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Golden Shine

Speeding Gleam
Golden Shine submitted a new resource:

Adventure Style Emblems - Collectible even in netgames and modded games!

  • Turns emblems into Sonic Adventure-style emblems with the SA1 sound and animations.

  • Makes emblems appear and be collectible regardless of being in a modded game or netgame. (Though it still can't unlock anything without custom save+single player shenanigans)


Have fun! Extra credits to Metalwario64 for the sprite, Icezer for...

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This is a mod I really really appreciate, I love it! Thank you!

There's only one thing to note here, and that's as of this version, you can't get emblems in NiGHTs stages by Paralooping, and Emblem 2 in Floral Field is even affected by gravity- dropping slowly when the stage starts.

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