Adventure Sonic (v1.6b)

Adventure Sonic (v1.6b) v1.6b

Okay, so I released 1.2 yesterday but forgot to make an actual update post for it, so here it is. (Seems I forgot to do it for 1.1 too, whoops)
-A quick tutorial message first time you boot up NiGHTS with SA-Sonic. Yes, you can indeed brake!
-Renamed GAME STYLE to GAME FLAIR, to not give the impression it changes actual gameplay elements.

-Buffed bounce-thok's speed and friction-override a little! (PS: Bounce Thok does not utilize the Far Thok!)
-Ledgestop mechanic no longer activates based on turning angle. It'll now only do it if you've braking or aren't holding the stick.
-You can no longer command-line your reward out of Black Hole Zone early. -Fixed silly Minecart taunt bug and turned it into a silly Minecart feature!
-Sonic (base form) now bonks off walls if he hits one during an active Lightspeed Attack.
-Added compatibility with L_SuperColorsRevamp-v1.pk3

-Players other than you now display less detailed Ancient Light lines
-Whether the LSA cam activates or not should be more resistant to resyncs.

-Spinrev Aura now adjusts sprite depending on additive blendmode or not
-Super Sonic now flashes Advance-style when using the Sonic Advance skincolor.(And Flash Effects are on)
-Improved Ancient Light line drawing for Software Mode.
-Super Sonic speed aura kicks in sooner.

-If hitting a horizontal/diagional spring, properly reset forced playerangle.
-Homing Animation now properly plays in the case of a corrupt nodes bug-failsafe.
-Fixed some errors with how/when Sonic died
-Fixed rollangle seldomly screwing up if you trick into a ledgegrab.
-Stopped taunts clashing with certain behaviors.
-SA-Sonic's 50-ring token behavior now only activates in COOP. Should fix Chaos Mode tokens!
-Fixed "YEEEEESSSS!!!" earrape if there's a billion end level signposts.
-Updated signpost camera again to try pick the closest signpost incase there's multiple.
-Minor other issues.

Feel free to keep bug reports or requests for mod support coming!

I/O (saving/loading menu settings) support will come later! I want to determine SA-Sonic is stable first, since Samus taught me I/O can cause SRB2 to crash with a higher probability the more stuff is loaded/the worse the user's device is. I/O was vital for Samus, but not so much SA-Sonic.

Here's 2 vanilla bugs I've seen directed at SA-Sonic. Fixing them requires crazy hardcode-fighting systems that'd take away from performance, so the plan's to wait. Thanks for understanding!

Moving platforms sending you flying when passing through from underneath.

Jumping into unact-able states from bobbing platforms. ("JD" being lit up means you can act)

Finally, I added some extra advanced tips, Adventure Emblems as extra recommended mod to the list, and a fun command you can add to AUTOEXEC.CFG to instantly load my list of recommended Adventure Mods. Have fun, everyone!