate will sit down to pet his Lil'Crewmate!





Uuuuhh, it seems that he was not the only Survivor !, Now he met Blue !, Now they are Good Friends! ..


Oh-oh, Wait a moment ... Blue what are you doing with that knife ?, OH NO, CREWMATE RUN FOR YOUR LIFE AAA

Fun Fact:
You can also be the Impostor in Multiplayer!

The Impostor is the same as the Crewmate, only without their abilities, and you can kill Crewmates with a single tap

But if you are in Singleplayer with the Imposter it will be a great challenge ... it will not be easy.


The impostor can kill you when he touches you, you will have to manage so that he cannot reach you! Good luck!

*---¡¡¡Vent Update!!!---*

Now the imposter is finally playable! Now he can vent!

Finally this lil'impostor got an ability, even if he can't use his jetpack he can catch all the crew and destroy them!




As the Impostor, you can kill all the Crewmates !

Im so sorry for the long wait, i just been busy with my studies and shit, i hope you guys like this new update!

PD: Renember, i didn't made the code of this character, it was made by FinnishGameFan (thx u <3!!)

Some Custom Colors!

This mod includes a few custom colors made by my friend FinnishGameFan!




*---MD2 Model---*

Thx to Maze Master7 for doing the md2 model for crewmate!

Now the Crewmate And the Impostor have a 3D Model!




Even The Impostor have a 3d Model!, oh wait hes coming -AAAAA


models.dat file entry:


yes, the impostor and the crewmate uses the same model :p
and the vent doesnt have a md2 sorry lul pog lmao asdasdasdasd

Well .. I hope you all liked this new Update, Thank you for all very much for EVERYTHING and I hope you all liked it, Happy New Year and Fuck you Global Pandemic!

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This mod is super awesome! Sus on!
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"WhEn ThE ImPoStEr Is SuS"

A pretty cute mod of the imposter and crewmate from the game among us. I like how the challange mode tried to bring in mechanics and ideas from the real game into SRB2, it was really fun! It really motovates the player to keep on running (or you die). If the levels are starting to feel boring the challange mode here is a great way to re-experience the game.

I kinda wish that the sprites had black outlines, but it doesn't really matter. It would have been really cool if the crewmate and imposter had induvidual poses for the character selection, that would've been great! But i can live without it. Would also have been nice i the challange (that was really fun!) had a art piece of the imposter and crewmate standing together

Overall pretty good (Better than anything i could make)
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I loved to help with this mod and it turned out as a MASTERPIECE.
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