Adventure Sonic (v1.6b)

Adventure Sonic (v1.6b) v1.6b

Golden Shine here with some minor fixes for the v1.6 release!

Changelog below!

-Save file is no longer backwards compatible. This avoids the issue of Sonic going white upon conversion from 1.5, confusing some players. If you're clever (and remember how to open the SAmenu!), you can still rename your SAsettingsv1-3.dat to SAsettingsv1-6b.dat and have it use the old conversion system.
-Introduction text now conveys the new pause button feature.
-New alternate method for opening the SAmenu. Hold pause, then press jump. SRB2 apparently has 3 completely distinct ways it deals with inputs and 2 of them require their own stupid workaround before as the pause function interrupts their input. Sorry about that.

-Redid the SA2/Hybrid jumptrail.
-Removed Z jitter on certain afterimages.

-The Advance Jumpball now works with Icezer's supercolor mod.

-Patched a MacOS specific additive blendmode issue.
-Runshoes no longer slow you down by 4% in midair.
-Fixed one of Super Sonic's grinding sprites having overlapped sprites.
-Advance Spindust sprites are properly flipped now.
-Removed the Xbox 360 controller's back button being an option for the "instant" SAmenu opening. It caused issues with other controller types.
Adventure Sonic v1.6 contains an important fix to potential save corruption!


Unfortunately we kept raising the stakes and adding features, which stalled the actual update for ages. I should've released a v1.5b in hindsight. My apologies for that. But...the good news! It's here now and we got a big changelist!

-Added all-new grinding sprites! They're used for the surfboard frames atm, but perhaps they're hiding a secret use you'll see come to light real soon?
-Replaced invincibility GFX with flashy new ones that are less CPU-demanding.
-Fancy new water splash effects when dashing across water surfaces as Super Sonic.
-Ancient Light and invincibility now ignore colormaps.
-Added new animated Chaos Emeralds for Super Sonic's transformation.
-Improved and changed certain effects for Super/Hyper Sonic.
-Added a present animation when SA-Sonic hands out gifts.
-Added 1st person GFX when the LSA quickcharge is ready
-Future-proofed all GFX for SRB2's upcoming uncapped FPS integration.
-Recreated final demo coronas effects! We've debated on including this, since SRB2's got no way to stop rendering these across edges, but it's cool enough to include despite that limitation. They rarely appear on the Advance gameflair. (Stylistic choice)

-Added pain grunts for SA2 & Hybrid gameflair.

-Taunts now open a convenient menu to easily let you pick voicelines! Your cursor sprite depends on gameflair and button input! ( As a reminder: You can taunt by holding either TOSSFLAG+CUSTOM2, or WEAPON NEXT+ WEAPON PREVIOUS. )
-You can now pick a taunt pose when you clear a signpost! Hold jump, spin, or both!
-Enemies/Bosses with LSA resistance now have ancient light effects surrounding them!
-Far Thok is easier by 1 frame
-Sonic's homing cancel angle is more accurate.
-Increased gifting range, and you can now gift every player once per stage individually rather than having to try gift them all at once.
-You can now gift to bots in Single Player. (Reminder BuddyEX "bots" aren't actually player bots)
-9% buff to the spindash's maximum chargepower on flat surfaces. Spindash jump distance/height potential and chargetime is unchanged.
-Momentum now increases spindash charging rate. (max of +25%, reached at about 145*FU speed)

-NEW GAME FLAIR: Sonic Advance! Easily the most unique gameflair! Metalwario64 even made unique jumpball sprites for it!
-The spintrails menu now splits into a "color" and "spintrails" menu when in Single Player. This replaces the old C1/C2/C3 spawn trick and lets you pick ANY desired skincolor for Sonic.
-You can now hold pause to open the SAmenu! Rebound pause buttons must HOLD the button due to detection limitations. ...for now, anyway!
-Redid the way the game detects keypresses in all menus

-Sonic can now ride Marine's Jetski as a surfboard! ...wait, what? (Single Player debug command: "SAnoquakes surfboarder")
-Added further support to the supercolor mod, letting you pick any dynamic supercolor. No plans for Hyper.
-You can now encourage Whisper, Marine, and Duke Nukem when carried!
-Fixed Speed Highway's machspeed jank on SA-Sonic's side.
-Added basic compatibility with HalfPipes.(loops/wallrunning mod) No sprites, but the glitched behavior from v1.5 is fixed, and SA-Sonic now has custom wallrunning physics.

-Fixed save corruption glitch overwriting a player settings when picking a vanilla supercolor for spintrails
-Fixed misalignment on one of the Super Sonic aura angles.
-Super Sonic's 5th English taunt no longer defaults to Japanese.
-Removed some visual drift on the SA1 flair jumpball when hanging onto a maceswing rope.
-Sonic's running footblur sprites position more accurately for hyperspeed TAS shenanigans and weird slope setups.
-Super Sonic can no longer spawn inside a cage when revisiting the Spring 2022 ULDC Hub.
-SA-Sonic now properly continues LSA after destroying a turret if the next target is another turret.
-You no longer keep getting up a tad early while on a "force spin" sector.
-Removed camera jitteryness/sway when using the far thok to cancel homing attacks or flip tricks.
-Properly scaled vaultjump and a couple of gfx.
-Improved homing failsafe when a large map's corrupt nodes screw up SRB2's vanilla targeting system
-A couple minor misc visual bugs.

This also comes with an alt NoMusicHooks version. This removes all music change code, since the mere presence of music changing Lua functions makes SRB2 prone to crashes, usually during any musical fade in/out. This seldom happens in casual playthroughs, but 24/7 servers might see it, as well as servers with multiple mods that have music change Lua.


NOTE: A select few of you might spawn as a white SA-Sonic. Don't worry, that simply means your v1.5 settings were corrupted and v1.6 converted those values. Just pick your preferred color in the SAmenu and you're good to go!
Sorry for the big delay! Here is version v1.5! Starring Japanese voicelines, a new revamp on Metal Sonic LSA reactions, and lots of minor gameplay addons like special emerald behavior for OLDCs!

This update also sets up some Lua framework for the inevitable v2. Needless to say, we're not done yet! Here's the changelog this time!
-Slightly buffed the Super Bounce's power when underwater.
-The Golden Shield(Given from SA Super Sonic) now lets you super bounce anytime.
-Ledgegrabbing many times without landing now makes Sonic slip. (To balance stalling tactics in competitive modes. Doesn't apply when Super.)
-Uncurling down a slope now slows you down a little more, to further encourage staying curled in those situations.
-Weak spindashes are slowed a bit more when going up slopes, to further encourage charged spindashes/hoofing it in those situations.
-You can now run through strong and spin-bustable walls with invincibility.
-Lightspeed Attack's homing is faster and less interruptable when Sonic is huge
-SA-Sonic bots can now be vaultjumped off anytime they're grounded, regardless of their state.

-In ULDC and OLDC HUB worlds, you'll now enter the stage as Super Sonic if you have all 7 Chaos Emeralds!
-Added basic Battlemod functionality. Full support with balancing and Special Moves coming in v2.
-Added taunt presents for Marine and Blaze.
-Maximum Heat LSA now prefers enemies over monitors in the custom Chaos gametype.
-Corrected Super Sonic's shield giving seizures to Samus/Hyper Mystic Sonic players.
-Certain mods like Lilac used to interfere with SA-Sonic's death behavior. Should be fixed now.
-Sonic no longer tries to encourage Duke when hanging onto him.
-Fixed SA-Sonic's Milne dance being buggy/untriggerable (AGAIN.), and made it futureproof.

METAL SONIC BOSS: Created many Metal Sonic specific LSA reactions
-If you LSA onto Metal while he's in a dodge-ready state, Metal will dodge and Sonic will slam into the ground. OOPS!
-If you hit him while he's stunned, he'll take 2x damage. LSA resistance system does not apply like with normal bosses.
-If he's invincible, you'll pierce his invincibility for 1x damage.
-If you strike Metal in his dash rampage, you'll cause a massive cinematic explosion ending both of your attacks early!

-Added a subtle snapcam to the homing attack.
-Colormaps no longer apply to Ancient Light and Blue Bolt effects.
-Hyper Sonic flight stationary aura updated. Should overlay more consistently as well.
-Added a warning if you've loaded SA-Sonic on old SRB2 versions, since apparently people keep doing this.

-Added a Japanese voice option! Toggle it with the SAmenu command! (Special Thanks to Icezer for fetching the JP voiceclips!)
-Added "Here we go...!" voiceclip when obtaining invincibility and speed shoes. This voice clips is now also used for skin switching.
-Sonic now alternates 3 voice clips when using an airdash, rather than the same one.

-Removed Silver Token feature. Something about token spawns isn't synced properly in netgames, and it seems to cause issues with some mods.
-Fixed momentum bug when dying in the middle of a Lightspeed Attack/Dash.
-SF_SUPER flag now comes into play only below 25 rings.
-Fixed Super Sonic's sprite-y offset sticking around when switching skin on the ground.
-Crusher-close calls can no longer push you into the y axis in 2D mode.
-Zoom Lines now can't appear when carried by something, like a minecart or ropes.
-Fireballs shot with custom3/spin now properly scale with your speed and consistently play sfx.
-Fixed some jank when Lightdashing/LSA-ing into ropes and other carry objects.
-Misc fixes I forgot to detail.



As usual, I've updated the .bat files and AUTOEXEC auto-mod adding commands on the main page too. Let me know if anything's suddenly broken, and I'll shoot out a v1.5b!
Hey all! Welcome to the greatest storm! Heard you like Adventure Sonic! (If not, why are you here?)

I have gotten the go-ahead to post more of the legendary Metalwario64's custom model renders! Check them out on the SA-Sonic release post! Also, feel free to use them for whatever you like, barring illegal stuff and NFTs. ...naturally.


The actual version did not update, we're still at 1.4b and probably will remain there until SRB2 2.2.10.
Shine here!

I got a bad feeling when I saw a GIF of Super Sonic skipping his transform animation. That problem was NOT there 30 minutes before I posted the update.

And sure enough, it led to a real eyestrain of a bug. So here's 1.4b, with some minor extras to make it worth your while. Continue bringing this stuff up as you find it. While mistakes may happen, I'm not going to leave you guys to struggle with them for long!

-Added extra variable to SAnoflashes. "SAnoflashes hyperwhite" : for those who want white AND all the flashy effects. I/O saves this.

-Goal Ring mod's behavior will no longer lock you out of unlocking Black Hole's reward.
-You can now encourage Silver when he carries you!

-Fixed faulty translucency on Chaos Emerald afterimages.
-Fixed a new animation breaking error with flightmode.
-Should've fixed harmless but panic-inducing buffer notification.
-Removed accidental ability to self-inflict seizures with Super Sonic's flying taunt while in Single Player.

Golden Shine posting:

Splitscreen support is now official! While splitscreen wasn't super busted before, now your friend/sibling/lover can get their own SA-Sonic savefile to configure!

-Player 2 now uses their own seperate save file
-After exiting SAmenu the menu for player 2 will open up.
-Some HUD effects are disabled in splitscreen

-Moved encourage tutorial text to the center of the screen.
-Put a dark background behind NiGHTS brake tutorial.

-In COOP, SA-Sonic leaves a silver token so all players may get 50 rings with all emeralds.
-You now regain thok if bouncing off eggguard shields in rolling frames. Dw, I didn't fix shield launching.
-Invincibility now breaks spikes/guard shields.
-Reduced ledgestop sensitivity
-Disabled directional controls for a few frames when ledgegrabbing to stop players from disorienting themselves.
-When you have the fireflower, custom3 and spin now both shoot fireballs as well.
-Hybrid game flair now uses SA1 spin sfx.
-Switch to SA-Sonic to get a client-side "Here we go" voiceline!
-LSA now bonks off rather than dealing 1x damage on resistant foes. Not a nerf for optimal play, but this should make bosses last longer in netgames against uncoordinated LSA spam, and also make convey the existence of LSA resistance better!

-Updated Tails encouragement emote sprite, tracking behaviour, and added super version!
-Updated SACYANTRAIL color.

-SA-Sonic's Chaos Emerald sprites are now freeslotted to YTK5.
-SA-Sonic can now give Jet air, you now receive a message on who gave you a gift, and Super Sonic can now gift with his alt taunt.
-AFK mods should no longer mess with SA-Sonic's level exiting.
-Stopped potential spazzing during player hugs.
-Cageless Egg Colosseums should be properly fightable now.
-You can now revenge-drag Pointy players with spin.
-Completed "flyswitchdisabled" behaviour. Allows for SA1 or SA2 exclusive Super Sonic behaviour in mods:
addHook("PlayerThink", function(p)
--Change number to your map's.
--If your map goes into the letters, this page can do the counting for you.
if gamemap == 01
if p.powers[pw_super] and and == "adventuresonic" and p.yusonictable

p.yusonictable.superflight = 0 --Make this 0 for SA1(Perfect Chaos), or 1 for SA2(Final Hazard)
p.yusonictable.flyswitchdisabled = true


-Record Attack, NiGHTS and gamemodes other than COOP no longer give SAmenu tutorial text.
-If you're using SABLUETRAIL as your custom aura color, your bounce sprite is no longer forced to also be blue.
-If you finish the stage while spinrevving, Sonic now brakes rather than sliding awkwardly in his standing sprites.
-Fixed a bunch of rare cases where animations could hang or interrupt.
-Minor stuff. Disabling flight control while in SAmenu, rare random error messages, etc.


This took longer than expected due to some missing SRB2 features not letting me do what I wanted to just yet. But the foundation for SRB2 2.2.10's release has been set in the background. If all goes well, v1.5 should release soon after it. Expect no more frequent crashes when loaded together with Mario, an auto controller setup, and more QoL/bugfix stuff!


On a somewhat related note! For you polygon lovers, Jeck Jims and Peppermint have both released models for Adventure Sonic! Peppermint made a model for the Adventure-Style emblems mod as well! Grab the models here! Saturn SA2 Style SA1 and SADX styles


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Yo! It's Son Goku Shine! There's another bug I'd feel guilty about leaving you guys to fend off until 1.4, so I added some extra changes to make it worth your while.
-You can now gift Yoshi eggs, gift a pity-shield/shieldless Nasya a shield, and gift either Wido or SMS a speed shoes powerup!
-Input buffer now activates from midair uncurls as well.
-SA Sonic now tricks off bosses as well.
-Buffed post-homing attack accel after hitting springs. (+8%)
-Buffed post-homing attack accel after hitting enemies. (+25%)
-Nerfed post-homing attack accel after hitting a boss. (Unless Super Sonic)

-Thundercoin Shield now uses a Sonic Advance-inspired attraction shield!

-Your SP colors no longer apply to other characters than SA-Sonic. Ouch, that's embarrassing.
-Disabled custom SA-music in splitscreen. It was buggy if player 2 was the cause of music changes.

Welcome to 3D!
Golden Shine posting!

Removed a buggy oversight and added some convenience I/O features to make this all worth the effort!

-Custom color load order no longer matters! But if you're missing a skincolor outright, it'll still default to auto.
-Now saves and loads your last Single Player (Advance/SADX/SA2) colors.
-Now auto-loads I/O saves in netgames as well.
-You no longer have to manually save to stop the "memories" scene from showing on reload.
-Tails encouragement emote now uses player's skincolor.
-Removed darkness oversight. Miss the darkness? Here it is in a funni command mod!

Your save file does not need resetting for this! (and probably never will, but don't take that as promise!) Now let's pray SA-Sonic won't need 1.3 to learn the entire alphabet!


Adventure Sonic in Mystic Realm Community Edition

Adventure Sonic in Sonic Frontiers (Real. Mockup by Kirb The Korb)
Golden Shine posting!

v1.3b fixes a rare bug where upon joining while everyone's finished, the level becomes dark and the level never ends unless the host decides to exitlevel. Dunno if that is an SRB2 bug or a sudden new Adventure Sonic bug, but I don't want to leave an inconvenience like that in, so here's a quick hotfix.


...this also fixes SA-Sonic handing out gifts from his victory animation.

Hey everyone, Golden Shine posting! 1.3 has patched out most major bugs, so I was allowed to have some fun this time! Lots of extra support for addons, new shields, more performance boosts, finally I/O saving...go read the changelog below!

-Added I/O. To be on the safe side, saves only load in netgames once you open SAmenu. That way if your game crashes exactly then, we can pinpoint it was I/O. Single Player loads automatically. All this will load automatically in netgames later once I've determined stability.
-Beating Black Hole as SA-Sonic now unlocks your reward permanently. (This save will not load in netgames!)
-Game now gives you a one-time notification about the SAmenu command.

-Bounce attack now isn't as harsh when used while submerged in goowater.
-Reduced range of vaultjump a little bit.
-You can now ledgegrab onto Eggman statues and most trees in the vanilla game.
-Super Sonic's blast taunt now blows up enemies.
-Added legendary destruction chop

-Redid Super Sonic's flying particles so the code can safely not execute at all for other netgame players.
-SRB2 now displays a less detailed Super Sonic aura on players that aren't you, or if you're in software mode.
-Other players now display even less detailed invincibility effects.
-Merged MobjDamage Hooks.

-Shields can take on alt appearances when collected by SA-Sonic. You'll keep whatever shield appearance you got on collection, even after switching skins.
-Bouncing now uses spin aura rather than revving aura
-Revving aura updated to be more consistent among colors.

-Once per level, taunts can give Skip, Samus, Duke, Mario, Shadow, Modern Sonic, or super characters a supportive gift!
-Kirby now gets abilities from sucking SA-Sonic.
-Improved compatibility for the newer L_Cosmetics-v1_3 mod.
-SA-Sonic can now speed up Dirk's ice skating with spin, and uses his braking animation.
-Surge can now charge herself by vaulting off a spinning/ancient light-charged Sonic!
-Added support for the footsteps mod.
-Wrestled with Axis2D to try improve compatibility. Keyword: try
-Added better model support. SPR_YTK6 is the Ancient Light glow effect(not the blue part). SPR_YTK7 is SA's jumptrail, SPR_YTK8 is the spintrail, SPR_YTK9 is the spindash revving aura. Also put in code to support models in NiGHTS. Good luck!
-You can now ledgegrab Dirk's ice platforms, and any custom objects modders want SA-Sonic to grab. To add ledgegrab support to your custom objects, add this to an Lua file!
local function LedgeGrabAble(s)
s.saledgegrab = true
addHook("MobjSpawn", LedgeGrabAble, MT_YOUROBJECTITEMNAME)

-Fixed a few minor NiGHTs hiccups
-Sonic's angle no longer shifts when ledgegrabbing up into an intangible platform.
-Fixed Super Sonic's uncurl animation not playing.
-Patched very specific bug where a lone SA-Sonic can suicide in a netgame to abuse Black Core's level teleport.
-Removed PF_CANCARRY when you die and a few Super Sonic flight oddities.
-The LSA now ignores enemies/monitors below platforms you're on.
-If everyone's doing the victory pose, new joiners can no longer stop it and prevent the level from exiting.
-Edited Metal Sonic to kill himself (NOW!) if he has 0 or less health, no matter his state or circumstance.
-Changed circumstances at which Sonic disabled SF_SUPER so transform sectors won't bug out.



On top of this, I've decided to post some of Metalwario64's awesome renders on the main page. Yes, with the same custom model used as reference for his sprites! Feel free to do with them as you please!

Speaking of models, I'd expect an official model to show up soon now that v1.3 has extra support build into it, so look forward to that if you love your polygons!