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Metroid Vanguard 2.png

Metroid Vanguard is the story campaign's name for Samus Aran, a character mod originating from much excitement upon seeing Metroid Dreadnought!

Whether you play Samus' story which comes with unique dialogue, stages, events and bosses...or play Hunters to fight other players, looking for powerups and aiming for 100% item rate is always the name of the game! You can customize the game with the Gunship's menus, so if you really want to play 3rd person, suck at aiming, etc, you'll be covered with the Lock-On and other accessibility options.

New 2.2 Features:
  • Up to 99 save files that are even cross-compatible with online play or levelpacks.
  • New story, events, dialogue, and DSZ4+ACZ4! Features new secrets, bosses and enemies.
  • 3 new optional bonus items, new hidden techniques, and a Lock-On for people playing third-person, are bad at aiming, stuck in a laggy net-game, etc!
  • Hunters gamemode! Specialized version of Match just for Samus with optimized settings. Crossplay with Sonic characters and mods like Duke is still possible!
  • New options, first-play menu, and (highly recommended)auto-add feature for SamusMusic.pk3.

BurningFox - Upgrading the player sprites from the original Dreadnought ones, and making the Power Suit variants!
Lightdasher - Making the sprites for Arid Canyon 4's custom boss!
Giancarlo1987 - The Metroid Vanguard logo you see in the thread!
DrStephen - 100% ending firework sprites
SMS Alfredo, Bloops, Tatsuru, Amperbee, Flame - Giving me Lua tips when I got stuck
Hero 3.0 TSB - Adding an extra frame to Samus' jump animation.
Nev3r - Letting me edit assets from his canceled Samus to make the new visor-edges.
Rumia1 - Getting placeholder MIDIs for those unable/unwilling to get SamusMusic.pk3
Motdspork - Being a big inspiration with his Duke Nukem release!

And from beyond the SRB2 community
Spore Spawn - Allowing me to use and edit his reticule for the scan visor, and also the item capsule for the 3 new bonus items!
TerminalEst123 and the Metroid Dreadnought Team - Main inspiration. Some of og base assets. Generally being awesome.
Ramagno - For the side view of the Omega Metroid sprite, originally seen in AM2R. I based the design and other angles of his sprite!
Music Composers - I've included a tracklist with credits alongside the SamusMusic pk3! Hope I did okay by you all the way I mixed it in. Special thanks to MetalWario64 for remastering some tracks exclusively for Metroid Vanguard!

Samus teaches you how to play as you go and unlock upgrades one at a time, so you should be able to ease yourself into it even if you've never played Metroid games. Your ship unlocks advanced info, so stop back often if you like knowing all the intricacies!

-Rare crash upon booting save menu. About 0.1% to 10% chance depending on how laggy the game is. Playing in Software or using the Android port also increase crash odds. This should sort itself if SRB2 ever gets optimized, but perhaps I can figure out a solution one day. Custom online-compatible save systems are tricky.
-Adding SamusMusic.pk3 BEFORE SMCL_Samus means you get the placeholder music. Add Samus first, then add it or just let the auto-add feature do it's thing.
-If you add custom colors before adding Samus, her suit colors may be different for that playsession. Adding Samus first negates this problem.
Just a quick update.

-Added 2.2.9's new glow-rendering to certain effects.
-CHAOS MODE: Samus' Hyper Mode enemies never spawn in Chaos Mode, Emeralds never act like single player tokens, and Samus can't hurt others anymore. Probably won't work in full compatibility, but right now, if you add Samus before Chaos Mode, it's quite playable at least!

Balance Changes:
-Lowered damage taken from instakills. (49 to 40. Fusion Mode is still 65.)

Bug Fixes:
-Put in a safeguard reverting Samus' color to the default if you tried to save a color above the amount you have added at this point. This caused crashes for some people.
-If infinite lives are on, Samus now also has infinite respawns.
-Fixed the ".bat' file mistake from the 1.1 release.
Options & QOL Changes:
-You're now presented a clear warning and option to censor the ACZ4 corpse scene when you enter ACZ4.

-The First Setup Menu now sets your Crosshair to "Angle". It only does this for the first time playing, hopefully that's an ok compromise.
-Default Lock-On setting is now "toggle" rather than "hold".
-Cursor now starts at your saves rather than "Play Without Saving", and you'll need to hold jump for 1 second to select "play without saving".
-New tutorial on Lock-On, Charging, and Monitor Hunting, since some poor confused souls were being introduced to Samus in Hunters/Match/CTF, otherwise only knowing how to spam poorly aimed powerbeam shots.
-Revised Level Clear theme by MetalWario64.
-Directional blood splatter when getting hit is now a Prime-style light.

Balance Changes:
-Powerbombs/Hyper Beam instakill Egg-Guards, and their teleport now accounts for vertical aim, momentum, and height limitations.
-The ACZ4 and DSZ4 bosses deal less damage. (Roughly 10%, depends on attack)
-Hitting Samus players multiple times in a row with weaker attacks will now also be able to make them drop their emeralds/flag.
-CF is 20% less common in Hunters/Match/CTF.
-You'll regain a spacejump if you bounce off a monitor.(Remember you can also morph/walljump to freedom when "stuck" in a corner)
-Edited ACZ4's ending to make the implied trick more apparent, hopefully having players disregard the Shinespark and Boost Ball sooner.

Bug Fixes:
-The Hunters/Match medals for winning in Challenger Mode are fixed! By extension, the True Hyper Beam Combo is available again!
-Fixed Hypermode enemies not spawning properly upon respawn in single player if the mapheader had noreload.
-Enemy rolling now only happens in 2.2.9 to prevent lag when using 2.2.8.
-CF glow is now disabled if you're using software to stop lagging the game. Thanks, ancient renderer.
-Fixed a rare save loading issue upon respawn.
-More various bugfixes and minor balance adjustments.
-Rare crash upon booting save menu. About 0.1% to 10% chance depending on how laggy the game is. Playing in Software or using the Android port also increase crash odds. This should sort itself if SRB2 ever gets optimized, but perhaps I can figure out a solution one day. Custom online-compatible save systems are tricky.
-Adding SamusMusic.pk3 BEFORE SMCL_Samus means you get the placeholder music. Add Samus first, then add it or just let the auto-add feature do it's thing.
-If you add custom colors before adding Samus, her suit colors may be different for that playsession. Adding Samus first negates this problem.
There is an isolated gorey scene in ACZ4. While obscured by darkness, the details are intense. You'll get an unmissable warning well before it appears and an option to turn it off, so don't worry if you feel you'd otherwise enjoy the mod.
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  1. v1-2

    Just a minor update I worked on this evening. Fixed that persistent .bat file mistake and the...

Latest reviews

This mod was a blast to play, I played the Prime games (Got to the artifact hunt for MP1, forgot where I am in MP2, and near beating MP3 I think)
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Easily one of my favourite character mods, but not without it's flaws. It's first is how extremely difficult ACZ4's boss is. That being said, I have been known as being pretty bad at Metroid Bosses. The second problem (and the most important of the 2 so it'll be in caps) SOFTLOCKING CAN HAPPEN. Entered ACZ4 with one life, died to the boss and tried to continue only to find I couldn't morph ball, so I couldn't get to the boss arena holding energy.
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Insane level of depth. Experiencing all of the vanilla levels as Samus really gives them a different feel, heightened by small aesthetic changes that bring a more metroid atmosphere. Never thought I'd love Deep Sea Zone this much. There's also a couple of extra stages for good measure where story beats are needed. There's a few lines at the start of most stages, which are all very well written characterizations for Samus and remind us all the eggman really *is* an intergalactic threat.
The moveset of Samus is really inclusive and complex, making it very possible to get to any character restricted routes. This allows her gameplay to focus more on item completion, rewarding each new monitor you find with a chance at a permanent upgrade to her arsenal. I ended up spending upwards of 20 minutes per level at times searching for upgrades and emerald tokens (which are also reworked). It may take some time for 100% completion, which is where this mod's save system comes in.
This has to be the most transformative character mod in existence. It's hard to put all of the experience into words, so you should definitely try it if you haven't.
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Great mod, great levels, great character,but there's one thing i noticed, the last level function is broken af, you can grind on the first half of the game to reach ultimate power before you even beat dark samus, and i have no idea how to recharge the hyper beam, other than that it's awesome👍
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As a huge Metroid fan, I must say, WOW.
I found this on twitter after Samus was trending, and immediately downloaded and did a full playthrough on it. It's pretty cool how if you aren't used to playing SRB2 in a first person perspective, the levels feel so much different, I found myself getting lost in levels I would normally zoom through (Which is not at all a bad thing), I would find emerald tokens (And alternate paths, though because I prefer playing SRB2 as just Sonic) I NEVER would have found on a vanilla SRB2 playthrough by just casually exploring with Samus. Once I got boost ball and shinespark, I would try to find all kinds of shortcuts especially in ACZ. I also love the couple original acts, with unique bosses, and the entire map giving such a dark and creepy atmosphere, I saw these non-moving enemies and when I shot them they would vanish, and in my head I'm like "Wait what are they doing?" and then it hit me "OH It's just like Super Metroid, those are husks!" or "Watch out for the blue?" and then approaching the boss of that act and realizing what that meant. I love the attention to detail, and the little references. If there ever were an update to this mod, I would personally really like having the Power Grip from Zero Mission (Although that would snap levels in half with all the movement options already lol), and of course 3D models, at least for Samus and her gunship. Overall just a very solid mod and worth playing through if you're looking for something a little different.
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This is amazing. Although after downloading version 1.2 my 100% run has come to a dead stop by the hands of a horribly consistent crash that seems to occur since the mod's save well... saved after the metal sonic fight. Every single time it gives me a segment violation when I try to start up a run and my save appears present in slot 1.

In the very least, is there any way to delete the save without going into the campaign?
Golden Shine
Golden Shine
The save isn't corrupted or anything. It's the menu causing a lagspike and SRB2 not being able to load all the data fast enough. How often this occurs depends on your device's performance.

-First, try to start in OpenGL and close any programs, see if it works in a few tries.
-If that doesn't do it, rename sav1.dat to sav2 or sav3. That moves the save slot so nothing will be loaded at first and SRB2 gets more time to initialize. You'll find that file in "Luafiles>Client>MetroidVanguard"

I'll probably try to make another patch in the future to try mitigate SRB2's I/O limitations. Sorry for the trouble!
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literally made an account here for the first time in like 10 years to say that this is awesome. downloaded this around 10p and ended up accidentally pulling an all-nighter playing it. it's inspired me to pick lua back up again and try my hand at srb2 mods.

my only notes:
1. arid canyon boss was an *amazing* inclusion, but it is kind of a
visual clusterfuck, particularly because there aren't any 3d models as of yet. the excessive knockback and hitboxes flying everywhere is extremely difficult to deal with in first-person, and even harder with sprites. i'd remove the shadow clones and sparks flying and make the battle much more like the first one in [redacted] - slower-paced, and more constrained.

(also, it seems like it really ought to be the final boss in lieu of OVA robot)

2. you've already got the metroidvania vibe with the monitors, but i think the levels themselves could be chained together in a metroidvania-esque way too, with the entrances and exits being two-way. obviously you're working with the existing campaign, but you could use the same techniques as the actual sm randomizer to generate a level path that is theoretically completable with the items in set locations. just an idea - one that i might work on at some point myself.

3. the solution you've come up with for the emerald tokens is clever, but i think a better one lies in prime games: the chozo artifacts / sky temple keys. with the game already allowing you to go to previous levels without losing equipment, it seems like you could gate the final level behind the chozo artifacts, and then replace their locations as-necessary to require samus's items to access. you could combine this suggestion with (1) and (2) and make the arid canyon boss the reward for collecting all the artifacts, etc.

4. samus's walkspeed probably doesn't need to be so fast - combined with the low traction, it was a liability during some of the platforming sections, which there are many. it'd probably be good to lower her base speed and then raise it back once you get the speed booster.

overall, probably the best srb2 mod i've ever played! which says a lot, because the competition is fierce. amazing work.
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Two things before we start: I have no prior experience to metroid besides refrences and i completed this game twice once on zero mission and a second time on the second difficulty with 100% armor.

Overall this mod was Incredibly fun and well made. It fully utilizes the open Map design of the levels making exploration very fun (only thing that was a little annoying was getting health batteries). combat felt satisfying and platforming was decent. extra credit to the overall tone of the game with it always having an ``abandoned´´ fell to it thx to the soundtrack and slight weather and time changes. but here are some minor complaints that would make the game perfect in my eyes.

1. Some bosses are WAY too easy same can be said about the regular enemies even on harder difficultys

2. The hyper beam is way too overpowered for how easy it is to get all emeralds. i would recommend either nerfing (boring route) or making the emeralds harder to get by bringing special stages back (epic route).
I would recomend making em small arenas where you fight a horde of regular enemies within a time limit (seriously i loved fighting those small metroids would be a shame to only fight em once)

3. i feel like theres a gap between egg rock act 2 and the level after that because it all happens so sudden, another level inbetween wouldnt hurt.
also the last two bosses feel very anticlimactic in the first playthrough (although the 100% bonus makes up for it)

4. (Huge spoiler warning) The story feels like its taking place shortly after the bad ending (implied trough time differences and someones body still twitching and being down there in the first place) which brings me too two issues.

The story has build up from showing the danger of metroids too actually killing a main game character, giving (me at least) expectations on how it will end. But after the boss fight with my faker the story just stops developing anymore and goes straight to destroying eggmans base.
What about the other characters? what was the point of killing someone if your not gonna expand on that. just either dont kill someone or atleast mention what happend too the rest (like for example you could make the escape pod crashland when you get outside after beating the faker).

In short i dont think you are confident in your story to be able to kill of characters (no offense to you, your mod is still amazing and i know it took you alot of effort)

Second issue is samus questioning how someones transporting metroids so fast followed up with two levels later with the blood writing ``beware of the blue´´ this made me assume sonic is involved in those two things which wasnt the case.
Here you just need to phrase the blood writing differently.

5. Egg rock act 2s music isnt fitting with the tone of all the other levels.(this is very minor)

and that sums it up. theres no need for my complaints to be coverted into an update since my oppinion may not line up with others or yours even and i know you also have your own life (i wasted an hour of mine writing this) and you probably want to work on other projects.
i would gladly like to hear your thoughts and wish you good luck on your future work.
Golden Shine
Golden Shine
Hey, thanks for the detailed review! Let me try return the favor!

1: Try give Fusion Mode a shot, you probably won't find it so easy! (don't do it on "new game plus" that time. :P) If even that's easy, try a low% Fusion run. If you find THAT easy, try entering eSports.

2: Turning special stages back on IS an option in the ship, actually! I just personally think they're repetitive for anybody who's collected the emeralds before. NiGHTS special stages use the same gameplay for all characters and break the Metroid spirit.

3: I got really burned out after the ACZ4 and DSZ4 bosses and stage and would've had to delay Metroid Vanguard and give up on SA-Sonic if I continued. Glad you're up for more content, though!

4: It being Fang is moreso an easter egg than anything meaningful. The Sonic cast isn't really related to the mission or ever brought up. Samus just got fed up with Eggman's intervening and extended the mission to take him down. (Really, just an excuse to keep playing through SRB2's campaign. The story was written around SRB2's campaign rather than vice versa.)

The "Blue" Fang wrote on the wall is a warning not to approach the nearby Phazon. (Which is blue.)

5: Was meant as final stretch base-storming hype music. The game's a cakewalk after ACZ4 until Brak catches Samus off-guard.

That's my thoughts! Much as I love Metroid Vanguard, I might not approach it again in the future. But then I did say that before and the 2.2 update ended up alot more ambitious than intended, so who knows!
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Meh. coming back after playing all the modes, its bland. we only have things from Metroid prime 1 (and no phazon suit? CMON! SERIOUSLY!?) and nothing really new. also, it crashes every two seconds. there is no full reset to just Reset literally all of it, no save files, no nothing. and don't even get me started on multiplayer. also, update hyper beam to what we actually know it is when not on something like a SNES?
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amazing work i love the system of returning to green flower zone i used it to grind out chaos emeralds and actually destroy the omega metroid but can you add the grapple beam it would come from invincibility boxes
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