Adventure Sonic (v1.8b)

Adventure Sonic (v1.8b) v1.8b

Sorry to keep you waiting! We ended up handing over a hundred tester roles. Much obliged to everyone who participated in testing!

Adventure Sonic's v1.8b release features a bunch of bugfixes, QoL updates, and an always-welcome performance boost. One of our test games held about 24 people at one point without framedrops or other issues, so here's hoping this SA-Sonic version can last us a long time!


-New LSA Revving GFX! The old GFX were SA-Sonic's biggest performance bottleneck by far, so this is a great boost! The Advance flair uses a subtler version, and it's barely visible if screenflashes are off. Our lord Metalwario learned Sonic Adventure 1 modding JUST to obtain these sprites!
-Tweaked spintrail to suit various renderers better, and mildly improved performance too.
-Hitting checkpoints in COOP/SinglePlayer with 30+ rings now grants a pity shield if you've no shield! At 60+ rings it gives runshoes, and at 90+ rings you get invincibility. To preserve SRB2's perfect ring bonuses, I've decided against granting rings or magnet shields. You can receive these rewards once per stage. You can still get lower tier rewards on the next checkpoint if you skipped over them. None of this applies in Rush Mode, where you're given boostgauge instead.
-Mild nerf to slope jumpheight when badly timed. (AKA, you flew off the ledge and only managed to jump because of coyote time)
-Reworked the entire antislip code. Goodbye to SO much freetime....
-Improved the SA2 style jumpaura.
-Sonic now...gently...removes NPC Amy from the premises when she tries interrupting him mid-breakdance.
-Removed "jumpbounce" input. It only got in the way and made superbounces harder.
-Added extra descriptions for the Adventure menu options.

-The boostgauge HUD properly adjust for ALL resolutions now. (It overlapped the Rings HUD in some resolutions)
-Fixed Sonic not always exiting the SAmenu correctly. (Think of that floorsliding glitch)
-Fixed Super Sonic transform anim cutting off when using certain settings, and emeralds not alligning properly upside down.
-Fixed taunts not respecting conveyors.
-Fixed Hide and Seek/Tag control locks letting you do actions when you're not supposed to.
-Fixed Standard control scheme allowing Sonic to face the camera while boosting.
-Fixed a few cases of edge-stops happening where they shouldn't.
-Fixed Thundercoin shield not properly changing to Advance Magnet shield.
-Fixed flying into the sky when homing onto Egg Shields from some angles. It's a vanilla SRB2 bug, but it was a simple fix in this case.
-A TON little polishes and extra minor bugfixes. Boosting when you probably shouldn't, NiGHTS' Brake Blast animation not playing, some occasional ghost animations scaling weirdly in uncapped framerates, etc, etc. I didn't log lost most things.
-Metalwario64 cleaned up the initial boost "explosion" sprites!
-Starting a boost now lets you roll under tight gaps. (So you don't have to breakdance/awkwardly jump)
-Slightly buffed max boost speed, mostly for Super Sonic.
-Humming Top spring trick now increases thrust with your maxspeed, but can also crash into walls, which diminishes boost gained.
-Smashing spikes now grants boost. Checkpoints also give boost, and set your gauge to a minimum of 1 bar.
-Managed to make SA1's airstop work in Rush Mode.
-Nerfed gauge gained from rings if you've got a Magnet Shield.
-Multiplayer boostshare gives a message, and multiplayer boostgauge scaling now only applies to modes that spawn enemies.

-Added "SARUSHMODE infiniteboost" cheat. (Single Player/Splitscreen only)
-In netgames, spamming "SArushmode" now gives an empty gauge.
-In netgames, you must now stand still as SA-Sonic to use the "SArushmode" command. Your controls also lock for 2 seconds on switch.


Credits to Piraoni and @BlueRiver for the cool snapshots!

v1.8b uses a seperate settings file from v1.8, so don't be surprised to find the defaults active!

By the way! RedEagle64 send me a voicepack that replaces all of Sonic's voicelines with Jason Griffith's, for those who like to take Rush Mode extra serious or are simply huge Jason fans.

You can use a pack to replace either Sonic's Japanese or English voice! These are 100% clientside, so you can use them even in someone else's netgame. Just remember to add them AFTER Adventure Sonic!

Jason Griffith - English Voice Replacements
Jason Griffith - Japanese Voice Replacements



To prevent the return of The Milne Chronicles™, I'm hosting a temporary Discord testing server to make sure v1.8b gets all the QA it needs before it's official release! If you are up to do some preliminary bug hunting for v1.8b, come on over and apply for testing roles!

EDIT: Testing Period is over! Thanks to everyone who came to test stuff!​
Golden Shine: Fixed some quick oversights, made boosting break spikes on request, and made boosting break floors below you. Breaking floors with a boost is awkward, but being getting stuck (without turning off Rush Mode) in some Deep Sea routes would be

I think we learned the value of beta testers! If we get more issues tomorrow, we'll save it for a v1.8b with a traditional list of fixes!
Behold a massive 57 extra frames from our overlord Metalwario64! (Golden Shine writes & posts all these updates, btw, lol)



Adventure Sonic v1.8 primarily comes with new sprites and a new Sonic Rush moveset, among other things! Check out the changelog!

-New breakdancing animation! Is the old stupid cheer still available? ...maybe!
-You can press custom1 or TOSS FLAG in the taunt menu to breakdance!
-Alternatively, you can double-tap TOSS FLAG to breakdance on-the-go!
-Hold jump when coming out of a dance to transition into Advance's victory animation!
-...or hold spin to transition into your SA2 taunt!
-Sonic also uses this new taunt if you beat a boss stage before the 1 minute mark!

-New Humming Top animation! (Sonic Advance/Rush Adventure's roundhouse kick) This appears as a new ability in Rush Mode!
-The Humming Top also appears visually as a new homing trick and when bouncing upwards off bumpers. There might be a way to do it manually whenever...
-Sonic uses these frames for his new surfboard jump too!

-Added a Sonic Rush moveset! Open the Rush Mode text in the update post for details.
-When running, Sonic now decelerates slower from gained slope momentum, but also accelerates slower.
-When rolling down slopes at extreme speeds, you now gain extra no-airdrag frames.
-Added Humming Top as Sonic's fourth homing trick.
-Added new breakdance trickjump as Sonic's third homing trick, moving the original to be the 5th trick!
-Added v1.7b's new flame effect to lava deaths as well.
-Removed all custom sprite2s. This stops SRB2's tiny sprite2 limit from being breached, but comes with a downside that models require updating. With 1.8's new animations that had to happen anyway, however. Notes for MD2 creators in the update post!

-Fixed Super Sonic's invisible shield-share object being solid for 1 frame. (Or CONSTANTLY with Samus...)
-Fixed new issue with 2D Far Thok not snapping correctly when using automatic mode.
-NPC Amy's hug no longer causes a sprite error.
-Dimmed momentum when Super Sonic's flight-homing attack fails so you won't lose control. Also stopped targeting a non-vulnerable Metal Sonic and monitors below you in tight spaces.
-Fixed the Rush Chars jetski (surfboard skin for SA-Sonic) not following Sonic properly since v1.7.
-Some other minor bugs and typos polished out.
-Show your Lightspeed Charge to Marine, Blaze, or Modern Sonic for an opportunity to receive Rush Mode! This option's permanently available in the SA-menu.

-May also be toggled with the new console command SARUSHMODE
-In netgames, a server/admin can type SARUSHMODE LOCK in the console to lock or unlock everyone's access to Rush Mode.

-Replaces the Spindash & Bounce with the Boost & Airboost. Your gauge refills when hitting enemies. We're not implementing a full Rush Trick system, rings refill the gauge too, and your gauge regenerates passively after a while too!
-When launched off springs/ramps, you can either Flip-Jump with JUMP or launch the Humming Top kick with SPIN! These abilities also refill your boostgauge in place of airtricks!
-Your airdash defaults to a Far Thok in Rush Mode. (You can still home onto stuff!)
-Holding a boost lets you run on water and partially negate SA-Sonic's airdrag.
-Rush Mode increases SA-Sonic's gravity and disables his custom slope & Xmomentum physics.
-Super Sonic's Air Accel & Blue Bolt are replaced with an infinite faster boost + spammable airboost. His flightmode is unchanged.

-Boosting topspeed gradually increases when held on the ground.(or anywhere if Super)
-Momentum after deactivating a boost is kept longer the longer a boost was held.
-Your aura colors/shinyness is similar to your spintrail settings.

-Gauge drain diminishes overtime when your boost is held continuously.
-Gauge drain diminishes when you hit the 30,60,and 120 ring benchmarks.
-Gauge drain is halved with supersneakers.
-Airboosts cost 50% more gauge to start up than grounded boosts
-The closer you are to maxing out your gauge, the harder it gets to keep filling up.
-When your gauge overflows, you enter Overdrive, temporarily gaining infinite boost! Extend Overdrive the same way you'd refill the boostgauge.

-More players present in COOP means more boost gained. (+8% per player, up to 80%.)
-Getting near other SA-Sonic players in COOP with less boostgauge than you fills their boostgauge up to your level. (To a maximum of 2 full bars!) This has a cooldown of 10 seconds!


By the way....I held off on changing SA2-Sonic's sprite2 slots to keep 3D models compatible, but since this update added so many new frames, now was the best time to go ahead and finally do it since 3D models would need updating anyway. MD2 creators, check out these notes below to see what's different!

-SPR2_JBAL is now SPR2_TAL0 (Sonic Adventure Jumpball)
-SPR2_BBAL is now SPR2_TAL1 (Bounce Attack Jumpball)
-SPR2_ADVJ is now SPR2_TAL2 (Advance Jumpball)
-SPR2_WIND is now SPR2_TAL3 (Helicoptering pose when rising from fans or launched from dustdevils/steamjets)
-SPR2_HTRC is now SPR2_TAL4 (Homing Attack Trick where Sonic rotates horizontally with knees tucked in)
-The lying down death animation is now SPR2_TAL5 instead of SPR2_DEAD.
-SPR2_DEAD is now a copy of SPR2_PAIN. (This change was made to make modded death behaviour look less awkward.)
-The new breakdance as well it's jump use SPR2_TAL6, transitioning back to SPR2_FLY_ after the full animation completes.
-The humming top frames are also SPR2_TAL6, starting at frame 21 (V), ending at 28 ("2").
-SPR2_HUG's pose is now copied onto SPR2_TAL6's frame T. SPR2_HUG still exists, however. It's just not added as freeslot by SA-Sonic himself.

Dynamic sprite2 animations:
These next sprite2 animations are not freeslotted by SA-Sonic, but he does use them when appropriate mods are added

-SPR2_GRND was added in SA-Sonic's Rushchars Jetski update, and are his surfboard/railgrind frames. These also have a Super Sonic variant.

-SPR2_JSKI is a clone of SPR2_GRND. You can use the same animation, but there's no Super variant here since Sonic will auto-detransform.

-SPR2_SHIT is Xmomentum's trick-fail sprite. It's a copy of SPR2_TAL5. This was dynamic even in v1. If you supported it already, you're good.

-SPR2_FROZ is Sonic's frozen-by-Dirk sprite. This was dynamic even in v1. If you supported it already, you're good.

-SPR2_HUG still exists.

Lastly, v1.8 uses it's own settings save file! Alright, it's out! Have fun, everyone!
I got a very important note from Metalwario64. It read:

"For v1.7, please burn Sonic the Hedgehog alive. Yours truly, Pyro Wario"

Aaand....I completely forgot to implement it. So now, the emergency ultra-high-priority update! Sonic now catches fire. Enjoy!

Sonic now catches fire.
-Super Sonic gains the look of SMBZ Fire Sonic when he has a fire flower!
-Reimplemented slope physics on SA-Sonic's running. SRB2 2.11 or some later update broke it and I forgot to bring it back.

-If you jump out of dancing, you no longer get the wrong jump-anim in the SA1 gameflair.
-Fixed SA-Sonic's custom color sometimes being applied to the vanilla chars.
-Forgot to double-check Mindscape's support code. Seems the super portion got messed up when I started SA-Sonic's moving code around. It should work now.
Medium-sized update incoming! While this was mostly performance/cleanup focused, I went ahead and removed some of the camera-snapping that was bugging a few folks, amongst other things. Go on and check out the logs!

-Moved, optimized, and restructured a bunch of code. Performance should be better, GFX could look a little different at times, scaling and alot of other misc things might feel better, etc!

-The camera no longer snaps into Sonic's angle during these actions: Homing Attacks(analog mode), Ledgegrabs, Edge-snaps, Wallbonks. The camera still snaps if you homing attack enemies directly behind you.
-Added a "fail" animation for when a homing attack fails, rather than vanilla SRB2's weird "fake roll" state without jump or roll properties.
-Super Sonic's flight homing attacks are now quicker, allow steeper angles, and are more responsive.
-The LightSpeed Attack now has an enemy cap of 99 before it auto-cancels.(Unchanged in Chaos Mode)

-Improved high-speed feetblur effect.
-Improved spintrail and LSA trail smoothness.(and performance)

-Updated Milne support again! (You can now also freely activate your dance by pressing C1 in the taunt menu.)
-Sonic can now gift E102 more time to live!
-Added support for Facciolo/Mindscape, making it (technically) possible to beat. Applies to all non-Silverhorn chars.
-Reduced sprite2 slots

-Fixed the Far Thok sometimes being unable to cancel your homing attacks.
-Fixed a color overload glitch when loading saves from heavily modded sessions.
-Fixed Taunt Menu not always working correctly when multiple people were using it at once.
-Super Sonic can no longer be softlocked onto ceiling deathpits (New UDMF feature)
-Super Sonic no longer ledgegrabs destructable objects when he's in a state where he'd destroy them.

Golden Shine here with some minor fixes for the v1.6 release!

Changelog below!

-Save file is no longer backwards compatible. This avoids the issue of Sonic going white upon conversion from 1.5, confusing some players. If you're clever (and remember how to open the SAmenu!), you can still rename your SAsettingsv1-3.dat to SAsettingsv1-6b.dat and have it use the old conversion system.
-Introduction text now conveys the new pause button feature.
-New alternate method for opening the SAmenu. Hold pause, then press jump. SRB2 apparently has 3 completely distinct ways it deals with inputs and 2 of them require their own stupid workaround before as the pause function interrupts their input. Sorry about that.

-Redid the SA2/Hybrid jumptrail.
-Removed Z jitter on certain afterimages.

-The Advance Jumpball now works with Icezer's supercolor mod.

-Patched a MacOS specific additive blendmode issue.
-Runshoes no longer slow you down by 4% in midair.
-Fixed one of Super Sonic's grinding sprites having overlapped sprites.
-Advance Spindust sprites are properly flipped now.
-Removed the Xbox 360 controller's back button being an option for the "instant" SAmenu opening. It caused issues with other controller types.
Adventure Sonic v1.6 contains an important fix to potential save corruption!


Unfortunately we kept raising the stakes and adding features, which stalled the actual update for ages. I should've released a v1.5b in hindsight. My apologies for that. But...the good news! It's here now and we got a big changelist!

-Added all-new grinding sprites! They're used for the surfboard frames atm, but perhaps they're hiding a secret use you'll see come to light real soon?
-Replaced invincibility GFX with flashy new ones that are less CPU-demanding.
-Fancy new water splash effects when dashing across water surfaces as Super Sonic.
-Ancient Light and invincibility now ignore colormaps.
-Added new animated Chaos Emeralds for Super Sonic's transformation.
-Improved and changed certain effects for Super/Hyper Sonic.
-Added a present animation when SA-Sonic hands out gifts.
-Added 1st person GFX when the LSA quickcharge is ready
-Future-proofed all GFX for SRB2's upcoming uncapped FPS integration.
-Recreated final demo coronas effects! We've debated on including this, since SRB2's got no way to stop rendering these across edges, but it's cool enough to include despite that limitation. They rarely appear on the Advance gameflair. (Stylistic choice)

-Added pain grunts for SA2 & Hybrid gameflair.

-Taunts now open a convenient menu to easily let you pick voicelines! Your cursor sprite depends on gameflair and button input! ( As a reminder: You can taunt by holding either TOSSFLAG+CUSTOM2, or WEAPON NEXT+ WEAPON PREVIOUS. )
-You can now pick a taunt pose when you clear a signpost! Hold jump, spin, or both!
-Enemies/Bosses with LSA resistance now have ancient light effects surrounding them!
-Far Thok is easier by 1 frame
-Sonic's homing cancel angle is more accurate.
-Increased gifting range, and you can now gift every player once per stage individually rather than having to try gift them all at once.
-You can now gift to bots in Single Player. (Reminder BuddyEX "bots" aren't actually player bots)
-9% buff to the spindash's maximum chargepower on flat surfaces. Spindash jump distance/height potential and chargetime is unchanged.
-Momentum now increases spindash charging rate. (max of +25%, reached at about 145*FU speed)

-NEW GAME FLAIR: Sonic Advance! Easily the most unique gameflair! Metalwario64 even made unique jumpball sprites for it!
-The spintrails menu now splits into a "color" and "spintrails" menu when in Single Player. This replaces the old C1/C2/C3 spawn trick and lets you pick ANY desired skincolor for Sonic.
-You can now hold pause to open the SAmenu! Rebound pause buttons must HOLD the button due to detection limitations. ...for now, anyway!
-Redid the way the game detects keypresses in all menus

-Sonic can now ride Marine's Jetski as a surfboard! ...wait, what? (Single Player debug command: "SAnoquakes surfboarder")
-Added further support to the supercolor mod, letting you pick any dynamic supercolor. No plans for Hyper.
-You can now encourage Whisper, Marine, and Duke Nukem when carried!
-Fixed Speed Highway's machspeed jank on SA-Sonic's side.
-Added basic compatibility with HalfPipes.(loops/wallrunning mod) No sprites, but the glitched behavior from v1.5 is fixed, and SA-Sonic now has custom wallrunning physics.

-Fixed save corruption glitch overwriting a player settings when picking a vanilla supercolor for spintrails
-Fixed misalignment on one of the Super Sonic aura angles.
-Super Sonic's 5th English taunt no longer defaults to Japanese.
-Removed some visual drift on the SA1 flair jumpball when hanging onto a maceswing rope.
-Sonic's running footblur sprites position more accurately for hyperspeed TAS shenanigans and weird slope setups.
-Super Sonic can no longer spawn inside a cage when revisiting the Spring 2022 ULDC Hub.
-SA-Sonic now properly continues LSA after destroying a turret if the next target is another turret.
-You no longer keep getting up a tad early while on a "force spin" sector.
-Removed camera jitteryness/sway when using the far thok to cancel homing attacks or flip tricks.
-Properly scaled vaultjump and a couple of gfx.
-Improved homing failsafe when a large map's corrupt nodes screw up SRB2's vanilla targeting system
-A couple minor misc visual bugs.

This also comes with an alt NoMusicHooks version. This removes all music change code, since the mere presence of music changing Lua functions makes SRB2 prone to crashes, usually during any musical fade in/out. This seldom happens in casual playthroughs, but 24/7 servers might see it, as well as servers with multiple mods that have music change Lua.


NOTE: A select few of you might spawn as a white SA-Sonic. Don't worry, that simply means your v1.5 settings were corrupted and v1.6 converted those values. Just pick your preferred color in the SAmenu and you're good to go!
Sorry for the big delay! Here is version v1.5! Starring Japanese voicelines, a new revamp on Metal Sonic LSA reactions, and lots of minor gameplay addons like special emerald behavior for OLDCs!

This update also sets up some Lua framework for the inevitable v2. Needless to say, we're not done yet! Here's the changelog this time!
-Slightly buffed the Super Bounce's power when underwater.
-The Golden Shield(Given from SA Super Sonic) now lets you super bounce anytime.
-Ledgegrabbing many times without landing now makes Sonic slip. (To balance stalling tactics in competitive modes. Doesn't apply when Super.)
-Uncurling down a slope now slows you down a little more, to further encourage staying curled in those situations.
-Weak spindashes are slowed a bit more when going up slopes, to further encourage charged spindashes/hoofing it in those situations.
-You can now run through strong and spin-bustable walls with invincibility.
-Lightspeed Attack's homing is faster and less interruptable when Sonic is huge
-SA-Sonic bots can now be vaultjumped off anytime they're grounded, regardless of their state.

-In ULDC and OLDC HUB worlds, you'll now enter the stage as Super Sonic if you have all 7 Chaos Emeralds!
-Added basic Battlemod functionality. Full support with balancing and Special Moves coming in v2.
-Added taunt presents for Marine and Blaze.
-Maximum Heat LSA now prefers enemies over monitors in the custom Chaos gametype.
-Corrected Super Sonic's shield giving seizures to Samus/Hyper Mystic Sonic players.
-Certain mods like Lilac used to interfere with SA-Sonic's death behavior. Should be fixed now.
-Sonic no longer tries to encourage Duke when hanging onto him.
-Fixed SA-Sonic's Milne dance being buggy/untriggerable (AGAIN.), and made it futureproof.

METAL SONIC BOSS: Created many Metal Sonic specific LSA reactions
-If you LSA onto Metal while he's in a dodge-ready state, Metal will dodge and Sonic will slam into the ground. OOPS!
-If you hit him while he's stunned, he'll take 2x damage. LSA resistance system does not apply like with normal bosses.
-If he's invincible, you'll pierce his invincibility for 1x damage.
-If you strike Metal in his dash rampage, you'll cause a massive cinematic explosion ending both of your attacks early!

-Added a subtle snapcam to the homing attack.
-Colormaps no longer apply to Ancient Light and Blue Bolt effects.
-Hyper Sonic flight stationary aura updated. Should overlay more consistently as well.
-Added a warning if you've loaded SA-Sonic on old SRB2 versions, since apparently people keep doing this.

-Added a Japanese voice option! Toggle it with the SAmenu command! (Special Thanks to Icezer for fetching the JP voiceclips!)
-Added "Here we go...!" voiceclip when obtaining invincibility and speed shoes. This voice clips is now also used for skin switching.
-Sonic now alternates 3 voice clips when using an airdash, rather than the same one.

-Removed Silver Token feature. Something about token spawns isn't synced properly in netgames, and it seems to cause issues with some mods.
-Fixed momentum bug when dying in the middle of a Lightspeed Attack/Dash.
-SF_SUPER flag now comes into play only below 25 rings.
-Fixed Super Sonic's sprite-y offset sticking around when switching skin on the ground.
-Crusher-close calls can no longer push you into the y axis in 2D mode.
-Zoom Lines now can't appear when carried by something, like a minecart or ropes.
-Fireballs shot with custom3/spin now properly scale with your speed and consistently play sfx.
-Fixed some jank when Lightdashing/LSA-ing into ropes and other carry objects.
-Misc fixes I forgot to detail.



As usual, I've updated the .bat files and AUTOEXEC auto-mod adding commands on the main page too. Let me know if anything's suddenly broken, and I'll shoot out a v1.5b!
Hey all! Welcome to the greatest storm! Heard you like Adventure Sonic! (If not, why are you here?)

I have gotten the go-ahead to post more of the legendary Metalwario64's custom model renders! Check them out on the SA-Sonic release post! Also, feel free to use them for whatever you like, barring illegal stuff and NFTs. ...naturally.


The actual version did not update, we're still at 1.4b and probably will remain there until SRB2 2.2.10.